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Harry and Ginny, nami86

Original lineart: Harry and Ginny LINEART by ~nami86
Copyrights: Harry and Ginny © Jo Rowling
Tools: Laptop, Photoshop 7, Wacom Graphire tablet
Time: Six hours, or something?


Still not a fan of Harry/Ginny, though.
JKR could have totally developed that better.

Dedicated to a very good friend of mine, who has totally shipped them since Book 2.

[edit: corrected some tiny mistakes and make the shadows darker.]
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Incredible do you take trades?
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I love this!! This is awesome!!
can i use this photo for a cover of my story on
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lovely!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE :squee:
I've shipped them since Book 1 - it was a very funny moment, actually, in my life. I was reading that, and of course, in most stories, you know, female and male protagonist usual blah blah blah, and I went oh my goodness it's so going to be the sister HE IS GOING TO END UP WITH RON'S SISTER and all my friends said no and then the second book came out.
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Ahh, it's in colour! Love, love, love. They're both so perfect, seriously.
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This is beautiful.
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love this piece; looks perfect!
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Honestly, I'm not a huge fan either, this pairing is just ok for me, but I LOVE this!!!
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Ginny, you shouldn't stick your wand so close to Harry's rear. Better witches than you have vanished their boyfriend's buttocks, you know!
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This is cool!
I like how she's sneaking his wand out of his pocket. Or is it her own?
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What did you expect? He's so freakin obsessed with his parents- everyone knew he'd get with the redhead. lul
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ilove the love their bringing:love:
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