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Punk Feature!

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 29, 2015, 2:43 AM

Clearly I'm really bad at focus.  Life seems to be such anarchy.  And progress has well...  got lazy? or been thrown out the window.  Few weeks back now I attended Blackpool's Punk Rebellion..  which was fab (a whole week of punks and punk festival stuff here in the town I live in).  So dressing to occasion inspired a piece of artwork and then this feature - which I'm so late in actually getting out :( terrible.  Apologies and thank you to the following artists for sharing in the forum :heart: and thought I'd add a few extra from other deviants.

Punked Rebellion by missimoinsane

Forum Shares:

- Barnard 44 - by HotaruThodt  Python Girls by Uranus-seventhsun  Punk Sorcerer by SugaryAshes 

CorailJay's OC Flynn by artofdroth   Claire Ebony Somethinorothershwitz by Planet-i-Studios 
My Own by MsSophieArt  Tartan and Shadows by Bittersuesz 

Mature Content

Hail the fallen by Nowherekidx

  OC: Jace by xXSerena-CrosseXx  Harley Quinn by fridouw  

Other deviants: 

punk love by AkemiSachiko  PUNK by VIRGILE3MBRUNOZZI  Low Desert Punk #2 by SirMonkeyMcCoool
  Punk Gotham 3 by BubbleGumThug  Sunset Shimmer - Promarker Drawing by DVixie  apec 4 - anarchy by bearscanbemean

  Mother Anarchy by lora-zombie  Punk by Loffelu  Punk by znodden 
Punk a chien de Tindalos by K-Zlovetch  Vrons the Punk Girl by Octoberfallenstars  anarchy by kneedeep1187
  Punk Ariel by jch-studio  punk by DarkMatteria  

Punks Not Dead 

Feature. Christmas / Winter / Frozen.

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 20, 2014, 3:36 PM

Today is my Birthday, and I thought I'd share that with you all and bring you some Christmas / Winter / Frozen inspired artworks.  Thank you too all those who shared your art in my thumbshare forum.

Also Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and/or Seasons Greetings to You and Yours.

Love Imogen xX

Winter hangings by 3PenProblem   Xmas village 3 by M-J-Gagne  <da:thumb id="500152993"/>  <da:thumb id="500270733"/>   Bows Drawing (Colored Pencil Magazine) by CCChronicles   Winter Canvas by UsagiToxic   Christmas Baking - Katiya, Sachi, Macie, Ryuu by Dradra-Trici   Pixel Christmas Tree by UszatyArbuz   Daily Practice - Shape Challenge IV by Olooriel  <da:thumb id="453308267"/>   The nativity by DreamyNaria   Merry Christmas by Lollypopsnbows   Christmas Wallpaper 2014 By Prince Pal by princepal   THE MISTLETOE by Sabrerine911   Blackbird by Paivatar   Talvi by Life-For-Sale   Merry Christmas! by spuggey   Snacks for Santa by Pleblu   The Christmas Harpist by OwossoHarpist   Misty Mountain Cold by Edris-Kingfisher  <da:thumb id="500769042"/>   Anders Carries a Gun by rabbitmaskedman   Mistletoe Complete by Morphicelus   Goth in Winter Landscape by Bittersuesz   home for the holidays by CapnDeek373   Sit Back, Why Don'tcha? by LaikaFlash   Merry Christmas 2014! by Markazectus   Merry Little Christmas by VisualPoems   Christmas at the Beach by flowerhippie22   In a Christmas Far, Far Away by mightybearrr   Christmas Eve by goldomega   Tiny girl, huge wishes! by Mr-Pink-Rose   Christmas Snowman 2014 by crownlaurel   urban christmas by Sevastianos-Ntzokas  

Mature Content

Secret Santa: Elicia by AssortedA
   Winter by emilka1258   Christmas Spirit by ARTificialphanTOM   Countryside in the snow 2 by Cansounofargentina   Poinsettia Holiday Card by JesseAllshouse   Swanheart by ArTRefugiuM   Grumpy Cats worst christmas  2 by ManuelPoehlau


Happy Halloween 2014 Feature!

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 31, 2014, 12:15 PM


Thank you to everyone who submitted to my forum. What lovely works..

FA Maleficent Once  Upon A Dream by missimoinsane

Trinquette - Poison Ivy by Lulolana   Alois for AG by SavageFrog   Don Valentino by MischievousPooka  

Manu Bennett - Azog by Grishhak   Evolution II by SpaniardWithKnives   The Joker  - Cesar Romero by JesseAllshouse  
For the Queen! by ScottaHemi  Avalon by LizzyChrome   The Angel and His Shadow by Dagger-13  
Itachi Uchiha by Isho13  One Ring To Rule Them All by JessTheNoob   Maleficent by Fuee 
Darth Vader by DPasschier  <da:thumb id="489635905"/>   Friday the 13th - JASON! by Shinkalork  
Beneath by WildPencil  


Crystal Dark by LuneBleu   alchemist by vesner   Freaky Hope by Kryseis-Art  

halloween by sandara   Halloween by DensenManiya   THIS IS HALLOWEEN by RM73  
+ halloween by StefTastan   Halloween 2008 by x-catman    
halloween by JuleeMClark   Halloween by GodOfBadWeather   Halloween Party by KatieAlves 
  Halloween by NoName-Face   Halloween Witch by Elias-Chatzoudis Halloween Cupcake by neon-lilith  
halloween yin by Apofiss   The Black Witch by MADmoiselleMeli

Digital Painting Portrait Commission 2014

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 23, 2014, 7:33 AM


Digital Painting Portraits

£35 Per full colour portrait.  (This means per figure not piece) with simple background.
[USD $57.42 or 5800 dA :points:]

Paintery Style.  Recreating your pghotos in style.  Please allow upto 14 days to recieve finished Digital Painting Portrait.

£10 deposit or full payment up front.  I accept cash in hand or PayPal.

Image of your choice (clearly indecated and resonable quality image) 2-3 additional subject refference images.

Your email address (or place where you wish to recievee the final digital piece).

Image size and orientation spesifications.  Plus any other details.

Permission to use my work in my portfolio/gallery this will not be resold but used as an example of my work.

- Refunds are unavailable as prices are set on my time not product.
- However, if for any reason you are unhappy with the end result I will happily try and work with you to resolve any issues you may have.  
- Refusing to make payment may resolve in legal action.  You do not have my permission to pass my work off as your own.

© missimoinsane
Imogen V Cane
email (subject art)
Personal FB Imogen V Cane   or
FB Page missimoinsane   or

Make PayPal Donation!! ~ Saving up to get a Cintiq13HD

Digital Painting Portrait Commission 2014

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 23, 2014, 7:31 AM


Digital Painting Portraits

£35 Per full colour portrait.  (This means per figure not piece) with simple background.
[USD $57.42 or 5800 dA :points:]

Paintery Style.  Recreating your pghotos in style.  Please allow upto 14 days to recieve finished Digital Painting Portrait.

£10 deposit or full payment up front.  I accept cash in hand or PayPal.

Image of your choice (clearly indecated and resonable quality image) 2-3 additional subject refference images.

Your email address (or place where you wish to recievee the final digital piece).

Image size and orientation spesifications.  Plus any other details.

Permission to use my work in my portfolio/gallery this will not be resold but used as an example of my work.

- Refunds are unavailable as prices are set on my time not product.
- However, if for any reason you are unhappy with the end result I will happily try and work with you to resolve any issues you may have.  
- Refusing to make payment may resolve in legal action.  You do not have my permission to pass my work off as your own.

© missimoinsane
Imogen V Cane
email (subject art)
Personal FB Imogen V Cane   or
FB Page missimoinsane   or

MIA but not KIA

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 25, 2014, 9:33 AM

It's certainly been a while.  I don't have much in the way of excuses.  My pen to my wacom tablet broke, I've been building a new pC, I've been gaming a lot, making new friends where I live, medical stuff and plain lazy-ness.  To be truthful.  

The last few months have been hard, in April I split up with my Fiancé and by May I'm living in a completely new county/city and making a new life for myself... working so hard to improve on things and have a better life for myself.  It's becoming a new adventure... and well I'm finding me again.

I do however feel I want too no, NEED too get back into my art, art improvements.  I was doing so well.. in my opinion.  And I want to keep on with the learning with the progression and the improvements.

So I thought I'd post here.  I did spend all yesterday repainting some lost work, which I happen to still have the lineart for and I've been working hard on that.  Today has been taking a lil break to do some research however I hope to continue with it this week.  In addition I'm looking to get back into doing studies.  So any suggestions would be appreciated.

Anyway.. hello.. how have you all been? xX
Ps. Still looking to make more artistic friends and befriend then on Facebook if anyone's interested?

Self Portrait Feature!

Journal Entry: Tue May 6, 2014, 4:22 PM

I created a digital painting (selfie).  And then decided it might be an idea to do a feature on other peoples self-portrait works..  So I asked around and this is that feature result:
Self Portrait April 2014 by missimoinsane 
deviant ID 2014 by rockgem  Self-portrait 2013 by dierat 

Mature Content

Nearer... by HotaruThodt

Slough by Simplexification  Comic Strip ID by kh27s  N509329351 221373 8634 by ash-interrupted 
Constructed Me by To-Ka-Ro  Self portrait- Overly SERIOUS Lookin' Guy by Fuee   Self Portrait 1 by MintyRevolution

Late February Feature 2014

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 1, 2014, 5:47 PM

I'm going through some stuff...  but thought I'd share with you some works that were shared with me in Feb 2014...

(in no order)
Blood of My Enemies by MoonlightMysteria Welcome to the Storm by Lyrithen Batman! by jason720 Fantasy Theater coming soon...(1) by GlennsFantasyArt Seniors(Digital Painting) by jiasen Savage (Feral Sonata) by DadaNova Even Monsters Have Heart (Daily Deviation) by artistmyx Waiting by KarinaMacGill   Sector 7 by Sareth1337 Will My Heart Be Enough To Make You Happy by artistmyx Prophet of software service by Kevin-Glint A Meeting Of Worlds by LacieMelhart Unerde 26 by unerde Flapping Soul by Vusiuz Self-portrait 2013 by dierat <da:thumb id="433160864"/> Chibi Colored 1 by HalfEarth Muse of the Sea by TenshiHime7 Corvus Road by Miguel-Santos What's That? by dreamlandcody Life Lesson #3 by VinceOkerman 2014 self portrait by QuantumSushi Mage Assassin Outfit by LukesCreations Relative Nature by beautyfromlight Soul's Horizon by Kimber09 <da:thumb id="434713998"/> A cup of tea? by ilinea What The ....! by Trichardsen Window by AncaXBre <da:thumb id="429860444"/>

Mature Content

Life Begins When You Stand Up To Christian Fa... 2 by katr14
Invader by RedCoaster <da:thumb id="432034565"/> Play ball! by bestyoshimon <da:thumb id="431952710"/> <da:thumb id="432616549"/> Flower by CandyDeChocolate Everyone Deserves To Cry by SECONDARY-TARGET OC: Skull final form (also his weakest form) by Majayrick The Lord of the Rings: A Color Scheme by stvn-h Eye of the Tigress by PinchOfPixelDust Valentine Dream Catcher by camelopardalisinblue Dining room by saescavipica
Thank You All For Sharing

Huge January 2014 Visual Feature!

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 30, 2014, 6:08 PM

Thank you for everyone who shared their art in forum and made this feature possible.  Wow... 140+ Art Works!! (In no order, randomised).

I Don't Shave For Sherlock Holmes by vincentsdeviantart Leaves and Dragonfly by Shijiazhuang Eurasian Bullfinch by Paivatar What we found by Xannijn Wrong Turn by DistrictAliens above and beyond. by sugarmints The city never sleeps by downpoured Ascending Angel by mechanicalvalkyrie Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days Of Summer by Mr-Pink-Rose SkullMasq by 50LbHead Blastoise by cheeny Benny and Boltz: Refuel for the Year by TheMoonMonkey <da:thumb id="428669551"/> Daniel Bruhl as Niki Lauda by Badashh <da:thumb id="424498321"/> <da:thumb id="426464000"/> SECRET SANTA: Meenah Peixes by BlissClouds Winter's Touch by The-MoonSquid Pink by ScottaHemi watching by ramblepaw

Mature Content

I'll be yours 2 by LudovicaPolidori
Gandalf the Wise by JessHavok Aiko by Inner-Legend White Pacman Ghost Kandi by QueenAdrenaline CIEL PHANTOMHIVE by K-Koji <da:thumb id="430183720"/> Colors of a summer day by Au-Ra Girls On Fire by ysfaye <da:thumb id="427072058"/> Youtube Gijinka - FREE TO USE by KuraiDraws Red Dress + Panda by MLBlue Summer Swim Practice Sunset by EricPeta Beachside by NoizRnel Hayley by SilverChaim <da:thumb id="429082681"/> Watanuki by noodles919 Portrait by EricNobleArt <da:thumb id="430010837"/> The Genie of Knowledge by ontopofrealityart <da:thumb id="427078935"/> Sailor Moon Cosplay by KittyCarousel Ready to Sail by F0XIES Dog and the rooster by Himmatmatour Fukuda Yuki Sprite by HalfEarth Electroheart by HoshiNoDestiny <da:thumb id="428268165"/> Ken by TheElvishDevil 12: 'Ginger. Ah, OK.' by Uranus-seventhsun Happy Freaking New Year by SnazzyDoodle <da:thumb id="430584520"/> Hiding by Palmix The Dark Crystal Tribute by BubbleDriver <da:thumb id="420400338"/> OC # 2 Arrow by eddywardster For Marcela by TheArtOfQuietBear Daryl Dixon by jiasen Young Couple by Wildphoenix22 Dragonfly HDR by L-Spiro Violent Violet - OC Carrie by CCChronicles House Arendelle by JYC Wise advice by AncaXBre Up Close and Personal by gperkins10 Turn by chappy-lips Disneyland 12 LXV by LDFranklin = Riku = by Sevenlole <da:thumb id="424940386"/> Vicinity of Obscenity by JelloJiji Girl on Fire by designingdisasters

Mature Content

no soul by SavageWolf-93
Defend Your Creep - You Win! by goldleader23

Mature Content

Wolverine Origin 2 Logan by KwongBee-Arts
<da:thumb id="427082182"/> Boa Hancock by doneplay Clay Key by Calysar Day 11 by Identifyed-Khaos Monsters need love too by tronik808 <da:thumb id="419695237"/> OTHERWORLDS by KTLasair <da:thumb id="426653210"/> Tadanon (Bubbles) by Detective-May The Wicked Witch by Sakitaro <da:thumb id="428266747"/> lil Black dress by kingofthedededes73 <da:thumb id="426658137"/> XII by gozgaz1 Lego Obsession xD by Elleon12 Veronica by Lyrithen Lust by AaragonNega Rose Digital Color by JesseAllshouse Gentle Drift by Sardae Fiery Hibiscus by Gavenia Morning adventure by thedaydreaminggirl Satan Clause by Vusiuz Do you re:member Tao Kaka - BlazBlue by ImRocker Woman Scorned pg 13 by DrawDrone Good Times On Pandora by Courtney-Crowe Snow Leopard by Elfedward <da:thumb id="411522149"/> Leftovers by LadyDeven

Mature Content

NurseStein by HaruShadows
Finish You Off by SECONDARY-TARGET Pi by ilinea Halloween Pumpkin 3D Print [Tutorial] by SebastianKerner <da:thumb id="424723510"/> Keeping watch by Felizias Crimson II by rosaarvensis Indian Peafowl by flowerhippie22 Tragic by Endaewen Lunar Spy by Okashy #57 by rock-the-photo Self-Portrait 2 by cuberoarts <da:thumb id="405646072"/> Taking Sayings Too Seriously #1 by VinceOkerman Marilyn Manson by MxIxLxExS Tick Tock by HamaruNamikaze Cloud Kitten by Professor-R <da:thumb id="421503932"/> <da:thumb id="416281654"/> <da:thumb id="421555948"/> When the party is over... by KeeNahMee Falling Apart by Theanimalparade ::j e l l o:: by WorldWar-Tori Sherlock by mchectr Mr. Waddles by RustyCroutons Raven by eev11 Untitled by Discarbia <da:thumb id="426651861"/> Elemental Magic by Onanymous Contest Entry: Nadja Vadoma by KuroRime Day of the Dead Girl by AMusoke Prism by vi0letdreamer <da:thumb id="427650337"/> Armature Figure Still Life by VincenzoNova Slime by Simkray commission :Ashkae by DenaHelmi

Also want to show off my newest :D

Deer Hunter by missimoinsane

Begging For Points, ACG Super Group Status Renewal

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 9, 2014, 9:17 AM

Dear Deviant, I am founder of AnotherContestGroup and as founder I am troubled to find the funds we need to extend our super group status!!  Thus I beg of you that you donate points (can be just one) to either myself missimoinsane or to ACG's donations page at ACG-PointsDonations

With out it we will no longer be able to award contest prizes, promote contest winners, offer the poll feature (with out which the staff don't get paid), and many other things including being able to have our special sponsors section and journal skins and more... 

We really don't want this to happen to us after over 3 very very successful years of AnotherContestGroup and so we were wondering if it's not too much to ask would you mind asking your watchers if they'd donate to us at ACG-PointsDonations please?  Or if you could donate yourselves please?  I know it's a lot to ask and I wouldn't but I am desperate, since becoming disabled I don't have the funds that I use too...  I know this isn't anyones fault but please help me continue helping others.

Our subscription runs out 31st Jan 2014.  Thank you for any help.
:iconmissimoinsane: :iconanothercontestgroup: :iconacg-pointsdonations:

ACG's I am No Picasso Contest Winners Feature

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 3, 2013, 2:18 PM

Please see winners pieces and then below for a feature of that artist!!

I am no Picasso contest is over!!  Thank you to those who entered and their wonderful works can be found in our gallery here anothercontestgroup.deviantart… however having said that the contest is now over and we have our wonderful winners!!

First Place Goes to chameleonskyes
Girl with the Pearl Earring by chameleonskyes by :iconchameleonskyes:
for their fantastic mixed artist creations, wonderful style, brilliant use of colour and very creative and inspiring piece.

Second Place Goes to NEJOS
<da:thumb id="398310690"/> by :iconnejos:
for their brilliant graffiti modern meets vintage traditional with this bold, creative and wonderful concept piece.

Third Place Goes to RoseLuna
Contest: Ageing Star by RoseLuna by :iconroseluna:
for their great mixed use of multiple pieces with a wonderful style, colour and perspective piece.

All Those Who Entered
:iconchameleonskyes: :iconnejos: :iconroseluna:
:iconxkalipso: :iconakaszik: :iconsillysilenia: :icon30secondstotheedge:


1st Place Winner chameleonskyes aka :iconchameleonskyes: 10 piece feature.
Welcome to Gen VI by chameleonskyes Bottle Miku by chameleonskyes Creation by chameleonskyes The Normal Type by chameleonskyes  Blue Fire by chameleonskyes  Elyon by chameleonskyes  deviantID 1: Ruu and Me by chameleonskyes  deviantID 2: Swalot Plush and I by chameleonskyes  Gyarados by chameleonskyes  Chromia by chameleonskyes

2nd Place Winner NEJOS aka :iconnejos: 8 piece feature.

<da:thumb id="396783941"/>  <da:thumb id="404956854"/>  <da:thumb id="404479504"/>  <da:thumb id="389552646"/>  <da:thumb id="397533829"/>  <da:thumb id="392486279"/>  <da:thumb id="396578720"/>  <da:thumb id="334709304"/>

3rd Place Winner RoseLuna aka :iconroseluna: 6 piece feature.

Suki, Summer Memories by RoseLuna  Pumpkin Lady by RoseLuna  Chiaro? by RoseLuna  Star Crossed Lovers by RoseLuna  HMC: The Witch of the Waste by RoseLuna  Linda and Blu by RoseLuna

Who do I owe commissions too?

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 19, 2013, 5:58 PM

Who do I owe (free) commissions too?  ~Including contest prizes.  I had them all wrote down on notepad and I have just discovered I have saved over the file. ~ Sorry about that.  Please note me.

In addition I am looking to work for money as I really want a better computer so if anyone is interested in making PayPal commissions I'd love love love to hear from you!!  Prices are negotiable deppending on subject, medium and requirements.  Please also know I have a craft selling page @

Fantasy Board Game (Read Me Support)

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 17, 2013, 9:12 AM

Kristina aka KristinaToxicpanda (as of Saturday) will be my art tutor. But she's on an adventure to craft a board game and she needs peoples support and as many backers as she can. To see the game go here…;

:heart: :iconkristinatoxicpanda: :heart:

Epic Aug 2013 Feature :D

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 24, 2013, 2:58 PM

So I offered (in forums) if people shared their 3 newest with me then I would feature one of them...  here's how that turned out (in no particular order, mixed):

Blossom by feltedfluffs   The Mother Reborn by HopeHavoc   Shiranui Reborn by Cabbion  <da:thumb id="391918183"/>   Batman and Robin by Meryo   No more tears... (lines) by PrisonerofConvention  <da:thumb id="389496360"/>   Artorias Headbust Birthday Gift for osusuki~ by Nethyrmea   Zygfryd by rosaarvensis   Inner Fire by 3litza   Capture a Moment in Time by musicismylife10027   Messenger by kika1983  <da:thumb id="388173431"/>   Tritt fest by derJake   [I] The Flower of War by Timothi-Ellim  <da:thumb id="385960092"/>   Remember by Synergievdp   Untitled by stokstaartje   Yuki tears by HalfEarth  <da:thumb id="390099268"/>   Chapter 17 HPDH Bathilda's Secret by SaBenerica  <da:thumb id="392737733"/>   Collab ::Chocobikies:: by yuuike  <da:thumb id="388154610"/>   C: Little Witch by SilverChaim   Zombie by sophiaazhou   Moss Rocks by nonverbalexpressive   Moonromanticism by Aevintyr   GIF - Timelapse postcard by turst67   Xena by AllieJacques  <da:thumb id="391980340"/>  <da:thumb id="389421791"/>   Heavy Metal Demon by malverro   Gunslinger by AraDolls   What's This V2 by Wolfgrl13  <da:thumb id="351103392"/>   My Song by Risocaa   Rose Doodle by BRiA-DOT   The Gallery by Beholder89   Bigger version of my I.D. by thelordofdogtown   Mischievous Cat by Raikk0   Be My Light by Sareth1337   paint my world with color by Amelie1994  <da:thumb id="392477820"/>   Paper or Plastic? by JeffLPoltergeist  <da:thumb id="392451474"/>  

Mature Content

[Nude] Shower by GilgaPhoenixIgnis
  Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic - Aladdin Color by Flajdesz   Go to sleep by Loony-Madness   Shirsho and Merlin - Requested Drawing by Artdrift   Monochrome Thirty Two by Prismativity   Hanging On! by praline815   Ships by Paivatar   Sabi RAVEEEEEE by GohanLuvVidel   Dwarf (zoom) by mickyjenver   Henry by TemperTempest   August Morning Sun by BritLawrence   Bleach and Cloth 031 by LOSTgnosis   Meet Tom by McIdea   SOMA Book 1-Title Page Progression by TheRebornAce   Plague by MythicalFolk   Steve by simone4390   All Men are Pigs by Reptonic   The Mask by Breakaway13   Patrick McGoohan by FutureReagan   Ruby and the Spirit - vol1 - page 18 by Elementlover   Shish kebab angels! by Samuel-Paul   Whisper by Nectarino   Please Don't Cry Kai... Updated by nightandkai   Bitter by TheBlackBullets   Maskenball by AnOtherSunrise  <da:thumb id="365148923"/>   100MTC - Haze 2/2 by Synthetic--Ecstasy   Group of Roses by Loffy0  <da:thumb id="387120651"/>   The vampire queen by BumbleBeesh  <da:thumb id="392642039"/>   Ice princess by Offline65   Los Lobo by KunichiMinamino  <da:thumb id="380786512"/>   Eren by Zurainnena   Remote Angel - KICKSTARTER by FaithWalkers   little moments by xniiicole   Mama Flapper by RunsOnPixiStix   In Jail by DreamingSkyline  <da:thumb id="391286213"/>   A Simple Journey by PWNPROD   Sardine Box by pixie-on-mushroom   182 - Industry by goldleader23   Spotty Sleepy by NyanQueen   Kandi SALE!!! by Skysofdreams   Le Club Kitti-Chat by EmiliAlys   A Hours Walk by DPasschier   Abrosia by oivertwist   Enjoy! by 9kitsune9  <da:thumb id="370374805"/>   Gajeel Redfox in a Pokeball by Jonathanjo   From The Sky and The Ocean by Qihah   All You Can Eat Buffet by TheMoonMonkey   Jellyfish by PinchOfPixelDust  <da:thumb id="392239327"/>   Free ass-kicking by Felizias   Disney Dancers: Snow White by ZellyKat   Superman Rescues an Anime Girl by HeonGaiden   Bonjour! by Yuki-Natuski-24   Commission - Opeh by BrittanyWillows  <da:thumb id="391641411"/>   Capreline OC: Estee by KaePotassium   Frost redesign by Fuee   Tickseed by Sing-Down-The-Moon   Morning by RogueFiddler  

Mature Content

Stars by TanukiQueen
  my neighbor totoro by BowieKelly   Yamraiha by Sylvae00   Some of them some of them by Cassiuseos   Little friends by HoshiNoDestiny  <da:thumb id="392306258"/>   Woman Scorned pg 2 by DrawDrone   free flowing by KerstinS  <da:thumb id="391384530"/>   Winchesters by Jaybirdy  <da:thumb id="368606242"/>   Emily Looking by NJada   Orb of Faust by The-Infamous-MrGates  <da:thumb id="392580033"/>   Cera Mageslayer by KillianSeraphim   Big City by AnikaNagpalArt   The Pretty Prankster by PMucks   Point Commiss - Cute couple by AikaArfeiniel  <da:thumb id="386466667"/>   White by OMG-ImSoAwesome   Thranduil by Racuch   River by hever   Broken Nightmares Cover by AddictiveNightmare  <da:thumb id="390560338"/> 

From This Day Forward The Journey Part 2

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 17, 2013, 10:12 AM

So I figured I should explain myself...  

Well some of you might remember my rant a number of months ago in my journal about how all my art was the same. -Massive thank you to the people who stud by me and helped me feel more positive.

I then came back a few months later with back to basics journal with full intention to strip my artwork right back to traditional drawing and such...  Well despite the good intentions a few short weeks later, and crappy sketches, I just got to a point with art, crafts and everything else going on in my life that I just flopped out...

So recently I've been trying to get back into the swing of things.

First with recreating an old piece:
Ships Curse 2 by missimoinsane Ships Curse Before 2011 AND After 2013 by missimoinsane

Second trying to finish a piece I started a couple of months back with focusing on hair:
<da:thumb id="391907761"/>

Mature Content

SpinalCorde by missimoinsane

It was at this point I needed help and I spoke to the lovely (and extreamly talented KristinaToxicpanda).  I was advised to go join up to Crimson Daggers - which for those who don't know is basically a bunch of forums full of wonderful artists (mostly digital painting artists) and we each help each other to learn, improve and teach others.  It's a lot of give and take but I've met some lovely lovely people who have done their best to help me improve with their wonderful critiques, tutorials and advice...  and create a sketchbook there.  Which I did: My Daggers Sketchbook Forum

Third after a lot of comments about skin tone, skin texture but most of all about lighting and light sources including values I tried to do another piece:
<da:thumb id="393409434"/> {full view reccommended as thumb looks muddy!}

It seemed that pershaps I had used too much colour and colour blending which as in traditional art had created a somewhat mud effect - not good.  And despite being under water the lighting was still not correct and she looked somewhat cartoon with her duck-bum (lips) face. 

Fourth I was advised to look at values by doing a black and white study pieces to which I returned to something I started a number of months ago and stated reworking it...  I produced a WIP (if you don't follow my scraps you're missing out on my WIPs!!) But it was short lived as I just didn't like how it was turning out.
<da:thumb id="393435549"/>

Fifth I was downhearted and the monochrome values were not working out as planned and so naughty naughty me decided to move on and come back to it later.  So instead I decided to look at realistic skin tones or more to the point colour and colour to form shape:
Female Study 1 WIP 1 by missimoinsane REST - Female Skin Study - Original by missimoinsane <da:thumb id="393481041"/> REST FACE - Female Skin Study by missimoinsane

A fellow Dagger (JonHop), from Crimson Daggers, did a video for me using my failed value wip (iRide) to demonstrate values (Video Here >>… Thank you Jon!) so that said I decided to act upon the advice.. which is going to take me plenty of practice lol...

Sixth I jumped into the monochrome looking at values (and mark making) and I decided best to put myself out of my comfort zone by not doing another humanoid:
Mark Making Value Study Sparrow Fremsley by missimoinsane Sparrow Fremsley by missimoinsane

Anyways so that's my progress thus far over the past week.  There will most likely be more... Simply because I am learning.  BUT I wanted to let people know why the sudden spam of art when there's not really been anything (especially digitally painting) over the last umm maybe a year!!  But I hope to be back, new and improved and all that jaz and try to make more time for my digital painting and digital painting improvement.  

Also like to give a massive thank you to KristinaToxicpanda who has been such an inspiration and a really lovely person who has shared her wonderful inspiration, told me about Crimson Daggers and also been sharing her creations there and on livestream which have been inspiring to say the least.  She was also very kind to give me her own personal brush set too!!  And her advice has not gone unnoticed. ...go check her and her work out!!

Finally a thank you to those who have inspired me, stuck by me, helped me, taught me, critiqued or generally just been there and had an opinion.  I value you all.


deviantART Gear OMG Thank You dA!!

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 22, 2013, 3:18 AM

So since devWEAR has closed down I managed to order the messenger dA bag!!  It arrived today but they also put in 2 emoticon stress balls (pink and yellow), the dA sticker pack, dA lanyard, dA black logo keyring (only one I didn't have) and a troll face drawstring rucksack :D :D I am over the moon with all my goodies and I didn't double up on anything I previously had.  Woot go me!!  I only wish I could have got another dA zipup jacket hoody and a llama plushie but yey all the same.  Wish they hadn't closed down :'( but I'm a happy deviant :heart: :heart: Thank you dA!!

From this day forward, The Journey. Part 1

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 9, 2013, 8:24 AM

Hey all,

So after my last journal of feeling hopless with my art I've decided to take it back to the beginning.  "From this day forward; The Journey".

I've decided to rather than continue with a same old same old none progression path...  That I should start over, digital and traditional sketching...  Trying different techniques and perhaps even mediums...  so going to create an "art journal" out of an altered book!!  

Along side with new art books, magazines and perhaps even and "ImagineFX" subscription - maybe.  

Going to save towards getting a cintiqu 13HD...  Anyone got a personal review?  So far everything's singing and dancing however the screen/colour is a little "dull" and not monitor bright (apparently) but amazing for the price.  But generally purchasing such an item (despite it's extreme reasonable cost!) that won't be for a long long time based on lack of income, finances which seem to be higher with each bill, family events I have to attend this summer and continuing the work being done on my home not to mention the medical stuff with my hip grr.

Anyways there's a lot going on for me at the moment, so I won't keep you.

Imogen :heart:

Ps. Yes I will still be doing my crafting, I want to get back into doing my YouTube videos...  lot has been happening as mentioned and it's just finding the time for creating & filming etc.


WIP: WoW Freling Pandarian Hunter of The Horde by missimoinsane

Stressed with art. Digital Painting. Upset.

Journal Entry: Tue May 21, 2013, 7:30 PM

How wrong I was.

So I decided that a good break from digital painting and spending time thinking about it less (I mean not over thinking) and studying.  Watching tutorials, reading books and all that good stuff.  But I feel my art isn't happening.  It never looks cartoon nor real either.  I'm stuck in a limbo where I just can't improve but I don't know what to do.  I've tried copying even tracing just to get an idea of shape and texture and how to create certain looks but my work never looks right.  I'm fedup.  I know most of my work isn't based on real life people (real things) but generally speaking I don't want to do cartoons and I'm just fedup.  I've listened to advice and tutorials and now.  I'm fedup.  Honestly thinking of jacking it in.  Too much in my head and just can't create no matter how I try.  Just so unhappy when I'm doing digital paintings, which is not what I want to be.

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Etsy Shop Officially Open.

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 3, 2013, 5:14 PM… - will be adding more stock a.s.a.p :D

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