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The more things change the more things stay the same.  While I still like to doodle for my own entertainment I'm not exposing the world to more of that terror.  I've been more playing with my camera while keeping the day job.  I've been trying to keep a mind more for composition... but when push comes to shove if it looks cool and is moving fast that goes out the window.

Hard to believe but I've taken two trips this year.  Both scored a couple neat images yet to be loaded on dev.  I'm still a little fluttery so I'll sign out here.
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I know it is that time of year when we toss of a scary mask and scare others but the trick my memory card pulled was no treat.  *cries!* everything from September *poof* gone!

I could go and take my river shots again but the sky will never be red again.  The shot was the product of firework smoke and little mexico bunring to the ground a few blocks away but what a haunting red sky it was.  

In happier news I'll be able to retake some of my fall shots this weekend so hopefully that will be the upswing I need.
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I've started to upload my studio prints and I'm just blown away by all the favoring and traffic they have gotten.



I'm almost giddy with only just a little attention paid to them after a summer of settng up sales booths to get nothing.

I'll be slowly adding these classes:
Lucky - Color tweaked
and original versions

All of them have their high points and low points but I think each version has its worth.
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Not much of public noteworthy-ness as of late.  I've been taking more snap shots of memories that actually trying to capture something "real" or "meaninngful".  As many of you can probably gues by the x-mas image I posted tonight.

The boys are doing well and our new addition (Gizmo) is doing fine as well.  In all honesty I've been sinking into my own little safe shell trying to pretend the horrors of life lessons did not apply to me.

In memoery of Midnight please give a ponderance to the image of her overlooking her swale.  It is one of my last good outdoors images of her.
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Mon Jun 5, 2006, 12:01 AM
Pictures again!

I've been taking pictures again and will slowly be posting these as I get a chance to deal with the slow process of devart.

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I really should go back to attempting to draw characters again.  I've gained a few I haven't drawn as well as a few I have drawn and not finished.  the sitting version of Eien is almost done yet I can't seem to bring myself to finish it.  Maybe because her story is done?  Nurin is my new one.  I was thinking of the Kirin mythology when I thought her up.  She is a feisty little snot but the drawing is not going as hoped.  Her clothing is heavy but I can't get it to look right because of it.  (And yes there is a reason for the heavy clothing)

Kara I haven't even done a rough for but she is really warming up to me as a character.  Maybe Sarabi can help me with that @_@

Well back to work.  ^_^