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Downton Abbey Sybil, Edith and Mary

I really can't tell you how hard it was do these outfits! I think my fave one on here is Sybil, as it was fun trying to re create her outfit! RIP Sybil!
I like the red dress Mary wears in series 1 so I made her wear that one as best I could. And Edith is wearing a pink one also from series 1 as well I think. Will post more soon!
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Beautiful! I love your Disney-like style, the outfits are gorgeous, and the colors perfect! Glad to see Edith smiling for a change :)
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thankyou. I'm  glad you love it and I'm glad that you like how I did the oufits, cause they all wear so many, and It's like, find your fave one and do that! :)
and I agree, Edith deserves to be smiling :)
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Cool! Love your works :)
Yours are so much more creative, I don't have a lot of patience with filddly details like beads. Love these. :( Poor Sybil. I love the dresses esp the one Mary has.