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Life goes on

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Hello! Long time no see, my friends. I missed DA and its community. As you may know, I live in Ukraine, where war broke out on February 24, 2021. This war divided my life, just like the lives of other Ukrainians, into before and after. It also minimized all my creative endeavors and simply destroyed many plans and hopes. The first moments of numbness and wild horror have already passed, tears have been shed, but I'm still getting used to the new reality and trying to figure out how to live on. Wanting to regain some semblance of normalcy and stay creative I got an iPad and started mastering Procreate. This tool gave me mobility, I can draw almost anywhere, even in the hallway or even basement during an air alarm, I can charge it with a powerbank when there is no electricity. And it's just about as handy as you can get. I've created a few pictures on it that I want to show off. I'm also very inspired by the new Futurama on Hulu and want to create something based on it. Right
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Hello you guys! I know I've been missing lately, and I'm sorry for the unanswered notes. I have been sick for the past week and needed treatment. But yesterday, perhaps as a birthday present, I got good lab results and I think I'm ready to get back to work =) I remember everything I promised to draw, but if any commission has become irrelevant to you in the time I've been away, please let me know! Vic :rose:
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Now thanks for adding me to your watch list!

Thanks for adding one of my drawings to your favs!

Your artwork looks amazing! When you do requests, do you draw original characters?

I keep seeing your town in the news; hope all is well.

We're all watching the news, and we hope all is going well for you over there.

MissFuturama? I'll ask you nicely would you like to draw The Simpsons females as ninjas dress in blue or black with their face cover by mask, red headband, red belt, swords and doing their kicking for me? no sexy please?

Here's my list so you can draw these in ninja outfit.

Marge Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson, Sherri Terri, Ruth Powers, Laura Powers, Helen Lovejoy, Miss Hoover, Edna Krabappel, Bernice Hibbert, Gloria Jailbird, Dorit, Mindy Simmons, Luann Van Houten, Patty, Selma, Allison Taylor, Greta Wolfcastle, Samantha Stankey, Manjula, Princess Kashmir, Jessica Lovejoy, Gina, Belle, Sarah Wiggum, Brandine, Princess Penelope, Judge Constance Harm, Crazy Cat Lady, Lindsay Neagle, Francesca Terwilliger, Dame Judith Terwilliger, Ashley Grant, Agnes Skinner, Julia (The Simpsons), Ms Prince, Alice Glick, Stacy Lovell, Mona Simpson, Doris Freedman, The Wiccans (Cassandra, Stacy Deathsatan and Esmeralda), Francine, Becky Shorter, Becky (It’s Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge), Darcy, Jenny, Zia Simpson, Fortune Teller (Lisa's Wedding), Gypsy, Amber Simpson, Ginger Flanders, Lurleen Lumpkins, Jenda Simpson, Ling Bouvier, Nikki, Sophie Krustofsky, Kumiko, Shary Bobbins, Alex Whitney, Cookie Kwan, Annika Van Houten, Rachel Jordan, Brittany Brockman, Shauna Chalmers, Miss Springfield, Rachel (Treehouse of Horror XXVII), Maude Flanders, Alaska Nebraska, Harper Jambowski, Lucille Botzcowski, Brunella Pommelhorst, Mary Spuckler, Dahila Brinkley, Stephanie Brockman, Maya, Gaby, Isabel Gutierrez, Chole Talbot, Taffy, Juliet Hobbes, Erin, Dr. Stacey Swanson, Carrie, Quinn Hopper, Tina, Caitlin, Katelyn, Kate Lynn, Kaitlin, Donna and her friend (Separate Vocations), Bella-Ella, Solan, Tessa Rose, Jerry Mackleberry, Ballet Teacher, Agnes Flanders, Erin (Sophie's Mother), Cieneta, Sara Sloane, Tabitha Vixx, Titania, Xoxchitla, Martha Quimby, Mrs. Wickerbottom, Rose Quimby, Tammy, Manjula's Mother, Apu's Mother, Verity Heathbar, Dr. Hibbert's first and second Daughter, Myra, Madame Wu, Tanya, Ms. Cantwell, Tattoo Annie, Phillips (Marge in Chains), Ms. Kelp, Portia, Quenley Woosterfield, and Renee.