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Pinky Promise by missEyez Pinky Promise :iconmisseyez:missEyez 15 0 Anatomy of Ear by missEyez Anatomy of Ear :iconmisseyez:missEyez 8 3
The Encounter
It was dark. Nothing but a light from above hovered over the red door. Chills ran up my spine which made me shake violently. I hesitated in front of the doorway. I knew what was waiting behind the crimson door. I knew he was waiting for me. I've been avoiding him for many years, but I knew eventually I would have to face him. My chest tightened and my heart ached. Can I be spared from this? Is there another way?
I slowly reached for the golden doorknob. I grasped it tightly then turned it to the left. The door opened towards me, the hinges making a creaking sound. I then gradually walked through. It was still dark and the air was heavy. Suddenly, a light from above glistened upon a single wooden chair. I was puzzled, but I knew the chair was reserved for me. I walked towards the chair and slowly sat down. I waited. It seemed like an eternity, but then there was another light from above and it shined down on a man sitting across from me. He sat on a throne that was made out of metal and
:iconmisseyez:missEyez 2 0
Swimming Home
The ocean pulled her
Deeper into its forever abyss
Willingly she let the arms of
The ocean hug her down
The glistening rays of the sun
Danced upon the surface of her captive
Like petals in the wind
She thought they were beautiful and longed
To see more of this golden light
There was more beyond this prison
There was something else out there
With a heavy heart
She used her fragile limbs
And slowly swam towards her refuge
As she swam she could hear
The sound of her name being
Called from the depths of the sea
She looked back with doubt in her eyes
"No more." she thought, and swam away
Closer and closer she was reaching the light
Finally bursting through the water
She breathed her first breath
Looking up she saw the sun
And thought it was the loveliest
Sight her eyes have ever encountered
As she walked on the shore,
She laid her tired body upon
The soft gold sand
Looking back at the ocean
She watched the waves crash and fade away
She adored it still...
But nothing could hold her to go bac
:iconmisseyez:missEyez 10 14
Sketch of a Rose by missEyez Sketch of a Rose :iconmisseyez:missEyez 11 4 Me by missEyez Me :iconmisseyez:missEyez 2 8
I was..
I was the broken pieces of a mirror
I was the lost love letter in a bottle
I was the forgotten flower in the field
I was the abandoned shell on the beach
I was the lonely cloud in the sky
I was the mistake made with a pen
I was the balloon that was let go
I was the poem no one read
I was the painting no one thought was interesting
I was the wrinkled petals of a rose
I was the dead leaves of autumn
I was the ghost no one noticed
I was the dream you wanted to forget
I was the solitude one feels at night
I was the song that no one sung
I was the forsaken grave no one visited
I was many things, but nothing worth while...
:iconmisseyez:missEyez 25 14
Marilyn Monroe by missEyez Marilyn Monroe :iconmisseyez:missEyez 1 3 The Lions Roar by missEyez The Lions Roar :iconmisseyez:missEyez 1 3 Vivien Leigh by missEyez Vivien Leigh :iconmisseyez:missEyez 9 5 Elastic Heart by missEyez Elastic Heart :iconmisseyez:missEyez 13 2 The Nazgul by missEyez The Nazgul :iconmisseyez:missEyez 99 19 Sunset by missEyez Sunset :iconmisseyez:missEyez 21 6 Paradise Lost by missEyez Paradise Lost :iconmisseyez:missEyez 23 7 The Lion by missEyez The Lion :iconmisseyez:missEyez 49 9
What Is Art?
It is the swiftness of every brush
And the paint that is smooth upon a canvas
It is the roughness of charcoal
And the gliding of each pencil
It is the rubbing of every eraser
And the glossy look of each pen
It's the words that form a poem
And the words that create a novel
It's the stunning work of digital craft
And the cursor that helps forge it
It is the photo of a specific moment
And why it speaks a 1,000 words
It is the bad sketches in a notepad
And the silly doodles in your notebook
It is your reflection in the mirror
And the story that comes along with it you.
:iconmisseyez:missEyez 17 4
This is my gallery!


Darth Vader - Star Wars by Rajacenna Darth Vader - Star Wars :iconrajacenna:Rajacenna 282 30 Luminous Motion by artistwilder Luminous Motion :iconartistwilder:artistwilder 559 22 High Above by artistwilder High Above :iconartistwilder:artistwilder 212 6 Mt Jefferson, Oregon by artistwilder Mt Jefferson, Oregon :iconartistwilder:artistwilder 197 14 Cannon Beach reflects by artistwilder Cannon Beach reflects :iconartistwilder:artistwilder 232 19 Hood From below by artistwilder Hood From below :iconartistwilder:artistwilder 169 13 Team -WW- by DavidDeb Team -WW- :icondaviddeb:DavidDeb 323 14 Logan Imax Poster by DaveRapoza Logan Imax Poster :icondaverapoza:DaveRapoza 3,032 134 Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman Portrait by marcellobarenghi Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman Portrait :iconmarcellobarenghi:marcellobarenghi 286 12 Amazing Spider-Man Drawing by marcellobarenghi Amazing Spider-Man Drawing :iconmarcellobarenghi:marcellobarenghi 445 58 Time made with SALT by AtomiccircuS Time made with SALT :iconatomiccircus:AtomiccircuS 572 20 Daenerys SALT portrait by AtomiccircuS Daenerys SALT portrait :iconatomiccircus:AtomiccircuS 417 27 Amonkhet by 88grzes Amonkhet :icon88grzes:88grzes 2,588 48 653 The Trees Besides The Road by mengenstrom 653 The Trees Besides The Road :iconmengenstrom:mengenstrom 15 6 650 Mountains And Trees by mengenstrom 650 Mountains And Trees :iconmengenstrom:mengenstrom 22 0 I Need A Title by artistwilder I Need A Title :iconartistwilder:artistwilder 276 21



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