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Texture + PSD

This texture was actually a Twitter exclusive a while ago but I found the PSD for it and figured some of you may find it useful.
You might be able to learn something from it.
Let me know if you would like me to share more PSDS in the future!

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You're Welcome ~
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amor todo tus trabajos ojala huviera un boton para poner todo en Fv ♥
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That's so pretty.... :squee:
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i download it to test it !
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actaully i don't udnerstand if we can use it
use some layers and not other for example
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Hi,I like PSD more,it give me more create space!And I followed your twitter some weeks ago,but I found it is a little hard to find the resource,could you give the direct link of them next time?I mean the link of each post.
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What do you mean? I'm not going to post it here because they are only for my Twitter followers.
If you are looking for something, just tweet at me and I will give you the direct link. :)
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eh……I know some of resources are twitter exclusive,I mean sometimes you just posted a preview here and told us that it's twitter exclusive,but only gave us your twitter address not the specific link of the resource you showed……
OK,if I cannot find them,I will tweet @you next time!Thanks a lot!
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Do you mean like the tweet? I don't think they have separate links or do they? (i'm sorry I am a Twitter noob). It sucks that I can't keep all the resources in one place, the olders one are all the way down so I guess I can see how they would be harder to find.
But you're welcome, I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
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Yes,I mean the tweet,twitter dose not show pic even if you do post a pic,so it may a little hard to find.But anyway,I will try to find and download them at the first time,that may be helpful!I understand your idea about sharing resource in different places and hope you create more wonderful resources!Thanks again!
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