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3 Textures - 1001

3 Textures
532*600 pixels

~ Credit me if you use any of these please
~ Don't claim as your own
~ Comments and faves are always appreciated

Wanted to try something else for a change.
Hope you enjoy!

© 2013 - 2021 Missesglass
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thanks i will give you credit
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Thank you for using my texture :D
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So Colorful >.< I really love it
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Absolutely fantastic. Everything about it is brilliant. So beautiful. <3
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I'm not a girly-girl by any means. Dun like perfumes or jewelry, and really not fond of makeup AT ALL. I don't do dresses or sparkly, pinky ...stuff. Just not my thing.

...however... every once in a great while, I'll find something so pretty, so sparkly that- whether or not I want it to - it appeals to my girly side and I have no choice but to do this.
It's... so.... preeetttyyyyy~!!!!!! :heart: :star: :heart: :star: :heart:

~*favs and runs away*~
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Haha awesome comment, made me laugh :)
Thanks for the fave <3
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^_^ Glad I could. You're welcome, and thank you for sharing!
I think I've met up my girly, sparkly quota for the month with your textures. :heart:
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Haha you are welcome as well. Maybe I can do it again next month :P
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lol I'd have no doubts about that, whatsoever!
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Looks great! :D

Thanks a lot for sharing! :heart:
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Thank you and you're welcome :)
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