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2 800x600 textures - 2809

2 new textures

~ Please credit me if you use any of these
~ Don't claim them as your own
~ Enjoy!

© 2011 - 2021 Missesglass
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If you get some time can you upload all of these into one zip file? I looked in your gallery but I'm not sure where these are. :confused: rvmp 
can i download it? thank you :)
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I love the blue texture! it looks very beautiful! ^_^ may I ask do you have a zip file for this image? 
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I'm too lazy to .zip them up but I uploaded them to imageshack.
Here are the links:
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AHHH!! Thank you thank you so much!!!!!! I love those textures especially the blue one <3 it stole my heart! Thank you very much! ^_^
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Haha you are very welcome, glad you like them <3
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Course I love them <3 looking forward to more of your textures. ^.<
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Well, i've been doing this for 3,5 years and I'm still not sick of it so there will be more for sure :D
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Wow that is a long time. I find it very admirable of how long you've been dedicated to this. Keep it up! ^_^
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Haha yeah, well to be honest - I didn't expect it either :P
And I will keep it up for sure. :)
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how do i use it?
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YOu need to edit ^^
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Gracias por las texturas! había utilizado la primera en una firmita [link] y la verdad no te había dado créditos porque no sabía que esta textura te pertenecía o.O esque la había visto en un forito y de inmediato la utilizé x3
Igual no te preocupes que ya te he dado los créditos necesarios nwn adiochito!
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:heart: :hug:
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OMG they're amazing! <3
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