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Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood

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This is a charcoal portrait of Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood from BBC's Robin Hood tv series that started in 2006. I absolutely loved the series, it was Robin Hood with a bit of a modern twist- much criticism was made, for example, about Jonas's hip-hugger pants and other costumes, but who in their right mind would have a problem with an attractive guy like Jonas in hip-huggers?! ;) It was a great show, but short lived. I adore the Robin Hood legend and have seen many different movie/tv adaptions, and Jonas is certainly one of my favorite Robins. When he first got called into read for the part he was shocked because he thought they would have picked some "big, blonde, meaty fellow" but they considered him.

I thought he was perfect- his scruffy face, undeniable charm, and lean athletic physique some how just seemed tailor-made for the part. He was funny, cocky, but also endearing- just how I see the character. The best part of the show was really the ensemble cast- as well as the breath-taking scenery and swashbuckling derring-do. It lasted for only 3 seasons, and I don't want to spoil it for any one who hasn't seen, but seasons 1 and 2 were perfection- a great show that took you out of reality for the while. The show's downfall came when the writers tried to be too crafty and "take a risk"- resulting in a 3rd season that had higher production value, but a haphazard plot, worse ratings, and much less viewer interest. Very much exemplified by the saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" The 3rd season is entertaining in its own right, but it doesn't hold a candle to the first to. However, I'm still a fan of the show, and I've got my boxsets of season 1 and 2 and that keeps me happy!

I love Jonas and Robin, so of course, the result is this portrait! I have to admit too, that if I have a son in the future, I want to name him Jonas- corny, I know, but I LOVE the name! ;) I struggled getting his face right in this, he's squinting a little in the photograph and I had a hard time making it look accurate. However, I am proud of the hair, that's my favorite part :). It's not perfect, but hey, it was fun! Thanks for reading my rant! Thanks again to :iconanakomb: for giving me the idea for this style, please check out her gallery, she's truly amazing!

Please check out my original Robin Hood character design! (Robin Hood+ Maid Marian) : [link]

black and white charcoal on grey pastel paper

September 2010.
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hey I really liked the series :D
MissCosettePontmercy's avatar
Thank you! So did I- great series, and I love the legend!
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Yes, me too! i'ts great and interesting... And I love Armstrong as Robin hehe
I want to buy the seasons but I don't know where to get them... ^^;
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Nice drawing! I love that show. I may be one of the few that actually liked Season 3 out of all the others. I see the direction the writers were taking and why, and I have to admit it made some huge character growth. Seeing Guy's transformation from Season 1 to 3 was one that was needed, and while bittersweet had a beautiful outcome. The fact that he could join Robin's team, be forgiven by Robin and have peace finally. That made Guy's character so strong for me. Yes, I adored Marian, and adored her and Robin's relationship. I too at first was angry that the second season ended on such a high point, but wouldn't it have been a chicken out move for the writers to say 'it was a dream' and it didn't happen? I like seeing how they were playing Robin's strengths being the people he loved and those he took care of. Take that out of the mix and what does it do to a hero? It showed Robin as a 'real' character and not just the cookie cut image that always plays the part. You got to see another side of Robin too, and for that it made the show more enjoyable for me.

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You know sweets - I am not a fan of the show, but that really doesn't matter because this is FREAKINGOMGAMAZINGINSTANTFAVE.

Whew. Okay, that's been said. ;)

Really, hon - amazing art. I can't beleive how awesome this is!
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The fact that you aren't a fan of the show and can still fav this is so sweet- thank you dear! I'm so glad you like it despite :).
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Yes, I'm such a fan of the Michael Praed series... nothing compares IMO... so it is difficult for me to like the newer version; slight "modernization" of the legend. But it's just a matter of taste!

And you're very welcome. :)
MissCosettePontmercy's avatar
I completely understand! It's kind of like how some people love the Star Wars prequels and some hate them- just depends on taste ;). I've only seen a bit of Robin of Sherwood, but I was telling Presterjohn that I'll probably ask for the set for Christmas- I really enjoyed what little I saw :).
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Hey once again! You mastered this style!! I can totally see the familiar glint or squint of a smile in his eyes! Very handsome ;) And Jonas is a really awesome name, I agree! and his hair! oh my wow! so much texture! and it flows so well.
great job honey!
MissCosettePontmercy's avatar
Hon, you are so nice it truly means so much, thank you! I really love this style- you are a genius- I'm so glad I stumbled upon your awesome HP drawing- still one of my favs on here, for sure :). And I'm glad you approve of the name- now I just need a man, haha! ;) You are so kind, thanks again :hug:
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Im baffled that people were annoyed by that. i think its perfect :D especially since they were so tight. IT WAS SEXY <3
I liked the third season. its good that they cut it off when they did tho. if they kept going... eh it wouldnt have been that great. <3 IM SO MAD THAT THEY KILLED MY FAV CHARACTER THO. >.<
you've done an awesome job on capturing his essence :3 his lips seem a bit off tho but other than that aesome :)
Rose8174's avatar
i think you got his hair pretty damn perfect. and his eyes as well. good job :]
lovvee joans armstrong, he was so perfect for the part - definitely my favorite robin. i wish they didn't kill him and gisborne off, or introduced that blonde..ah well. it was good while it lasted heh.
MissCosettePontmercy's avatar
Thank you for saying that! The hair is definitely my favorite part, and surprisingly the easiest! It's not perfect, but as long as people can tell who it is, I'm pleased :).

You know, I haven't heard one fan of the show say they liked the direction it went after season 2, the concensus seems to be that the writers ruined it. It's a shame, but it seems so common sense, why in the hell would you kill off Maid Marian in Robin Hood? It was almost like they had no choice but to kill Robin eventually too, because you can't have one without the other. I think that was really all they could do in the end- have them reunite. But it was so pointless to kill off Guy and Alan too, the Sheriff- okay, but seriously the writers are idiots. At least Archer was awesome! Had they continued onto season 4 at least he would've been cool!
Rose8174's avatar
your very welcome <3

i know, same here. they ended up doing cliche things as well as stupid things that made the show undoubtably worse hah. i was so upset when they killed Marian and then when he got together later with Guy's sister and then the blonde girl..ugh. so bad. and it was so cliche when they reunited and such, i was like "what the hell, what kind of writer thought of this??" but yeah, Alan and Guy should not have been killed off, it was the most traumatic thing ever! Archer was pretty haha. I only hope something similar comes out again, but otherwise i'll deal with my bootleg copies of all three seasons haha :]
MissCosettePontmercy's avatar
I agree with everything you said! Just seriously bad writing in attempt to be risky. But seriously, part of Robin's appeal was his undying devotion to Marian and to have him so nonchalantly go for not one, but TWO other women after her death- completely pointless! And such pointless deaths too! I do hope something like Robin Hood shows up again, especially since this is the last season of Smallville, I'll have nothing to watch after it ends, I'll be completely reliant on dvd tv shows!
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I know, it was awful, those two hoe's that go after him and he just completely forgets about Marian and stuff. I wish they would take it back up, i'd be so happy to see him and Will (Harry Lloyd) back for another Robin Hood or something of the sort where he wears tight jeans : P Have you seen him in Book of Blood? he gets nekkid and its pretty awesome, but really scary, lol.
MissCosettePontmercy's avatar
Yes, loved both Jonas and Harry Lloyd, they were the best characters definitely, its too bad they made the changes they did. OH well, there is always season 1 and 2 on dvd :). Ooh, I haven't seen Book of Blood- I'm not big on scary movies, but I think I'd be able to make an exception with Jonas being undressed! ;)
Rose8174's avatar
heh let me know if you get around to it, its quite juicy ;]
i'm planning on re-watching all the seasons soon, once school isn't such a bitch haha
MissCosettePontmercy's avatar
Lol, I will let you know! I have the same problem- blasted school- gets in the way of all the tv programs I want to watch :)
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Very nice, although it's not completely right you can definitely tell who it is, very good for the medium and I love the amount of detail - The feathers on the arrow clearly took time but it was worth it and his hair too! Well done <3 and thanks for submitting it to :iconbbcrobinhoodclub: i'm sure others will enjoy looking at it too :)
MissCosettePontmercy's avatar
Thanks! It's not perfect, but I had fun! I'm glad you like it :), thanks for including!
Abboz's avatar
Yeah enjoying it matters, else you wont do anything else or improve :) And you are welcome
Ryeker's avatar
Very nice! I love this show. :D He's a way cute Robin.
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