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Craft Foam Armor Tutorial

I've been working on this tutorial for a while since doing armor for my first time was such a rewarding experience! Hopefully this helps some of you out at some point or another!
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Great tutorial! I hope it'll help with my armor I plan to make. I do have one question though. I've read that craft foam can be hard to use on round pieces (chest plat for a woman), is that true or is there a way to help form it to make the chest plate?
OceanPirate's avatar
What milimeter thickness did you use? Two or six?
ZombieOwl's avatar
Very interesting! I don't know if or when I'll ever try armory things, but this is very cool stuff! :dance:
Locosplay's avatar
What armor is this? I love the design on the arm! makes me think of Zyra or from LoL :3
OceanPirate's avatar
Blade and Soul, looks to me.
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I always love these turtorials :D plan to make something close to this but  .Hack animation which im working on.
SawakoToudoji's avatar
Omfg ♥ That's great ! You saved my Life with this tutorial ! Thank you !
KittyChow's avatar
Thank you, this is great :)
RockMafiaJV's avatar
Will this sealant be waterproof?
Stardust-skies's avatar
I've been using water and glue as a sealant for quite a while, but I mostly winged the ratio in most cases. Then I found this and the 2:1 proportion really helps! Thanks :)
MuggleDirection's avatar
For heating, Is blower okay? And what's the mixed glue and water again for? :>
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juts to show you what i made base in your tutorial…
MissCordie's avatar
VERY awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!
anzudrako's avatar
Thank you to you
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Step 5. Sealing it. Does that also protect the foam from the nicks, scratches and dents it so easily obtains? 
CelestialMelodia's avatar
It's still foam so i high impact will still probably nick it. But I've heard that it's sturdier than it looks and really good for convention wear. BTW I'm lovin' your icon.
Kokushibyu's avatar
Awesome. I hope so~! :3 I'm not going to have a full suit thing of foam armor stuff. Mostly just pieces, so that'll probably also make me feel better about it getting scratched and whatnots.
And thank you~! x3
MissCordie's avatar
It protects it somewhat, especially the more layers you put onto it because as the glue hardens so will the foam.
AnimeCosplayLover19's avatar
Thank you for this tutorial :) 
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That was great! Thank you so much!

This is fantastic.  One of the better and best tutorials I've seen. 
Any suggestions/products for giving it a metallic-looking finish?
m1ndr34d3r's avatar
This tutorial is awesome!! Just wondering what kindof glue did you use? I tried doing hot glue on craft foam but it falls apart QnQ
SmileyVamp's avatar
Can you use gesso to seal it instead of glue?
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