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How would you say your own art looks? What do you see when you see your own work, is there anything you would compare it to aesthetically? Sometimes it’s good to step back and view your gallery as a whole!

These are current examples of my art.


To me it looks like this:


It’s bright and insanely happy, and colorful but somewhat modern looking, and still makes good use of neutral values! Then the actual form of it is very ‘chibi’ but lacks some manga qualities. It’s like eastern cartoons and western cartoons in a blender. Kind of seems manga at first but you can kinda tell it was drawn by someone who was trained in California! (This is the look I’m going for, and I think I’ve accomplished it)

Do you think that’s what it looks like?
Also, tell me what you think your own work looks like!

Too Much Caffeine Update:
I’ve been working on getting these made in bulk!
I’m thinking somewhere around $22 for the price depending on demand!
( It might change but that’s my goal right now )

I’m working on another book and setting up an online store.
Maybe we will see these available next year!
If you’re an artist who does commissions regularly please fill out this survey! I'm looking at the possibility of making commissions easier to manage for fellow artists! Your input is super helpful! please spread this around!

For more examples, check out my Tumblr

Order here!

It's very easy! Follow the questions and then submit!
further communications will be through e-mail!

I only close commissions in emergencies, so don't worry if you can't get one right away!
If you know you're going to get one in the future, don't hesitate to fill out a form to reserve a spot on the waiting list!

For payment I use paypal and venmo

Who has commissions open? I kinda want to commission one of my followers!

Austin and I released a new song a bit ago, I thought I'd share it here as well!!!
I did the art and the vocals, Austin did everything else! we're happy with how it turned out!
And I don't know if anyone noticed yet but there's a cute part where the girl falls asleep.
Hello! If you use Tumblr You should watch me there too! 
Here's my blogs if you're interested! I'm active in all of these;

Main Blog!

I answer questions, and reblog art here!

Adult blog!

Some dirty jokes, and sexual themes!
I also dump my school work here!


Nothing but nice finished comic related stuff!
Hello! Anyone here Live in the San Jose area? I need to make more real life friends,
and if you're in the area why not give me a call, we could go get coffee together or something!
I want someone to talk about cartoons and video games with!
In the game “Useless Axolotl Roommate”, Every section of clothing in Tidbit’s magazine is accompanied by a model to showcase it. Since new items are being put in all the time we’re also needing new models!  You can submit your character here for a chance to get in the magazine, I’ll message you if you win! Your character will be credited in the bottom of the magazine page! 

Lookie here!

I did lots of art to make this. Hopefully you guys will get a kick out of the writing too! I think it's very funny!

This week's comic!
Benickerson made a really good song and video about Too Much Caffeine.


Too Much Caffeine

Guess what! I'm selling my first issue of Too Much Caffeine!
you can get yours here! and if you pay an extra $5 you can get a nice little sticker set!
Every purchase will be greatly appreciated, because every cent will help me continue the series!

The pages are high quality and everything looks so so nice in physical form! You’re getting 26 pages of cuteness for $22! 

If you're a fan, tell your friends, and help me spread the news!

If you're interested in getting a picture from me, click here!

If you have any questions, just ask!

I need something to listen to thats a bajillion hours long, and at least mildly entertaining

My birthday is on August 13th, its coming up very soon!!!
That reminds me that it's been a whole 6 months since I started my webcomic~
jeez so many things have happened since last year!
To celebrate the time I've spent drawing comics, I'm going to start printing an official comic book!
I'm so excited! but I have a long way to go before It's completed!

my series has also inspired a lot of fanart already which makes me feel all fuzzy and overjoyed!
If you haven't noticed the fanart tab on my comic page, I suggest you check it out, and reblog the crap out of it…
I'm missnataliebutler

I don't have work on Wednesdays and Thursdays! 
I talk about cartoons, and coffee, and art!
 I've never been so immensely happy in my life, I honestly can't contain it, so I'm going to gush right here!!!

All my life I've felt that I would never be able to have the same opportunities as my peers. I was considered to be an "underprivileged" kid, I was part of the "Foster youth" program.
I had a traumatic childhood which resulted in learning disability. I was labeled with words by my teachers that made me feel different, and I was put in "special" classes,
and special after school and summer programs... There would always be these lectures at school about the importance of grades and college and stuff, and
I pushed it out of my head because I thought that I wouldn't be a part of that, I was jealous of everyone around me who had parents and good grades, and just overall had a really bitter attitude.

but after going into the real world, I feel like everything is all better. Jobs are much easier than school...
and I learned that grades do not matter as much as they say, and I learned that people like me can have the same opportunities!
Now, I'm going to tell you guys something I really needed to hear in high-school...

They will try to make it hard for underprivileged kids, but you can still do it!
You can still get your fafsa done even if your parent's aren't mentally capable of supporting you!!!
I got a dependency override, which is something they try hard to keep you from doing! It's a long difficult process of layers and layers of "proof" and essays that need to be done.
Compile any evidence of abuse that you've had, any criminal records from your parents that you can dig up, and keep pushing it on them, If your evidence is honest, you will be able to get money for college!
It took me half a year of pushing my story and essays and proof on them, but I was eventually accepted, and now I'm able to break the "failure" cycle of my family!!!
So please please do not feel like you cannot go to college too!

anyway, I'm going to start this fall, and I've never been so excited in my life!!! I'm finally able to change that little tab on my page from "hobbyist" to "student" heeeheee
I'm going to be a professional cartoonist someday!!! Yaaay!!!