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I want to thank everyone for the warm reception to DA and all the comments to the Avatar paintings.

It was great to see such a positive reaction to my first posts on this site, but it has also made me a little scared to disappoint in the future. Many have asked  me to post more things to the gallery and I do have more to post, but nothing like the Avatar work. Truth be told, Mai was the first time I ever painted a person in such a realistic way and all I have in that style or about the avatar universe is already here. I do plan to do at least one more painting like that (Aang with Momo and Appa), but it might take a while until I get the time to do it…

In the meantime, I will be posting some older things whenever I get the time. Mostly, I have works that are meant for advertisement and are very commercial and boring, but occasionally I get to do some things that are more interesting and that I’m actually proud to show. One thing I should say is that my painting/drawing style changes a lot, but hopefully, once in a while, I’ll be able to please some of you.

PS: I want to apologize for not replying very often to your posts. I take an embarrassing amount of time to write even a few simple lines so I usually try to condense things in one post at a time. Also, for some reason, this site never works well for me. I keep being logged out all the time and it pisses me having to log in every couple of minutes or so.
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