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Green Frog

Image details
Image size
4833x3030px 17.93 MB
Canon EOS 70D
Shutter Speed
1/2000 second
Focal Length
400 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jun 22, 2017, 12:46:57 PM
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Written as part of CRPhotography's Comment Month:

This is a great shot! The focus is sharp and the texture on the frog is cool. Even though the colors are muted, I think it works well with this subject. I like that you were able to get a low angle so the viewer isn't just looking down at the frog. The composition is a bit boring with having the subject centered, but I know that with wildlife photography you don't always get a chance to compose your frame perfectly before you miss your shot. I don't know what the lighting situation was like when you took this, but looking at you camera data, I'm a little confused. You used a 1/2000 second shutter speed and a 6400 ISO? You could probably lower both quite a bit and still have good lighting and focus. Plus, the image wouldn't be so noisy as well. Overall, this is a very nice shot! Good job! :)
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thank you for your reply now a little back story on the photo.

I was going over to the marsh in Wellfleet to take birds inflight  on the marsh.

the lens is a 400mm non stabilized 5.6 hence the high iso and shutter speed also I was using the 400 hand held. not on a gimbal or tripod. I actually had good luck on this shot as the min focus is 3.5m or about 11 feet from subject. the angle well it was the best I wanted to do because and lower and ill have to lay flat on a muddy marsh trail not going to happen you ever wash caked marsh mud out of clothing, also will have shorted my time on the marsh due to wet clothing. hehe trade off I suppose but it was a fun think out of the box shot as the 400mm is not a lens to shoot frogs.   
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Great photo, the detail is breathtaking. Not just on the frog, but on the water and grass around it.
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thank you I am glad you liked it
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nice work love, i know its not easy to get within eyesight of them and not have em dissapear
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thanks its been a very busy summer
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he/she is lovely, wonderful capture :frog:
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thank you  it was a fun challenge as I had my 400 lens on with a min distance 11 feet focus. I was going to take photos of shore birds past the pond where the frogs lived. XD 
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Oh wow thats pretty good! :frog:
How do you like your 400mm
Do you not find it heavy, I sold mine
It was too much to carry along with the rest of my stuff :(
I wish they would come up with less bulky ones but then
they would be extremely expensive probably :nod:
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I have the 5.6l 400 is slightly larger then my 70-200 zoom and is just as heavy I only use it when I am going to capture birds.

I now do a lot with My 16-35LF4  on the 5dmk3 also with the 70-200l f4.

hehe my dream lens is the 300 2.8l its a monster lens   2x the weight of the 400mm XD but that's why we got bird blinds 
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I have a 300mm and its same size as 200mm
and like it very much!
"It aint easy being green."  Kermit T. Frog.  ^_*  Good to see more work from you.
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hehehe yup its not also taking close-ups  with a 400mm lens but we will work with what we have on hand XD
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