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I'm now once again open for commission.

The price can be discussed so if you need anything feel free to drop a line!
Today my wacom  intuos 3 died. :( 
I did order a new wacom yesterday, a  intuos 5.
I kind of knew it would happen though as he had shown syntoms for a few days.
All of sudden the pc could no longer find it. for a few days i restarted the computer and it would sometimes
make it work again.
But today I shuted off my pc and wacom. And later when i returned my wacom no longer response...
I can sometimes make him light up. but my pc no longer recognize him :(

And those things i did for a few days, unplug it, restart pc, etc... 
No longer works.

it is now gone...
It was just a wacom sure.
But since it has been with me for so many years it feels weird that it now no longer works...

R.I.P Wacom intuos 3.
Well I'm as many others. Struggling in these economic times.
So I open up myself for commissions.
I can do...
2D - Character concept art, backdrops and pixelart.
3D - Character models or objects. Entire scenes are as well possible.

My prices can be discussed.

5 slots available.

So I have been playing the mass effect triology the latest days and what do I think?

Well... Great games! Crushed a little on Garrius... (god... damn you bioware! How can you make alien seem strangely attractive?!

On the other hand I'm not a fan of the orginal ending and downloaded a mood to get a happier one.
Still this left me thinking....

Well I went to a college for game making... Artist to be exact.
Should I perhaps go into the mod making and make a epilouges for shepard?

For exemple some short scenes like... 2 years later....
(showing shepard at normandy giving orders to the crew if he/she has no love interest.)
(If garrus they have settled. Perhaps at the citadel. Probably the best to do as I have no idea how Garrus homeworld looks like. And if I do his homeworld it means I need to model their home but well I better make a
poll to decide. But if I make that... people better give me reference! I'm not gona do concept art for his homeworld >.<

Of course I run into a fewwwww well problems.
1. There can't be any voice overs in these scenes for obvious reasons.
So the players would either have to only see texts or just try to play on the atmosphere the scenes give.
2. What kind of epilouges to make...

For exemple what would people like to see?
for exemple Garrus senteced > Maybe even find out what a human turian baby looks like.
I know they are of diffrent spicies and that offspring should not be possible naturally...
(But I wrote a fanfiction to explain it... the player can guess.)
Of course that means I have to model the child, rigg it and import. Don't know how to import new assests at the moment.

Anyway to cut it short I would want to see a hybrid baby as shepard and garrus retired from their military posts.

But what kind of epilouges for male shepard and his love interests? or the other love interest  for female shepard?

And then last... Do I got the patient to undertake such a big project and finish it?
Hmmm I still need to think about it... hahaha...
 open myself for commission.
The styles I can draw in is.
- Realistic

I can also make pixelart.
In that I can do.

- Characters (orginal or in a style)
- Tilesets
Etc etc

I do yet not got any prices...
So that can be discussed ^^
Was this a gift from god?
After being so worried and scared and crying nonstop.
When I decided to pull myself togheter, trust him and just wait...
The answer came!
Wont be able to see him for 10 days... But I manage :)
Okay! I decided to pull myself togheter!
Can't cry forever, though I wanted to...

No, I will wait! And see what happens!
After 2 - 3 years of inactive I decided to return to DA :P
So I am starting with uploading artwork that has been just laying on my hardrive :P
( can be anything from 3 years to 1 month old :P )
Sigh, the game making going slow but on the bright side I got a programmer now!
And we move from rpg maker to Game studio ^^
Hopefully it will go well -.-'

Hi everyone ^^
I just feelt to say something ^^
I love you Fermin Caballero de la Guardia!!!
My Bday was yesterday (8 jan)
now i am 17 years yay :3
Would like to make a art trade with someone :P

Anyone intrested?