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TFIOS doodle thing... by MissAcidShine TFIOS doodle thing... :iconmissacidshine:MissAcidShine 0 3
Rhyme and Reason - Hexa.....
"You're the reason to my rhyme and it's a shame, no it's a crime that I've not told you that I love you cause I've never found the time. You're my happiness and sadness you're the method to my madness. Nobody I'd rather be with nobody I'd ever be with…"
Ed had just come in a minute previously, he'd been out with some mates. This is the same chorus he'd heard  Tom playing repeatedly this week. And normally Ed doesn't get in the way of Tom being creative but he felt that something needed to be said.
"You're the reason…." Ed heard Tom start to chirp the song again. He walk straight into Tom's room, they were really close so there was never need to knock. Tom stopped playing as soon as he saw Ed enter his musical lair. "Hey, Ed" Tom said merrily. "Hi" Ed replied.
"Why do you keep playing that same bit of the song?" Ed asked hesitantly
"Because I'm stuck" Tom replied sounding disappointed
"Well who is it for? Maybe I can help, to be honest I didn't even noticed you fanci
:iconmissacidshine:MissAcidShine 5 49
Alone in Imperfections pt1
Tom always knew that he was good for nothing and more of a hindrance to the world than anything. Or that he'd been made out of everyone else's imperfections because he seemed to think he has so many. And that is why he cut, he is stuck inside his head, a dark place where self hatred over flows. He never eats because in his head he is too fat, even though on the outside he is already a scarily thin boy. He doesn't like to draw too much attention to himself other than his his blue hair and all black clothes, so when asked out for a meal with friends he goes and fights an inward pain. But later he comes home and purges, before silently crying and drinking himself to sleep. And cutting some more because he thinks about the boy he likes. This boy being one of his flat mates.. who just so happens to be homophobic. So not only will he never like him back, but even if he were to tell him that he were gay then it wouldn't end nicely.
Tom was depressed for so many reasons, but no one ever looked
:iconmissacidshine:MissAcidShine 4 35
Run Away - O.M.S
I would not mind if you hurt me, and ran away
...if you did it when i could not see
But you stabbed me right in the back and when i turn, i see you just runaway.
I stand alone and betrayed, in a crowd of people.
:iconmissacidshine:MissAcidShine 0 3


City lights - Chapter 5
"Liam!" Alex shouted, jumping up from his place and chasing after his beloved boyfriend.
"Eddy, what's going on?" Charlie asked, his brow furrowed as he watched his best friend weave through the busy restaurant.
"I have no idea darling, maybe Liam's sick?" Ed murmured, worrying his lip. 
"No...that's not what it looked like...Do you know something you're not telling me?" Charlie asked, his voice sounding little and slightly hurt. 
"No baby, I'd never lie to you! Now come and have a cuddle hmm?" Ed suggested, patting his lap and smiling as Charlie hopped into it, nestling in the warmth of his chest.
Tom, meanwhile, sat in the corner, furiously writing on a crumpled napkin.
Michael returned from the bar with menus, only to find half his friends missing. 
"Liam and Alex gone for a quickie in the toilets or something?" He asked in bewilderment.
"Or something." Charlie muttered, as Ed stroked his back softly. 
Suspended in time, the group waited for the struggling couple
:iconjzilmore:Jzilmore 1 6
Charplant - City Lights Ch.3
"Michael!" All four boys enveloped the American in a group hug.
"Hey guys, welcome to France!" The boy grinned back, not looking at all put out by the fact that he was stranded here. 
"Okay, I want vanilla coke now" Alex announced, walking with Liam towards a corner shop.
"Mm yeah I want food, can we go get something?" Charlie asked Ed.
"m'jet lagged" Ed muttered, nearly asleep already. 
"D'you want me to take him to the flat to sleep, then I'll come back and get you guys?" Michael offered.
"Yeah, that'd be great actually, he looks shattered." Charlie smiled, lovingly hugging his boyfriend before wondering into the shop after Alex and Liam. 
"It says yogurt Liam, don't worry!" 
"No Alex Im pretty sure its juice..." Liam protested, both boys looking bewildered by the French names on the packets.
"Just check inside it!" Charlie laughed, unscrewing the lid. 
"See, its juice!" 
Shaking his head fondly, Charlie walked over to another aisle and got his food, try
:iconjzilmore:Jzilmore 4 34
Charplant - City Lights Ch.2
Charlie woke up to the sound of a quiet thumping from the room next door.
Rolling his eyes he let out a small giggle. And they told him to keep it down! Alex was such a hypocrite when it came to keeping quiet in the bedroom...sighing he turned over and snuggled into Ed's chest. Ed woke up to the sound of Charlie's adorable giggle, muffled by Ed's chest.
 "What's so funny?" Ed smiled.
"Alex and Liam...yeah lets just say they're making some noise of their own." Charlie explained. 
"Please...we could beat that in our sleep." 
"True." Charlie agreed.
"Shall we?" Ed asked mischeaviously.
The boys began hammering against the wall and yelling out loudly. After a moment, the door opened and Alex stood there in his boxers, which had clearly only just been pulled on. 
"Did you two just interrupt our fucking with your louder fucking noises?!? What!" Alex burst out laughing at the irony of the situation. 
"Alex can I have cuddles?" Liam asked in his gorgeous Scottish accen
:iconjzilmore:Jzilmore 6 26
Charplant - City Lights Ch. 1
Ed woke up to the loud beep of his alarm. Mumbling something incoherent about throwing the bloody thing out the window, he slowly opened his eyes. 
"Ed, turn that thing off!" Tom called sleepily from his room.
"Okay, on it." Ed unplugged the damn thing, curling the cord in his hand. 
"S'better." He thought to himself, yawning loudly. After a minute he stretched his arms above his head and went into the kitchen. Pouring cereal into a bowl he put the kettle on and waited idly. Annoyingly the loud whistle started and he poured the steaming water over the teabag. Walking with the food back to his room he turned on the lights and grabbed his laptop. Ed smiled as he checked his dailybooth and snapped a quick picture. 
"Better check my emails" he mumbled to himself, rubbing his eyes tiredly. 
'1 new message' said the screen. 
Ed clicked it and read without much interest before stopping and rereading it. Then he gasped and nearly dropped his tea in excitement. The mess
:iconjzilmore:Jzilmore 8 57
Hexamon - Strings Attatched Part 2
Alex’s POV
By the time I had managed to get to bed last night, the four of us has had a few drinks. Nothing too much though, I felt I had to be careful after what had happened with Tom last time. I shouldn’t have let that happen, it wasn’t what I wanted, and it wasn’t what he wanted either. I knew I should talk to him about it but I was kind of nervous, sometimes when Tom was angry he would do things without thinking, and I definitely didn’t want to be on the receiving end of that. I decided to give it a few days, make sure he had calmed down by then.
He knew he should get up. He had quite a bit of work to do on a new single today, so he should probably get started, as it was only a few days away until his studio recording, and he didn’t want to have to rearrange it all. He got up and started to make his way to his cupboard, and looked inside. And looked. And looked. And looked. Then he turned around, slipped on his clothes from yesterday, quic
:iconsecretshipper1:SecretShipper1 1 1
Hexamon - Strings Attatched Part 1
Title: Strings Attatched Part 1
Author: SecretShipper1
Genre: Sort of mean, fluffy at times?
Rating: 12
Warnings: Nothing so far, not sure about later XD
Disclaimer: Didn't happen, I don't own any of the people in this
Tom’s POV
He could feel his breath getting faster and less controlled. He didn’t know what was supposed to be happening right now, but he was sure that this wasn’t right. Their first kiss was supposed to be something full of passion and love, something that had been building up and up until they could not hold it in any longer, not a drunken kiss caused by nothing but loneliness and desperation. His wasn’t how it was supposed to go, everything was wrong, and I knew that I had to leave, before I burst into uncontrollable tears. I know he had no idea how I felt about him, he just found it entertaining, cheap shag with no strings attached. I wouldn’t let it be like that. I can’t make Alex like me, but I can make him pay for treating me li
:iconsecretshipper1:SecretShipper1 4 3
So I Found This on Twitter... by SecretShipper1 So I Found This on Twitter... :iconsecretshipper1:SecretShipper1 14 8
Something Special Ch. 12
Title: Something Special
Author: summercarntspel
Genre: fluff, mpreg, crack!fic
Rating: 13
Disclaimer: I do not own amazingphil or danisnotonfire and this is fictional.
A/N: I tried it make it super adorbs. This is what happened.
Dan giggled, looking at Phil before turning at attention back to the little thing in his arms. They'd been sitting together and cooing to James for probably ten minutes now, but that didn't make it any less fun! Their families were coming to visit at the hospital next day, so they wanted to use the time they had until then on playing with the baby.
"Look how little his fingers are," Phil observed, shaking his head, "They're so tiny! He's so tiny!"
Rolling his shoulders and letting a small yawn escape his lips, Dan nodded, "He really is.... You wanna hold him?"
Phil's eyes suddenly went wide, giving away the fact that he was dreading that question. Sure, he wanted to hold the baby, but what if he dropped him? Or hurt him? Or.... br
:iconsummercarntspel:summercarntspel 30 43
Something Special Ch. 11
Title: Something Special
Author: summercarntspel
Genre: crack!fic, mpreg, fluff, angst
Rating: 13-14
Warnings: uhm labor and stuff and mpreg and stuff
Disclaimer: I do now own amazingphil or danisnotonfire and this is fictional.
"Phil, I'm scared....."
Dan was stretched out on a hospital bed, attached to a few machines, ready to be taken back to have James. The weird pain killers had him basically numb from the chest down, and he didn't like that. He couldn't feel James moving or kicking, which was kind of scary. The whole thing was kind of scary.
Seated in a chair next to the bed, Phil nodded, taking one of Dan's hands in his own. He knew he was absolutely terrified..... He couldn't even begin to imagine how Dan felt.
"I know, love," the older boy whispered, swallowing hard, "But it'll be okay, Dan..... It'll be okay...."
Within the next ten minutes, Dan was wheeled out of the room and back to the place he'd have Jam
:iconsummercarntspel:summercarntspel 28 61
Something Special Ch. 3
Title: Something Special
Author: summercarntspel
Genre: angst kind of I dunno. Crack!fic?
Rating: 13
Warnings: uhm mpreg ahoy
Disclaimer: I do not own amazingphil or danisnotonfire and this is fictional.
A/N: So this is something that's happening. Don't hate me. .-. if you don't like mpregs, I advise you walk away quickly.
Phil jumped, hearing the door slam and Dan stomp into the flat. This was the day that Dan had finally gone to see the doctor, and from the sound of things, the results were something pleasant....
"Dan?" Phil asked, standing up from the sofa and pausing his DVD, "Dan, what happened?"
The older walked over to his boyfriend and tried to hug him, but was swiftly pushed away as Dan squeaked and shook his head, tears choking him.
"Get off me! Don't touch me!"
Completely taken aback by this reaction, Phil chewed on his lower lip and wrinkled his nose, murmuring, "Dan?"
The raven-haired boy was tempted to try hugging him again, but the look in Dan's eyes made him freeze wher
:iconsummercarntspel:summercarntspel 34 69
Mature content
Something Special Ch. 2 :iconsummercarntspel:summercarntspel 37 53
Mature content
Something Special Ch. 1 :iconsummercarntspel:summercarntspel 47 29
Mature content
Cherimon: First :iconannadoestheastro:Annadoestheastro 11 4
Mature content
Phan - Frustration :iconcarlieburg:Carlieburg 6 2
Accepting truth III - to be Charplant
Title: Accepting III ?
Author: Pawa93
Genre: Sad, but getting better
Rating: PG
Warnings: Breakup, still pre-slash
Disclaimer: I don't own Ed, his life or anything about him. I don't even own the joke about the cleaning-ladies. That belongs to the one and only Danny Bhoy. Paula is mine, actually she is me.
Author's Note: Okay so I wrote myself into this story. I'm not sorry.
Ed looked towards the source of the voice and saw Fawn. She stood there in the dimly lit plaza in front of the fountain dressed up as a fairy-princess with her phone in her hand. Ed guessed that she had planned to call him so that she could find him. As that was no longer necessary, she put it back in her pocket.
Paula stood up to leave, but Ed took hold of her arm, suddenly not wanting to do this on his own. But she loosened herself from his grip and smiled encouragingly at him.
-I know you can do this Ed. And call me later, you can hang out at my place until
:iconpawa93:Pawa93 1 2
Accepting truth II - to be Charplant
Title: Accepting II ?
Author: Pawa93
Genre: Sad, but getting better
Rating: PG
Warnings: None, little sad maybe
Disclaimer: I don't own Ed, his life or anything about him. Paula is mine, actually she is me.
Author's Note: Okay so I wrote myself into this story. I'm not sorry.
Several minutes passed, but the tears kept coming. It wasn't until a good ten minutes had passed until the noises quieted down and he could breathe again.
He knew that his friends were giving him space to be alone, but he found himself wishing that there was someone he could talk to about all of this. Someone that wouldn't judge but who could tell him what to do.
He heard steps coming closer, and he hoped with all his heart that it wouldn't be Fawn. He didn't want to explain this to her just yet.
-Are you okay?
The voice was female, and it was laced with an accent that he didn't recognize. Ed looked up, and was certain that he didn't know this girl. He smiled weakly but didn't say anything.
-Well... Y
:iconpawa93:Pawa93 1 2


help Liam's new project, Chronicles of Syntax!
Here is the Link:
DONATE, or just check it out or whatever, it looks really awesome!
and Liam's character looks really really cute :3
Here is the link to Liam's video on it,…


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