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Journal History

Content warning: TERFs, Transphobia

Basically TERF is short for "trans exclusionary radical feminist" a sub sect of feminism that despises transgender and gender non conforming people. There is a little history here about how this sub sect came to be and grew their beliefs.…

"Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminism is a relatively recent term, but it describes a grouping *within* radical feminist thought that sees trans women's participation in feminism as an infiltration of women's space by the patriarchy. This school of thought dates back to a 1979 book "The Transsexual Empire" by an American radfem author, Janice Raymond. Prior to the publication of "The Transs*xual Empire," trans women who were radical feminists were few in number, but pretty well integrated into radfem thought & practice."

But there has been a rise in these anti trans groups lately in the UK and have been clawing their way into progressive movements, attacking trans rights, pushing dangerous myths about transgendered people and trying to shut down any reform to the Gender Recognition Act that could make life easier for people.

Looking deep into things there is a lot of sources hinting much of this is being funded by the Christian Right over in the United States as part of a large scale effort to divide the LGBT movement and force us to fight battles we never wanted to fight to begin with……

Also a thread here…

They've also been caught peddling far right conspiracy theories showing a lot of cross over with the extreme right…

In the United Kingdom anti trans groups are getting endless thinkpieces in national newspapers, television programs, TV news, talk radio and voices across progressive movements from liberal groups to hardline communists. These people are infiltrators sent to divide by creating issues where there are non and spreading dangerous propaganda about a marginalized group of people already at risk in our society with the end goal of having us mandated out of existence as we're already seeing in the United States right now…

Also some facts on the GRA cutting through the bollocks in the media…

This is where both sides rhetoric and normalizing hateful views is taking us and the end result as we've seen in the past isn't pretty people.

Cis women and trans people shouldn't be at each others throat, we all have the same goals here and should stand together as allies because we have a common foe who seeks to divide us and pick off the remains. Even for left wing progressive movements it's dangerous because like Russian Nationalism, nazbol/strasserism stuff it's a slow acting poison to drip feed reactionary ideas to working class people. Let's not get played like a DAMN FIDDLEEEEEE!

Additional sources:………… (The trans*xual empire(1979) book had backing from the Catholic church and Reagan administration)………
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Just someone that likes to check out peoples works. I mostly make a lot of multimedia odds and ends from my passion in spriting as I've been part of the spriting community since 2005, creating garrys mod stuff and of course creating works with walfas which is a lot of fun. I also do a bit of writing and poetry on the side and enjoy worldbuilding~

I'm a nice person, don't be afraid to strike up a conversation with me if you feel like it. Through on one note, I don't put up with bullshit, harassment, being a dick for the sake of being one or drama, if you come here to be an ass you will be removed, other than that hope you enjoy whatever odds and ends I post~

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