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Journal Entry: Fri May 15, 2009, 7:10 AM
Sometime between 9pm and 6am today I lost my mind, but that doesn't matter because the site has officially launched!!!

Only a few months late, better late than never.

For the first few days I am offering a special rate of $11.95 per month, meaning for as long as you keep that account, you will be locked into the rate of $11.95. After those few days I will be raising the rate.

To join click here.

Otherwise you can visit the free tour!

A message to members,
The benefits right now are:
-Discounted rate which you will be locked into as long as the account is active.
-Currently 14 sets, 1,300+ images in the gallery and the number will rapidly grow this month as I have prepared many lovely sets for you to view! In fact, the keep you guys busy, I plan on uploading a new set of images at least every 2 days for the next week or two.
-Currently 3 never-before-seen videos uploaded, more to come very soon!
-Super secret members-only e-mail address, priority for checking e-mail goes to this inbox everyday, yes even before booking.
-The next schedule webcam chat will be Wed, May 20th at 7pm! Guess what, its members-only ;)

PLEASE NOTE. There are some parts of the site which are not entirely complete. There will be work done to the site everyday, so regular updates will be happening in the members section. This will not affect the site functioning properly! I will just be hard at work making the site look better, and have more and more features available to members. To keep you guys busy, I plan on uploading a new set at least every 2 days for the next week or two while I work on the extras of the site.

I've put a lot of hard work and effort into this site, and there's still a lot more to go.
Special thanks to Beguiling Images, without him this site wouldn't even be up right now.

Its 7am now, time to go to bed.

Official Site:
Full Blog:
Frequently Asked Questions:…


Journal Entry: Tue Mar 10, 2009, 3:53 PM
On my blog!

Official Site:
Full Blog:
Frequently Asked Questions:…

Current FAQ

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 11, 2008, 10:38 PM
How did you get your hair so white/ how did you get your hair that color?
--I started out with somewhat light hair. My natural color is a light dirty blonde. My hair was professionally bleached to the lightest possible shade. Then I used Shimmering Lights shampoo and conditioner to take out the rest of the yellow and brassy tones. Over time with regular use my hair eventually turned completely platinum. Please note that results may be different depending on your hair. My technique may not work the same way with you. I also don't recommend bleaching out your hair on your own, seek professional help!

How is your skin so light?
--I avoid the sun like the plague. If I'm in the sun, I'll be sporting a lot of sunblock.

What does your name mean? Is it Miss-Mosh or just Mosh?
--Nothing, just a nickname I've had for years. My name is just Mosh, however somebody already took that name on DA so I had to come up with something else just for this account.

Do you know that " moche" means ugly in french? french "miss mosh" means "miss ugly"...
--The 'o' in mosh is pronounced like a long 'a' (ex. like in the word octopus) so it doesn't match up with the french pronunciation.

Are you really 64?
--Nah its an inside joke. Personally I think people are far too concerned with age and based off someone's age they make assumptions. Get rid of that factor and then you have people concentrating on other the actual image?

Do you have MSN/AIM/Yahoo/etc?
--No I dont have time to maintain an account and talk to everyone like I wish I did. I will have a feature on my paysite where I will hold regular chats with members. Also a members only e-mail account will be set up, which I will check on a regular basis.

How did you start modeling?
--I started off on for networking and to work on my portfolio. From there I did just that, networked and worked on my portfolio. Now I've worked with a variety of designers, photographers, stylists, etc. I was lucky enough to also have been featured on some website and a few magazines based off the work I've gotten through modelmayhem!

Where are you from?
--I was born in communist Russia, moved to the US when I was very young. Both of my parents were Russian. I have a dab of Korean descent as well.

Can I use your image as a reference for my art?
--Absolutely, please just be sure to include credit and a link back to me. I also demand you link me to the piece if you post it on DA or somewhere else on the web, I just love seeing the final pieces!

Where do you get your shoes??
--Most of my shoes I purchase off eBay.

Can you walk in those heels? (relating to ballet heels or other high heel shoes)

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
--I have my tongue and nipples pierced, in addition to some ear piercings. Currently I have no tattoos.

If you have any other questions please send them to or message me here. I'll try my best to get to them asap!

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