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Thought id draw this up for the new episode? how could I not draw this cutie <333 aaaa she was so cute as a batpone, I really enjoyed this episode it was really truly different and can't wait for the next <3 enjoy uwu
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Looks like she just noticed Applejack's Cutey Mark
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Nice!!! Looks awesome!!! :D :D :D
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Very adorable, but, from the great words of Mermaid Man, EVIL!
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Yup. That's what he said. 
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This is really well drawn, and cute as hell, I gotta say. :heart: By any chance, could I use this as a cover image on FimFic? I've been writing a Flutterbat one-shot and have been looking for a good image, and this fits the sort of mood I'm looking for better than anything else I've found. You'd get credit of course, along with a source link to this page. Do you mind?
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is this a vampire in their universe?
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yes. in the episode there vampires are called vampire fruit bats
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cool at least they didn't screw up the vampire myth
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I'm going to suck a few fruits ... I mean, if that's ok with you ...
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Oh, it flutter bat!

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Cute pic mixi ^~^ How would you feel about me vectoring this?
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OMFG its so cuuute!!
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Flutterbat... enough said... BRILLIANCE! :fluttershy: 
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Nice but no cutiemark...
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god, flutterbat is so adorable :)
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This is ADORABLE >w<
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*Diamond Tiara Mode Off*
And this picture is good
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