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Gender Bent Justice League

By miss-kitty-j
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Here we all are in all our glory! The whole Gender Bent Justice League.

The fine fellow Lynx is responsible for this photo. He has a bunch of other awesome shots of us, go check him out! [link]

Green Lantern: Mia Ballistic
Flash: Psykitten Pow
Black Canary: our Batman
Green Arrow: Little Hotshot
Aqua Lass: Roxanna Meta :iconroxannameta:
Power Guy: Steven :iconpanamon:
Superma'am: Kit Quinn (me)
Wonder Man: Clyde Max
Plastic Lass: Tat Zee :icontrissana:
Vixen: our Ra's
Batma'am: Tallest Silver :iconsilvertallest:
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They're all looking good! :clap:
barney-nedward's avatar
You need some sidekicks like Ricki Grayson/Nightwing or Wilhimena West/ Kid Flash or Wendy "Woozie" Winks.
ashelmdor's avatar
Nice! Although Vixen is a Female Fox, so... :)
miss-kitty-j's avatar
yes, yes that is what a Vixen is
dt7cz3gj's avatar
Plastic Lass is owning my soul. This is so cool.
ScottPilgrim1996's avatar
LMFAO... this is really funny. Love the cosplay though, and I like the idea you did of gender swap.
celticBRIDE's avatar
I love the green lantern girl!
1LavenderLolipop's avatar
OMG, I love your Black Canary 0_o
I love every ones costumes...
KidPark12's avatar
Green lantern has some huge thighs
E-Ocasio's avatar
Love it! Everyone looks great !
Corey-From-Earth's avatar
This totally made my day!
RogerWilco3's avatar
MariaEvans's avatar
Power Guy is quite fit! *hee*
Skaramine's avatar
Power Guy looks nearly as good as the lovely ladies.
Riverfox237's avatar
Ahh-hahahaha that is AWESOME! XD I love it! Who made your costumes? You guys did a brilliant job. Oh my word, Black Canary and Vixen as guys just...just cracks me up. Although I suppose Vixen's name would have to be Fox now. Or is it Todd?

Superma'am and Batma'am...XD I like the clever name switchup, very nice! Green Lanturn's outfit is my favorite. ^^ Power Guy scares me a little, probably just 'cause any guy wearing a speedo scares me. And Wonder Man...that's just...that's just brilliant. Whoever made that breastplate should get many cookies.
miss-kitty-j's avatar
we all made our own costumes
Riverfox237's avatar
Sweet! Nice job to all of you, then. ^^
disturbedchick11's avatar
did u know that wonder man is an actuall hero!
Gizmo-Tracer's avatar
Very cool! Some really clever costume choices and an awesome look as a complete group!
Trissana's avatar
Yay! This is still my favorite photo of the whole group. We managed to somehow be symmetrical with our placement and even with some of the poses.
Winterhawk7's avatar
Great concept I hope this group does more of these team ups in the future
irbilly's avatar
well what i want to know is . Is the green lantern chick single cuz she is hot!!!!!! lol
Ratatman's avatar
EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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