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The Hidden Tears

By Miss-Heart
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this started like a random scribble :P it's number 82 of that 100 themes crap (yes,i started doing that shit too,i think my depression must have gotten to my brain.)
so sorry for spamming you with my annoying crap,my dear dear watchers m(_ _)m
promise it won't happen anymore :innocent: (well,at least not too often anymore,i've been busy and i'm having these tough feelings i can't explain lately.i'm feeling very very down and i can't work at all :C i just hate ..myself and everything around me,so i'm focusing on disgustingly cute and happy stuff to forget it all,becoming even more miserable in the end after all..)
ahh well it doesn't matter. ^^; i've been through worse. hope i'll resist to the temptation of doing something bad to myself >> it's just one of the things i'll have to get over..
well...i hope you like the pic ..
byebyez ..
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looks so awesome o:
Miss-Heart's avatar
heh yeah,as awesome as a shit-ass mouse scribble can get XD
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whoaa, i wasn't prepared for a reply like this lol. i LOVE this picture duh D<
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:iconimhappyplz: thank you sir/ma'am u_u
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you're welcome :iconimhappyplz:
just call me sir. :smoking:
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she is cute, nice coloring too =D
Miss-Heart's avatar
nice for you to say so :hug::heart:~
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thats really cute
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it is,for a scribble xD thank you :heart:~
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I think this is stunning, the eyes are amazing. :iconblushplz:
BTW Your icon is so beautiful.
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i'm very happy you think so :)
i'm not very fond of my icon,it looks nothing like i wanted it to look (stupid avatar file size limits TT) but it's nice that other people love it :aww:
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It's just so sweet, she looks like she's thinking of a past memory. I've never seen such a unique icon on dA :iconmecutelove:
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wow :noes:
:wow:you do realize that that's a quite beautiful thing you said right now,right ? :iconawwwplz:
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:iconblushplz: You really think so? That's so nice of you to say so. :iconembarrasedplz: :iconhappyhappyplz: (no one's ever told me that before :aww:):hug::manhug::iconbackhug::glomp::iconnewglomp::iconredbullglompplz:
At times it's hard to express how I truly feel through words. :sing:
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(Please prepare yourself for what should be a long message)

~First of all, this picture is awesome! Honestly, scribles CAN turn into beautiful pieces of artwork!

~Second of all, I know how you feel. I mean, I went through a really crap time at one point in my life, but do you what, it doesn't stay like that. Now, I'm no where near the most confident person in the world (in fact, one of my teachers thought I was scared of her (long story :XD: ) ), but there's only one thing I've found that you can do; never. give. up! If your feeling upset, think of the good things about you and your life, while not focusing so much on the bad things. I not saying just bottle up your feelings, thats certainly not gonna help! But if you could talk to someone you trust, then maybe that will help. And if your feeling down, then try to figure out WHY your feeling down, then try to sort out the problem from there. But one thing you must never feel is that your alone, cause there are many people who are probably willing to help. Quite a few of my friends went through a rough time last year, so I sort of know how it is. And please, please dont try to hurt yourself; I know I must sound like some sort of random agony aunt, but it's not going to help if you do. If you feel like this, then you really need to talk to someone, like a friend or an adult that you know and trust, otherwise, it's only gonna get worse. And as for hating males of all shapes and sizes, if it's something that really bothering you, then you need to get it out in the open, because, as you may have already read, it's never good to keep things bottled up, okay!

So, I hope that eventually, you'll start feeling a whole lot better, okayz. :hug: :D

(Woa, me thinks that is one long paragraph :XD: )
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thinking about the good things about me and my life huh.. xD that sounds hard to accomplish.
thank you so much for your message (but damn it was long :O) ,i will get over this sometimes,i'm sure C:
i'm very very grateful for your concern and for the fact that you bothered to write all these stuff to encourage me :iconloveyouplz: :iconawwehplz:
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Yeeeah, sorry 'bout it being so long, I just wanted to write (or type, whichever way you look at it XD) down what I thought, but I hope it helped! :D
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Nice work ^^ like the eyes ;3
Miss-Heart's avatar
huu =D
everyone likes the eyes,i wonder why :eyes:
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cuz they are nice?
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