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ZS0180 AFS Joshua



Original/Foal Designfav.me/daoehyv
Registered: Yes
Stable: Angel Falls Stable
ID: ZS0180

Registered/Full NameAFS Joshua
Stable Name: Joshua
Age: 4 years
Gender: Stallion

PersonalityFaithful | Loyal | Organized
Height: 170 cm
Breed: Purebred Zlesdin   
Discipline: Jumping, Breeding
Special Traits: Muscular legs, wide hooves & chest

 Bay pangare sabino | Hind socks + unneven blaze + minimal sabino
Genotype: Ee/Aa/nPng/nSb
Mutation: None

Other: Wears red leather collars on neck and front legs

Rank: Dimer
Registration & Fullbody ref - 1 ZP + 3 ZP
AFS Dayoung - 1ZP
SRS Samara - 1ZP
SRS Septhis - 1ZP

Total: 7 ZP

Lineage: Starter

Breeding: Open Bullet; Green 
  - Only Open for Purebreed Zlesdin mares
Slots:  (More will be added later)
1. Free 
2. Free
3. Free
4. Mine - Unused
5. Mine - Unused
6. Mine - Unused
7. Mine - Used to AFS Minah - Foal Design
8. Mine - Used to AFS Minah - Foal Design
9. Mine - Gifted to Animalka1, used to AFS Chiyong SRS Samara
10. Mine - Gifted to Animalka1, used to AFS Somi SRS Septhis
11. Mine - Used to AFS Chiyong - AFS Dayoung

Breeding Traits: //

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Joshua © Miss-Fredriksson
Breed & Design © Zoubstance 
Stock © Chunga-Stock 

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could I get a slot to use to this girl? ZM0158 BBR Gashina Aliya