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AU where there is a watch on the two Soulmates’ wrist that countdown until they meet.


In this universe, they weren’t worn for time. They were worn due to the fact they couldn’t be removed. They were literally a part of your body that determined your fate.


One day.

You had one day until Christmas Eve.

And one day left before meeting your Soulmate.

Should you be excited? Nervous?... Scared?

Tapping your foot against the carpeted floor of your apartment, a headache began to resonate in your brain, the dull thudding noise only increasing your anxiousness and pain. What if your soulmate didn’t like you? What if they were disappointed with you being their soulmate? What if-

You shook your head in attempt to forget about the ‘what if’s’. This is your Soulmate you were talking about! They were said to love you unconditionally, whether you were another of their sex, race or maybe different altogether.

A sigh escaped your mouth as a wave of security washed over you and the steam from your hot chocolate heated the top of your cheeks. Listening to a few Christmas carols, you felt all your worries vanish and a large grin spread across your cheeks.

You just had to wait and see.


Twenty-one hours, thirty-nine minutes, thirty-one seconds and six milliseconds left.

That was how much time was left until Levi met his Soulmate. His truelove. His ‘missing piece’. Stupid shit like that.

How was he supposed to just drop everything when this random person appears in his life? Didn’t he have a choice in who he loved?


Of course he didn’t.

Maybe he’ll get lucky and miss this ‘lucky shot’…
But did he really want that?

He was still human after all and everyone wanted that one person they could rely on and love for all eternity. Levi wasn’t an exception, not matter how much he denied it.

Wiping his slanted eyes, he turned on his side and grumbled at the time.


He had plenty of time to deal with his insomnia… And to think about his lover.


Twelve hours left.

You grit your teeth and tugged at the large Christmas jumper that hung loosely over your figure, a random pop song related to the Christmas season filling your kitchen as the scent of chocolate chip cookies flooded your apartment.

Being as it was almost twelve now, did that mean you were going to meet your Soulmate at exactly midnight?

That’s… Rather romantic.

A soft blush dusted your face and you would’ve been lying if a slight swoon didn’t escape you. You couldn’t help it. What girl wouldn’t want to be swept off their feet on a winter night like this? Especially with the snow falling so daintily outside your window, almost like the streets were decorated in frosting and fondant.

A phone call cut your daydream short and you shook your head to rid of all your silly thoughts.


Scowling slightly at the snow covering his surroundings, Levi walked away from the train platform in his suit and briefcase. His boss had requested all the staff to come in for the day, even though it was Christmas Eve, and ended up throwing a party for all his employees. This made Levi less than please as he just wasted 5 hours of his life trying to escape Hanji, hot punch, cookies, Hanji, Christmas jumpers, crackers, Hanji, drunk employees and Hanji.

Glancing at his wrist, Levi sighed and felt excitement nudge at his heart. He only hoped that today didn’t end as badly as it began.

Maybe he wouldn’t have to spend Christmas alone?

Passing a jewellery store, Levi stopped and backtracked to see a ring encrusted with a blue sapphire and white diamond in the design of wings. Wouldn’t he need a gift for his Soulmate? It was Christmas after all.


Passing through throngs of relatives, you were stopped several times by old friends and family members until you managed to escape to the snack table. Due to your nervousness, snacking had become your alternative and your new found appetite could rival even your friend, Sasha.

“(Y/N), are you ok?” Your eyes met the familiar blue colour of Armin Arlert’s, your best guy friend. His worry was etched across Armin’s features as if they were created with a carving knife and his bushy eyebrows were creased into a concerned look.

Swallowing the mince pie, you wiped the corner of your mouth with your sleeve and nodded sheepishly, “Sorry Armin, I suppose I’m just nervous is all.” You laughed nervously at the silly reason and your best friend’s eyes softened as a large smile covered his features.

“Hey (Y/N), don’t worry about it. Trust me, meeting your Soulmate is a wonderful experience and talking to them comes naturally.” Armin patted your shoulder comfortingly; his words building your confidence up and making you break a smile.

“You’re the best Armin, send Annie my love!”

With that you drifted back into the crowd as Armin grinned.


He had one hour left until goodbye single life.

Levi paced inside his livingroom with the winged necklace clutched in his hand as its green box stared back, almost like it was questioning if Levi wanted to go through with what he was planning. There were so many ways this could go wrong.

What if he simply just passed his Soulmate by? Just another face lost in the crowd… Or his timer ran out and there was no one around? Or, what if he-

A loud growl ripped through Levi’s throat and he ran a hand through his dark hair.
No. For once in his life he had to be optimistic.

Be like… Hanji.

Well shit.


Half an hour.

You only had half an hour left until you finally met your Soulmate.

You frowned and glanced around the large hall your family had rented for the get together. Most of the family friends were either drunk or tipsy. Some of your own family were passed out on the furniture and your friend Jean was attempting to win his boyfriend and Soulmate, Marco, over with some cheesy pickup lines. It looked like it was working too, as Marco was beetroot red and letting Jean cuddle him all he liked.

You doubted your Soulmate was amongst this chaos. If he was, you’d be sure that the two of you would’ve have met already and your timers would have stopped due to the two of you meeting.

Grabbing your coat from one of the many hooks decorating the front hall, you kissed your parents and several other relatives’ goodbye, promising them to take the quick route back to your apartment which was through the nearby park.

Escaping into the cold night air with flushed cheeks and raw hands, you cursed silently.
You had forgotten your gloves.


Five minutes until Levi met his Soulmate and he was simply sitting in the park on a very worn-down bench. He cringed just imagining the bacteria growing on it.

A shiver racked his small frame and Levi buried his face deeper into the woollen scarf that sat securely around his neck. He didn’t like the cold. No, he absolutely loathed it. Which was rather peculiar, as Levi had been born in the supposedly, coldest month of the year.

A quiet sneeze- almost like a kitten- left his body and a long shiver ran down his spine. Levi refused to leave though. He wouldn’t miss the chance of meeting the woman he was destined to be with, even if it did sound rather farfetched.

The minutes ticked by as the soft sound of footsteps and snow met his ears. Turning his head towards the sound-


You jumped as the sound of soft chimes filled the air and you noticed your timer had reached zero. A second timer sounded the exact same time, except it was a French lullaby you recognised from elsewhere.

It was time.

Looking up, your warm (e/c) eyes met a pair of slanted grey eyes and you froze in shock. The man was… Short. He was beautiful, yes, and very handsome. But the first quality that stuck out to you the most was his height.

A shy smile blossomed across your lips and you approached him as he walked towards you, meeting you halfway. You didn’t know what to say, you had just met your Soulmate. What do you say? Armin said talking to them came naturally. Maybe he was wrong for once.

“Umm, hi?” The man before you quirked a rather thin eyebrow at your attempt to strike up a conversation and you noticed a mixture of a smirk and smile peak out from under his large scarf.

“You’ve just met your Soulmate and the first thing you say is ‘Hi’?” Your cheeks burned lowly in the silver light of a nearby street post and you chuckled softly with an apologetic smile.

God. Even his voice was attractive.

“Sorry. What about- Hi, I’m (Y/N) (S/N), your Soulmate?” The tone of your voice raised as you began to regret the words you had spoken and the blush on your cheeks increased. The shorter man didn’t seem to notice (but you were sure he probably did), as he took your hand and shook it gently, his fingers not letting go and lacing with yours instead.

“Levi Ackerman, it’s a pleasure to meet you (Y/N). Even if you are awkward.”

You pouted slightly at Levi’s words. So he was a teaser.

“Oh shush Levi, I was going to offer if you’d like to come back to my apartment or not but if you’re gonna be so r-?” You were cut short by your form being tugged down and your lips colliding into Levi’s in a soft and warm embrace. Drawing back, you grinned softly and detected a darker tone of pink on Levi’s cheeks.

“Let’s go, brat.”

You hummed softly in return, “After one more kiss~”

... normal people, that's who.

Anywayyyyy, a Levi x reader Soulmate AU! As promised!

I'll continue to do these as I have many others planned including:

1) Jean- The first words you say to eachother are tattooed onto their skin
2) Eren- Heterochromia until the two Soulmates meet
3) Armin- Tattoo about their favourite hobby/thing in the world
4) Reiner- Tattoos on your skin that you and your Soulmate can't see but others can
    eg. What does my tattoo say?
          It says 'Who the hell doesn't like clam chowder?'
          ... Are you serious?
          Your Soulmate sounds cool. XD

5) Bertholdt- Dream certain things about them until you meet
6) Erwin- Emotionless until they meet
7) Connie- Name on the wrist

And my little baby Marco has already been done~

Marco- Colour blind until they meet
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