Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir now available!

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Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir DS, the first published game I've ever gotten to work on, was released on September 8th! I worked with two other full time artists, two part time artists, and an amazing art lead (Mark Ferrari) to create backgrounds for this game. Later on in the project I took over as a defacto art lead of sorts, and ended up creating a good amount of the art. I did the lighting and final touches to every background (except for the several that Big Fish's artists made), and ended up creating the art for the dossier and mini games as well. Almost every background was a collaborative effort which ended in me applying final touches. The character portraits, hidden objects, and interface art were mostly not created by me.

So far the game has gotten pretty good reviews. If you've ever played the PC games, like hidden object puzzles, or silly detective stories full of puns, then you'll probably like it! There's a demo up on the Nintendo Channel on the Wii, and also online at Nintendo's web site.
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that is so cool!! wow, I go to college for animation, and they teach us mainly 3d (although I have the interest more in 2d)- how would you get an awesome job doing that?
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At my college I learned mostly 3d as well, but it always helps to have solid 2d art skills, whether you're going into 2d or 3d. But as anyone in the games industry will tell you, the best way to get in is through networking. So your friends at college are probably going to be your best allies. Keep close contact, plan get-togethers like BBQ's before & after you graduate. I got my job because a college friend recommended me and I had strong portfolio. I tried to make my portfolio show my best 2d and 3d work, and traditional art skills. It paid off, since they needed a 2d illustrator. Luckily for me, I got into a really awesome company.
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That's awesome. Really, thank you so much for taking the time out to tell me.
I need to be even nicer to people then XD haha
They keep telling me to gear my portfolio towards one thing that I want to do, but I want to show them that I can do a lot of things- and just show off purely my good work.
Id love to see your portfolio, Ive looked a few up on youtube for inspiration, but nothing really grabbed me. :/
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Yeah for a lot of game companies, especially companies that do console titles, your job would be a lot more specific than mine is. Because I work for a company that does handheld games, I get to have more variety in the work I do. And the same rule applies for pretty much any company that does casual games. It's really good to have something specific that you ROCK at, but also back that up with strong, traditional art skills, and that makes a killer portfolio. My portfolio hasn't been updated in ages, and I've probably waaaay oversold it for how basic it is (lol) but it's here at
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youre demo real isnt working, but the rest of your site is great- simple and clean.
yeah, my 3d isnt as strong as my 2d (in my opinion). And I have a ton of tradtional art along with photoshop art ... more then my animations actually... much.. >_>