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Senior Project presentations are April 8th, and Graduation is April 15th. One day you're a college student, the next day you're unemployed. SCARY! But also really exciting, because I think I have the right stuff to get a job in my field of choice: the gaming industry. I've finished a few peices, but I don't have time to upload them, though I did upload a WIP, as you can see. Finished the model I've been working on, well, mostly. He looks finished, but I wish I had more time to spend on him. Not that I'm not proud of how it turned out and all... well... you'll see when I finally get it up here.

Also, my porfolio site is, incase you weren't aware.

Here's hoping I get more pageviews!
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Congradulations on graduation. Remeber to fit some rest in there somtime:)