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Irene Simmons

Name: Irene Simmons (Later Laffer)
Nicknames: Iri, Rene, 
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Hair color: Burgundy
Eye color: Grey
Sexuality: Straight
Fears: Getting heart broken, dogs and high places.
Is good at: Using computers (secretary and for writing books), writing and dancing.
Is bad at: cooking and singing.
Favourite food: Pizza
Favourite drink: Cola and coffee
Non favourite food: Asparagus
Non favourite drink: Energy drinks (She hates the taste of it.)
Height: 167cm one cm more than Larry.
Likes: Music, dancing, writing (later writes a book), cats, motorcycles and Larry. 
Dislikes: Cooking (but she learns it slowly), her neighbour and waking up early in the morning or having no coffee after waking up.
Love interest: Larry Laffer (More to it later)

Irene is a confident person, who loves to laugh and enjoy life as much as possible. Laughing and love are her first priority in life and with the right person, she would spend the rest of her life together. Irene also is a laid back character who loves to relax after working, by either writing or often going to discotheks by either dancing or just listening to the music by watching people dance to get inspiration. But finding the love of her life is something, she wishes for a decade. Like Larry she wants to find the right person and her true love.



Irene is a secretary and often works at home so she has a lot of free time. When she is not working, she either writes at home (her dream is to write books one day) or is often seen in a small discotheque, where she is often seen at the bar or on the dance floor. When Larry later asks her why she's so often in the discotheque, she claims that she is relaxing and that this may help to find inspiration for writing. She also told him that like Larry, she is looking for the right person to have a serious relationship with, but without luck. Many people either wanted a one-night stand or hurt her feelings by getting the next best girl.

After being handcuffed and robbed by a woman again, Larry went slightly depressed to a nearby discotheque and sat on one of the available bar stools. Irene, who is sitting next to him, noticed his slightly depressed expression and asked if he was okay. Larry responded with a "yes" without looking at Irene, sad that the woman had taken his wallet before. She knew that he was upset and by cheering the guy of the same size up, she decided to order herself and him a drink. When Larry looked up at Irene, he was dumbfounded and immediately felt better again, forgetting about getting robbed and started a conversation with Irene. With a nice talk about what happened to him, Irene ordered another drink to get to know him better. Both introduced themselves, talking about their work, their interests and other stuff. Both realize that they have a lot in common, such like the love for the '70s, discotheques, that Irene likes his leisure suit and much much more. After finishing a few drinks, Larry asked Irene for a dance, which she gladly accepted.

After dancing and laughing a lot, they both left the discotheque and spent the rest of the night together. They went to a casino to gamble, go to other discotheques and bars, and walked around the city having fun till 3:00 am, falling in love with eachother. In the end, Irene asked Larry if she could come with him to his place and the rest is self explanatory. (Yes, I know, but the games are mature themed... If you are offended by it please ignore it)


Irene has long wavy burgundy coloured hair and grey eyes. Irene has a white pearl necklace with the same coloured pearl bracelets and earrings. She wears green secretary clothes with brown straps/stockings and black pumps. She is always seen with red painted fingernails, bright red lipstick and her brown-ish eyeshadow.


Prim Bridgets

Name: Prim "Primrose" Bridgets
Nicknames: Primy, Rose
Disliked nicknames: Pose and Prima Donna (In general she hates getting called Prima) and Prescott uses this to tease her.
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Black
Sexuality: Straight
Fears: Thunders, Spatters, Blotworx and the Mad Doctor.
Is good at: Making people happy, drawing and making tricks with Hula Hoops.
Is bad at: Fighting, singing, inventions and talking with people.
Favourite food: Ice cream, hotdogs and cake.
Favourite drink: Orange juice.
Non favourite food: Carrots (is allergic to them) and licorice.
Non favourite drink: Actually coffee as she gets too hyper with that.
Location: Near Ostown.
Alignment: Good
Height: 110cm, same height as a Gremlin in game (Not sure how tall the Gremlins are, but I am sure it is their height. It is my headcanon)
Species: Human
Likes: Her family, her friends and Prescott
Dislikes: The Mad Doctor, Spatters and Big Bad Pete.
Parents: Mr. Bridgets (Roger) and Mrs. Bridgets. (Petunia)
Best friends: Gremlin Prescott, Delilah, Ortensia, Daisy and Clarabelle.
Love interest: Prescott.

(HAPPY) "Ohhh my, thank you for using Prescott's way! I just love all kind of inventions he does. Here take these eTickets!"

(SAD) "What happend to you, my friend... No worries, I will stay here and will find a way to help you."

(LOVESTUCK) *whispers* "Ohhh, if only you could see how much you mean to me, P.... *Snaps out of her daydreaming and sees Mickey and Oswald.* "Uhhh, I mean! Nothing, hehehehe! You heard nothing, right? Right?!"

(Worried) "Where is Prescott? I searched for him everywhere, but couldn't find him! I must find him!"

Prim is from an old scrapped cartoon, which tells the story of how surviving high school days till the end of year. Her parents and friends helped her through a lot of things to pass daily situations, especially in school. But since the cartoon got cancelled after an almost finished episode, they landed in Wasteland afterwards. The cartoon got fully cancelled and the characters as well the show never mentioned again. Only few recordings were made for Prims voice, which explain why she has some problems to fully speak first. While her parents and friends already had a voice actor, Prim only has few dialogues spoken within the only episode. (They wanted the perfect voice actor for Primrose, but couldn't get one before the cancellation.) The cartoon got scrapped because it does not was reviewed well and due low budget to make more episodes. Due this reason Prim, her parents and friends landed in Wasteland. After landing in Wasteland, Prim and her parents brought themselves a fancy house and tried to accept the fate they had.
Since Prim not having a correct voice actor, she can only speak a bit in the beginning but later can speak better with the help of Prescott. If nervous she will start stuttering or will say nothing at all. As she never visited school, she also cannot read and write. But like talking, she will much later also will learn how to write and read thanks to Prescott. While in the cartoon she turned 18 (the first episode was called happy birthday, Prim.), Prim is already an adult while landing in Wasteland. Before the thinner disaster, she helped others to make Wasteland to a happier place and made others happy with her bubbly personality. Prim does not mind landing in Wasteland as naive she is and she never really realised, that her cartoon got scrapped until her parents told her so. After the thinner disaster, Prim tried to act normal as usually. Even while buildings were destroyed and the place became darker, she tried to stay calm. While trying to help some people with rapairs, she got attacked by a little Spatter and got chased by it on Mean Street. Luckily Prescott grabbed her to a safety place (Old friendly Prescott from the first game) and this is how both met. Later as Prescott got tricked into the safe by the telephone, Prim will hurry to Mickey and tries to explain with hand movements, that she needs his help, to either save Prescott with the paint or thinner way. After that she is normally seen standing next to her best friend, Prescott. After the Blot got defeated and Wasteland got saved thanks to both Oswald and Mickey, Prim is seen celebrating with others on Mean street.

As years passed by and Prim being able to speak more and better, she is seen helping Prescott in the Gag factory. Despite Prescotts dramatic personality change and sometimes scolding her for breaking stuff, Prim is staying loyal to him and supports his inventions wherever she can. But despite both being friends for a long time, Prescott is not always telling her about everything and keeps the plan he had with the Mad Doctor only to himself. Primrose only knows about his roboter and is confused why Prescott was acting so strange while getting hypnotized.
When Mickey, Oswald and Gus first enter the Gag factory and Prescott greets them sarcasticly, Prim is seen with a broom in her hands, smiling happily to the visitors. After Prescott getting more sarcastic in the next lines and breaking one of the wind up toys, Prim is seen being worried about Prescotts angry behaviour and looks sad on the ground. In the next scene, while Goofy Animatronic is overcharging the three thinner pumps and gets blow up into the air, Prim is dropping the broom and runs outside along with Mickey and the rest of the gang. While Prescott is explaining that he told Goofy to overcharge only one pump, she is seen looking quite worried to Prescott. While Gus is explaining how to use the fairy sketch, Primrose will smile and slowly go back to the Gag factory, with Prescott teleporting to the factory after Gus is finished talking. Afterwards she will encourage the gang to use Prescotts super-charger, to use the thinner way. She is seen standing next to Prescott and being happy.
After Prescott suddenly disappears after the projectors are running up again, Prim does too and is only seen with Prescott for the last time talking with Petetronic in the flashback and greeting the gang in the Floatyard. After this, she is not seen with Prescott anymore, as Prescott probably doesn't want her to be part of the battle or wants to protect her. (Prim knows about his robot, but not about the plans with the doc.)

EM3 fanfiction-
As Mickey and Oswald once again save Wasteland from peril, Primrose is not seen celebrating on Mean Street. Prim later is seen outside the Gag Factory searching for Prescott, who disappeared all out of sudden and no longer is in jail. She will ask Mickey and Oswald, if they have seen Prescott and tries to find a way to find Prescott by herself. As the Petes disappear as well, she gets suspicious and finds some informations in one of Prescott's blueprints, which will bring her to another secret base.
Getting there without hesistation, she finds the secret base in Ventureland and doesn't need much time, till she finds Prescott. After getting told by Prescott, that the Petes want to retrieve the Blot by getting Mickey heart, she tries to find the key to save Prescott and tell Oswald about the plans of the Petes. But clumsy as Prim is, she gets seen by small Pete and chased around, till she trips over something and gets captured too.
Prim is often seen happily and friendly to the rest of the Wastelander. But if someone is annoying her too much or is insulting her family or friends, she will get angry and says things she later regrets. If a situation is too much to handle, she will start to become sad and if worse, will cry. But if someone needs her help or is in real danger, she will try everything to overcome her fear and help the person. Even if Prescott will sometimes scold at her for breaking something, Prim will try her best to apologize or try to repair the broken object. Once after a blueprint of Prescott got ripped in pieces accidently, Prim stayed up the whole night to puzzle the pieces back together, to prove that she is interested into his works and wanted to see the final product. Prim is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but she is not dumb, only naive and always believes in the good of people. This is maybe why she always believes Prescott still is a nice guy, despite his drastic personality change. If she tries to repair or built things, they often go terribly wrong. So Prescott must carry the can for Prims mistakes afterwards, which gives him more work to do than before. While he often is annoyed of her mistakes, he is glad he can help her out and that at least one toon insist in getting his help. If Prescott builts or repairs stuff, she will give him the right tools or will compliment him, that she never could do that.
Towards her friends and family she is normally seen happy and friendly. While to strangers or people she does not know that much, she will become quiet and timid. If she needs to ask for the right way, it can cause much overcoming for her to ask strangers. Her personality can change if either Paint or Thinner is used. She will be seen with a sad expression and looking down on the ground, if Thinner is used too much. While paint is used more, she will stand straight and sway back and forth on her feets happily.
Relationship with Prescott:
Both know each other since many years, before the thinner disaster happened. While the old Prescott was sometimes sarcastic too, Prim still wanted to become his friend. Due being shy and quiet to strangers all the time, Prim had nothing much to say to Prescott first. She explained with hand movements and with the help of her small drawing book, that she cannot talk that good due the cancellation of her cartoon. Later Prescott finds out, that Prim also cannot read and write and decided to help her. Since that day, she trusted Prescott so much that she decided to become his friend and later got a crush on him. If not learning how to talk, read or write, she helped him to fix some stuff in Ostown or just followed him to talk about Wasteland or other stuff.
After many years of becoming bitter, sarcastic and hardly having a kind word for anyone, Prim is one of those he is a bit more friendly with. But this doesn't mean that he always is friendly to Prim, because he often is scolding at her for her clumsy and silly behaviour and can get rude to her from time to time. He often describes Prim as a childish girl who doesn't know how hard life can be and that she is taking things not seriously enough. The Gremlin can't understand how happy and careless she is going through her life and often gets annoyed of her exaggeratted optimistic. Prim is the completely opposite of Prescott, as she wants to hug the world and is living a happily life. While Prescott isn't a person who loves to chat about his emotion or well being or talk about others in general, he still can always talk with her if he needs to. It can take Prescott a little while, till he will open himself to Prim and talk about his feelings. But if he do, Prim loves to listening to the Gremlin whatever he has to offer or say. Even if he rarely admits it, but he is trusting Primrose and wishes to talk more with her about how he feels about getting ignored by many. Even if Prescott thinks she doesn't know how angry and sad he is from getting ignored, she deep inside is hurt how people were ignoring his talents and tries to show and prove, that at least she likes his plans. It is slightly hinted that she is envy of his talents and wishes to be as smart and talented with machines as he is. After using the supercharger and the thinner strains get worser, she is happy Mickey and Oswald used Prescott way and will give the heroes few eTickets as gift, showing that she is happy that Prescott's machine got used.
Even while not telling Prim that he built the TV for the Mad Doctor, he slightly mentioned this project only once in her presence. It is unknown why he didn't told her about the whole plan. Maybe it's because Prescott didn't wanted her involved due her clumsiness or wanted to avoid that Prim might get hurt. While working as narrator for the "Wonderful world of evil" a paperboard looking like Primrose is in the audience, probably made by Prescott himself. While many people don't know that Prescott uses the Floatyard as his little haven, Prim is actually one of the few who knows about it as Prescott once told her. She doesn't know every place in the Floatyard, but she knows that this place actually belongs to Prescott and is used for his escape if no one ever wants to see him again. It's unknown if Prim would go with him, but chances are high since having a secretly crush on him.
Before Prescott worked together with the Mad Doctor, Prim and Prescott both work at the Gag Factory. While Prim loves the factory, Prescott hates it and often let Prim do whatever she wants. Except she does not break anything, cleans up the factory after closing time or does not interrupt Prescott while being busy with inventions. Since Prescott is the caretaker/chief of the factory and does not care about the building, he often gives her small tasks to help him in the dioramas or somewhere else. While Prescott is working on the Train Dioramas, Prim is either helping him or is watching how he builts stuff. She always carries a little notepad in her skirtpocket, where she will note down things Prescott wants or how Prescott is building his invention.
While Prescott is working on the Dioramas and needs time to be alone, Prim is seen talking with ABE instead. Both talk about Wasteland or other interesting things happening. ABE kind of realized that Prim has feelings for Prescott and will ask how their relationship is. Prim will be speechless and won't talk for a little while, out of shame getting busted. If ABE is talking with Prescott alone, while Prim is walking around the dioramas or is in the Gag Factory, he slightly hints Prims feelings to Prescott and also asks how their relationship is. Instead answering, Prescott either walks away annoyed or will go back to work, ignoring ABE.
Prescott and Prim both life in the factory and each of them have their own room. (Since we never find out where Prescott lives ingame, I think he lives in the factory. Just my headcanon.) While Prescotts room is modern and technical looking, Prims room is purple and full with plushies.
Prim has no powers and can be easily captured. This is the reason, she let's the heroes do the work and instead help the other Wastelander, to built Wasteland up again. But if she or someone else is in danger or needs help, she will try to overcome her fear by playing tricks on those who hurt the innocent. If worse, she must use her fists to fight, but it won't be much effectly since she is as small as a Gremlin. Her fragile and small figure as well not heing good in fighting is one of her weakness. The only object which could be helpful in fighting his a little brown hammer from the Gag Factory. It is disguised as cute brown toy hammer but actually is made out of wood and can be painful, especially on the head. Since the hammer being too heavy for her to always carry around, she often gets captured instead.
Prim is always seen with a long purple pullover, a black skirt and white long stockings with black ballerinas. Let's not forget her giant glasses she needs everywhere she goes. Under her pullover she is seen with a white t-shirt. Rarely she is also seen wearing a big black bow on her head.


Name: Ophelia
Sexuality: Straight
Origin: Greek (Her grandparents lived in greek before landing in Mushroom Kingdom. Since that day, they lived there.)
Age: Unknown (Placeholder, still has to decide)
Weight: Shh, its a secret!
Height: A tad bigger than Mario, but smaller than Luigi and Princess Toadstool.
Likes: Cooking, talking with the princess, her friends, Luigi, the Mushroom Kingdom.
Dislikes: King Koopa and his kids, being bored or big messes in her kitchen.
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark blue
Favourite food: Fish dishes, like Calamari or greek specialities.
Favourite drink: Water and milk.
Motto: "Too many cooks spoil the broth!"


Ophelia was born in Mushroom Kingdom and lovely raised by her parents. Her grandparents come from Greek and landed into Mushroom Kingdom as young couple, deciding to stay in Mushroom Kingdom forever. Ophelias parents never saw the real world, so did Ophelia. Her childhood was normal. Ophelia grew up to a determined cook and assistance for Princess Toadstool similar to what Toad does. When the Mario brother landed in Mushroom Kingdom years ago, and helped the princess to defeat King Koopa, Ophelia becomes close friends to them. She isn´t as strong as the Mario brothers, but is agile and helps them along with the Princess and Toad through many dangerous adventures, to defeat King Koopa and his Koopalings! If not on adventures, she´s always seen near the Princess and Toad, who spend their time at the mushroom house of Mario and Luigi. She often will cook for them and always keeps some ingredients in her bag, while helping the Mario brothers and the princess. Just in case they need them for some food or whatever kind of situation.

If King Koopa is not attacking and everyone has enough freetime, she then will read a book or knit some warm pullovers for the winter along with the princess. Or she will spend her time with the gang and wander around Mushroom Kingdom, where King Koopa often will lurk around the corner to wait and attack them. If Princess Toadstool and Toad are both captured, without the Mario brothers knowing they are captured, Ophelia will rush as fast as she can to tell them. Often she comes with them or sometimes stays in their house, to protect the villagers and warn them about an attack of Koopa. Sometimes she is seen with Toad alone, as both have to calm down the villagers or protect them. But often she is captured along with the princess and Toad too and all need to get rescued from the Mario brothers.


Ophelia is a laid back adult girl, who loves to cook for her whole life. Since being a little girl, she dreamed of being a great cook and was determined enough to fulfil her dream. It is a honour for her to serve for the princess and cook for her and the Mario brothers. Despite being weak, due her small and thin statue, shes pretty agile and the fastest of the gang, so she can outrun enemies and can easily free herself by running away (except she has too many ingredients with her, lol ).

Ophelia is rarely seen being sad or angry, but she sometimes is seen with a slightly short temper if Koopa is hurting the innocent or someone is judging her wrong, etc. If her friends or even the Princess are in danger, she will try her best to help them. Even if not much, she can be useful when it comes to cooking utensils which the Mario brothers can use to cut or break things, just when they don´t have their tools with them. Ophelia is not seen talking much on adventures, avoiding mistakes. In her freetime she is more open-minded and talks more, especially while cooking dinner for everyone.


Mario: To Mario she is a good friend. He sees a good cook and friend in her, but sometimes tells her to stay at home to watch the villagers and protect them. Probably by either thinking she is too weak for some dangerous adventures or trying to protect her.

Princess Toadstool and Toad: Princess Toadstool and Ophelia have a great friendship and both are very close friends. Princess Toadstool sees more than a cook in Ophelia and likes to have her around like Toad. Toad on the other side, sometimes has a slightly rivaly going on with Ophelia. But Ophelia and Toad later are seen being good friends too and don´t tease eachother anymore.

Luigi: As they both met for the first time, both had not much to say to eachother. But as time passed by, Ophelia is very fond of Luigi and vise versa, as both have a crush on eachother later. If he is scared, sad or feeling unsure about something, Ophelia will highly encourage him or comfort him. If Ophelia messed up with a something or is sad too, he will give her hope and will try to make her smile again. While together, both don´t talk about their relationship and treat eachother like normal or just friends. Probably because they are too shy to tell the others yet.

Koopa: She hates Koopa with all her guts like her friends do. Like the Mario brothers and the Princess, she wants to get rid of Koopa and his Koopalings once and for all! Koopa treats Ophelia disrespectful like he does to the rest as well and calls her either: "Loser", "This lousy cook" or "Black haired brat." which makes Ophelia hate him even more.

* (Side note: The Luigi I ship Ophelia with is MOSTLY based on the TV series Luigi. Which means Daisy were not in the series. I will draw the in game Luigi with Ophelia too, but always will show this little note, to not get yelled at. I also wanted to put this little note on here, on case people freak out about Luigi being shipped with an OC.

I know Luigi and Daisy might be a couple, but Nintendo never really stated that! If it becomes canon one day, or the fans already consider it as canon, I respect it! I respect DaisyXLuigi shippers and don´t hate Daisy! Like MarioXPeach it isn´t fully stated that they are a couple, till Nintendo really says so or shows us in game!

So please no comments about "But Luigi is with Daisy!!!" comments, please. All these comments will get marked as spam! If you want to show me something LuigiXDaisy related, go on, I would like to see it ^^. I myself ship Luigi with either Peach or Rosalina myself, so no couple fights, alright?)


In appearance Opheilia has long black hair, dark blue eyes and purple drop like earrings. She also wears dark purple lipstick.

Ophelia is always seen with a dark blue sweatshirt, a blue apron for cooking, black leggins and blue shoes. Ophelia rarely is seen without her apron, as it was a gift from her parents.


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