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Hiya I am Bree!

I am a 24 years old, happily married girl from Germany!

I love to draw, play videogames, spend time with my husband, chat with friends and listening to music!

Favourite Movies
Sonic the hedgehog, Dragon Hunters, Forrest Gump, Lion King
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Dragon Hunters, Sonic X, Sonic Boom
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Rayman 3, Epic Mickey, Luigis Mansion 1 and 3, Sonic Adventure, Splatoon
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Play videogames, drawing and datamining

Claudette the Wizard

Name: Claudette

Nickname: Dette

Age: Unknown

Likes: Rayman, her family and friends, flowers and plants, ice cream and her pet friend.

Dislikes: Evil baddies, rude people, metal and technology, especially the Robo Pirates and unorganic stuff.

Best friend: Uglette Love interest: Rayman

Hair colour: Caramel

Eye colour: blue-green

Height: Same height as Rayman first, but later in the Hoodlums invasion, shes a tad smaller than Rayman.






Claudette can control plants and flowers, but with the destruction of the Heart of the World, she is pretty useless. But from time to time she gives her best to help Rayman and protect him from attacks while using some small plants and all sorts of flowers to be safe.

She can hover in mid air.

She isn't agile like Rayman, but can do some cool tricks while hovering in mid air.

Later on she can combine her flower powers with basic magic, or uses basic magic like the faries do, whenever she's in non organic surroundings.

She can create platforms, such as flower platforms to help Rayman reach new places.


She hates technology and metal. The reason for hating technology are the pirates and as for metal, her plant and flower based powers are useless on metal, so she feels a lot more comfortable in woods and all sorts of organic places.

She loves nature and feels linked to all sorts of plants and flowers. She knows almost all plants and flowers and never hesistates to find new species of plants and flowers. If she finds new species of flowers or plants, she has to write them down in her handmade book for studying purposes.

She is a terrible cook and baker, but with the wonderful help of Uglette, she's getting better.

She loves making her own flower and plant books and loves to write.

Claudette has a huge garden and whenever she's feeling sad or angry, working in her garden calms her down or cheers her up.

She dislikes make up and uses it only in rare occasions.

Claudette has a nickel allergy.


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Sis, I think I'll ship my Rayman OC Crystal with other OC/FC, since Martina has left DA

EeeebrayHobbyist Digital Artist

If Cerena were still a Rayman OC I would say, you can ship her with Cerena.


Even that would be cool since Crystal is bisexual.

EeeebrayHobbyist Digital Artist
I have a Raygirl named Xylia. But the only pic of her available is NSFW art. I can show you a pic of her and if you like her, you can give her some clothes and we can ship them together as I really love girlxgirl ships.

She was originally shipped with Cerena for quite a bit but scrapped it.
7ixStudent Photographer

Thank you so much for points! For me it is a great assistance and support in this period...

EeeebrayHobbyist Digital Artist
You are very welcome.
Please stay safe.
Spacergirl003Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey there! Now that I'm in an Asterix kick, if you'd like to ask me about your FC, let me know and perhaps we can discuss more about that: design-wise, name, birthplace and even personality.