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Bright as Sixth by Miss-Alex-Aphey Bright as Sixth :iconmiss-alex-aphey:Miss-Alex-Aphey 26 2 DW Flowers: Barbara by Miss-Alex-Aphey DW Flowers: Barbara :iconmiss-alex-aphey:Miss-Alex-Aphey 30 4 Fruit Gems: Blueberry Sapphire by Miss-Alex-Aphey Fruit Gems: Blueberry Sapphire :iconmiss-alex-aphey:Miss-Alex-Aphey 17 1 AG Flowers: Julie Albright by Miss-Alex-Aphey AG Flowers: Julie Albright :iconmiss-alex-aphey:Miss-Alex-Aphey 12 1 AG Flowers: Ivy Ling by Miss-Alex-Aphey AG Flowers: Ivy Ling :iconmiss-alex-aphey:Miss-Alex-Aphey 13 1 Eighth and Ida (gif) by Miss-Alex-Aphey Eighth and Ida (gif) :iconmiss-alex-aphey:Miss-Alex-Aphey 25 3 Roxy and Leana by Miss-Alex-Aphey Roxy and Leana :iconmiss-alex-aphey:Miss-Alex-Aphey 9 1 DW Fashion: The 6th Doctor #3 by Miss-Alex-Aphey DW Fashion: The 6th Doctor #3 :iconmiss-alex-aphey:Miss-Alex-Aphey 15 0 DW Flowers: Merry by Miss-Alex-Aphey DW Flowers: Merry :iconmiss-alex-aphey:Miss-Alex-Aphey 22 1 DW Gems: Skagra by Miss-Alex-Aphey DW Gems: Skagra :iconmiss-alex-aphey:Miss-Alex-Aphey 31 5 DW Flowers: Romana I by Miss-Alex-Aphey DW Flowers: Romana I :iconmiss-alex-aphey:Miss-Alex-Aphey 27 3 Lust in space by Miss-Alex-Aphey Lust in space :iconmiss-alex-aphey:Miss-Alex-Aphey 11 2 Salieri by Miss-Alex-Aphey Salieri :iconmiss-alex-aphey:Miss-Alex-Aphey 20 0 DW Flowers: Leela by Miss-Alex-Aphey DW Flowers: Leela :iconmiss-alex-aphey:Miss-Alex-Aphey 33 1 Draw this again meme: 2010 vs 2017 by Miss-Alex-Aphey Draw this again meme: 2010 vs 2017 :iconmiss-alex-aphey:Miss-Alex-Aphey 16 1 DW Flowers: Miranda by Miss-Alex-Aphey DW Flowers: Miranda :iconmiss-alex-aphey:Miss-Alex-Aphey 25 2

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Day of the Doctor - The 12 Doctors by DevilsAdvocate92 Day of the Doctor - The 12 Doctors :icondevilsadvocate92:DevilsAdvocate92 238 57
OHFE: In Loving Memory (pt.2)
  Doctor knew that stealing was no good. Kidnapping was even worse, and if it was about such "national treasure" as those two teenagers who had got here against their will and through the space and time crack, it couldn't be described with words. But on the other side they didn't belong to this place and probably didn't want to stay here. Right, the most optimal variant is a short trip. If, of course, it’ll be fine, those short trips had been trouble… before… you’re too worried, Doctor said to himself.
  Two pairs of dark eyes stared at him in begging way when he came to the window – as if two drills hit his back. Doctor returned to them.
  “Remain quietly here”, he ordered. “If anyone enters, pretend to be sleeping. I’ll fly to the TARDIS and take you from here, I promise. Do you believe me?”
  Rhodie blinked because she couldn’t move her head. Adric repeated her action.
  “Great. I’ll come as soon as I ca
:iconcarryphoenix:CarryPhoenix 2 12
OHFE: In Loving Memory (pt.1)
  Every child thinks that growing up means loss of all possible problems, but hardly any child could imagine that troubles would grow rapidly together with becoming older. Even faster than this... And every teen laughs at the things which seemed troublesome to him or her in childhood. But there are always exceptions.
  "Don't you realize it? You're a genius, the youngest scientist and researcher known..."
  "No, I'm not!" The girl with blond hair tied in a ponytail on the top of her head sighed, having heard this for a million thousandth time. "I am fifteen, and the youngest scientist ever was twelve!"
  "Nevertheless you're said to one of the cleverest youngsters of the world!" Brooke Prefect wouldn't shut up. "I know, everybody says so!"
  Everybody stays so - stubborn and not listening, Rhodie Smith thought. She really was smarter than an average teen - she could speak, read and write almost all languages in the world perfectly, including all their ancient forms (which are often too
:iconcarryphoenix:CarryPhoenix 4 2
Abnormal Hair Color Tutorial by StarshipSorceress Abnormal Hair Color Tutorial :iconstarshipsorceress:StarshipSorceress 5,512 309 Jumbo Hair Palettes Chart by StarshipSorceress Jumbo Hair Palettes Chart :iconstarshipsorceress:StarshipSorceress 8,374 334 Human Resources by konijnemans Human Resources :iconkonijnemans:konijnemans 30 5 - Commission - Book cover - by Losenko - Commission - Book cover - :iconlosenko:Losenko 99 44
OHFE: The Impossible Cosplayers
  If you have a time machine, you never have to wait till breakfast. And you have quite much time to get prepared to anything, and much resources too, if this time machine of yours is bigger on the inside, blue and box-shaped.
  All these criteria fitted to the place where the Impossible Team was getting ready for an event Doctor hardly ever mentioned.
  "You see, there are people who catch everything", Doctor was explaining, while he and his "charges and helpers", as somebody noticed, were in the TARDIS wardrobe room. "Real events which take place lightyears away are printed in people's dreams and inspiration... Ah, beautiful and impressive human mind!"
  "Beautiful and possessive Alice", put in Kaster Tyler, watching Alice Tyler (it could be said that she was his "impossible sister" - both had the same parents, but from different versions of reality, so they were the living paradox, and not only they two) digging in the pile of jackets of different age she collect
:iconcarryphoenix:CarryPhoenix 5 14
The Impossible Box
The Impossible Box
There was a large box standing on the corner of Oakden street in central London, just east of the Thames. It was tall, blue, and it said Police in large, friendly letters.
The residents of Oakden street were all rather perplexed by it, as they were sure it hadn't been there the previous morning. Of course, nobody mentioned it to anybody else, in case it was actually something important, and nobody wanted to be the one who noticed it first. They were those sort of people.
If they had been watching more closely throughout the day, they would have noticed that no less than five people walked inside, and they might of wondered, "How on Earth did they all fit?"
At two o'clock, an older teenage girl (or was it a boy?) with curly chin-length hair slipped around the corner, knocked on the door of the box and was let in. That was Paul, always punctual.
Ten minutes later, a young girl dressed all in blue skipped along the road from the opposite direction, stepped inside the bo
:iconatlantihero-kyoxei:Atlantihero-Kyoxei 3 6
OHFE: Half-Timelords (pt.1)
  The first of September is not the most favorite day for most kids. School, teachers, lessons, bad grades and all again. But this is not the main trouble in most cases - the main trouble is impossibly long and stretched (and too boring) speeches of school staff members. Adeline Thompson couldn't stand them, though she knew that those who make it all try very hard... or not too much. For instance, last year the graduation ceremony was worse than ever.
  One thing was satisfactory - finally there was someone not flattered by all those talks among the teachers. Adeline couldn't see who it was from her point of view - the new staff member was standing, having turned his or her head to the side, so only the chin-length reddish brown curls were seen. Was he or she looking for someone? Or trying to guess the class?.. Will he or she teach us? - Adeline thought against her will.
  This question was answered at the very first lesson in the semester - it was history. What a boring
:iconcarryphoenix:CarryPhoenix 6 7
OHFE: Half-Timelords (pt.2)
  Having made sure that Loner Trouty (who had appeared out of nowhere) was fine, Doctor began telling about the results of his and Paul's research:
  "There's a conclusion that someone's trying to breed, so to say, a group of Timelords or at least the creatures who will become them in their next generation. I and Steamer visited the kids with "symptoms" and revealed each of them had a feature of my people's representative, but they were all different and singular. It's like that story with you Five, remember? But in your case they wanted to make me out of ten kids, and here someone's attempting to breed a race... Well, I will go on. One of the girls had two hearts... or no, my bad. She will gain the second one if she survives a clinical death or other mortal danger cuz we get second heart only after the first regeneration”.
  "Wait, Doctor, and what about the double signal I caught?” Paul interfered.
  "I checked that. Such signal comes if there's the po
:iconcarryphoenix:CarryPhoenix 5 7
New Doctors and Companions by Alda-Rana New Doctors and Companions :iconalda-rana:Alda-Rana 555 52 Captain Jack by Erich0823 Captain Jack :iconerich0823:Erich0823 132 16 The Silver Turk by mswyrr The Silver Turk :iconmswyrr:mswyrr 4 0 DW: The Next Generation, Kaster and Kyon by CarryPhoenix DW: The Next Generation, Kaster and Kyon :iconcarryphoenix:CarryPhoenix 8 3 Wibbly Wobbly, Fivey Wimey by CarryPhoenix Wibbly Wobbly, Fivey Wimey :iconcarryphoenix:CarryPhoenix 24 18




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Bright as Sixth
Picture done by Ecoline Brush Pens - i'm so pleased with it! I've found a new job in artists' thing shop - and to sell the stuff, you need to try it by yourself :D So now i have an army of high quality traditional materials (new watercolors, new papers, new brushes, new acrilic and even some oil paints - a lot of to try!) and i'm gonna draw by all of it XD
I was depressed this several months, and i can't draw digital these days, but it seems i'm getting better and probably i'll return properly.
I still remember of your commissions, my dears!! I'm doing them, very slowly, but i'll not give it up!
Free request and art-trades are closed.

Traditional commission Info - TWO SLOTS OPEN



Digital commission Info - CLOSED, ONLY 1 SLOT FOR YCH OPEN

1) Oleg  + (paid) (0/1)
100%|80%|0%|0%|0%|0% - in progress (+speedpaint)

2) Daria + (paid) (0/1)
100%|10%|0%|0%|0%|0% - in progress

3) Yet-One-More-Idiot + (paid) (0/2)
100%|40%|0%|0%|0%|0% - in progress
100%|30%|0%|0%|0%|10% - in progress

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6) cookiepianosart + (paid) (0/1)
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YCH Commission #2 OPEN (one slot) by Miss-Alex-Aphey  YCH Commission OPEN by Miss-Alex-Aphey


Commission Terms:

  1. Note me here on DA, or note me on tumbrl: or write to on my e-mail:
  2. We discuss your wishes
  3. I put your name/nickname in my commission list 

Digital Commissions: 
 When i finish a sketch i send it to you, you decide if i should change anything (as soon as you are satisfied with the sketch you should pay) - 
  5. Payment  - PayPal.
  6. You're waiting for your turn. 

Traditional Commissions:
4. You're waiting for your turn. 
  5. When the art is ready, i'm sending you a message - then you should pay (via PayPal)  
  6. After getting payment i'll upload the picture asap.
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  • Watching: Winx Club

DW Flowers:

DW Flowers: Susan by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Barbara by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Vicki by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Katarina by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Sara by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Dodo by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Polly by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Victoria by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Zoe by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Liz by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Jo by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Sarah by Miss-Alex-Aphey   DW Flowers: Leela by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Romana I by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Romana II by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Nyssa by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Tegan by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Peri by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Erimem by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Evelyn by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Mel by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Ace by Miss-Alex-Aphey   DW Flowers: Liv by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Grace by Miss-Alex-Aphey   DW Flowers: Mary Shelley by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Lucie by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Rose by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Martha by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Amy by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Clara by Miss-Alex-Aphey

Maybe your favorite companion shall be next?


DW Flowers: Orchid by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Iris by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: B-day Ruth by Miss-Alex-Aphey   DW Flowers: Miranda by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Amelia by Miss-Alex-Aphey  DW Flowers: Merry by Miss-Alex-Aphey

SJA Flowers:

SJA Flowers: Maria by Miss-Alex-Aphey SJA Flowers: Rani by Miss-Alex-Aphey   SJA Flowers: Sky by Miss-Alex-Aphey

 • Jenny the Doctor's Daughter 

To-do List of Flower Companions:
○ Donna Noble River Song ○ The Moment ○ Bill ○ Vastra ○ Jenny 
◘ Flip Jackson ◘ Charley Pollard ◘ Cinder ◘

That's the companions i'm gonna draw anyway (but in random order, sometimes it could be months before i draw someone from the list), also you might get the Flower from the list as bonus if you will commission something DW-related. If you want to get certain Flower companion from the list sooner - you might commision wanted companion only for 15$.
If you want Flower companion NOT from this list, but from official Who materials - audios, books, comics - you might commision wanted character only for 20$.

Sudden TWD Flower! :D

TWD Flower: Carol by Miss-Alex-Aphey

New American Girl Collection!

AG Flowers: Elizabeth Cole by Miss-Alex-Aphey  AG Flowers: Felicity Merryman by Miss-Alex-Aphey  AG Flowers: Samantha Parkington by Miss-Alex-Aphey AG Flowers: Bridget, Nellie, and Jenny O'Malley by Miss-Alex-Aphey   AG Flowers: Kirsten Larson by Miss-Alex-Aphey  AG Flowers: Singing Bird by Miss-Alex-Aphey  AG Flowers: Ivy Ling by Miss-Alex-Aphey  AG Flowers: Julie Albright by Miss-Alex-Aphey


• ???? 

DW Flowers: Barbara
Commissioned by :iconyet-one-more-idiot: - Barbara Wright, gazania flower (at first i was going to draw asconcenda, but i've found gazania in proccess and decided that it suits more)^^
Cosmic: Tumblr|Deviantart|VK|Facebook|Redbubble|Instagram|Ko-fi
It's time for a new Doctor Who pictures collection!! Meet the

DW Gems:



To-do List of Gems Companions:

• Ien Chesterton • Steven Taylor • Ben Jackson • Jamie McCrimmon • Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart • John Benton • Mike Yates • Harry Sullivan • Adric • Vislor Turlough • 
○ Mickey Smith ○ Jack Harkness ○ Wilfred Mott ○ Rory Williams ○ Nardole ○
◘ Henry Jago ◘ George Litefoot ◘ Thomas Brewster   Hex Scofield ◘ C'rizz  Fitz Kreiner 

That's the companions i'm gonna draw anyway (but in random order, sometimes it could be months before i draw someone from the list), also you might get the Gem from the list as bonus if you will commission something DW-related. If you want to get certain Gem companion from the list sooner - you might commision wanted companion only for 15$.
If you want Gems companion NOT from this list, but from official Who materials - audios, books, comics - you might commision wanted character only for 20$.


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