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I'm dying from the cuteness.

Sebastian Michaelis is a Good Smile Nendoroid.
Kuroshitsuji is © Toboso Yana.
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© 2009 - 2021 Misrav
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I'm going to buy one like this xDD :heart:
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I have this one too!!!!!!!!!~
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Awwww, he's so cute! ~
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where did you get him? i can only find teh bootlegs
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I bought him from ebay, but I can't remember the seller, sorry!
Thank you so much!~
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I have my nendoroid in that exact pose at this exact moment, at that exact degree of cuteness, so high five!
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Yeah, high five! *giggles*
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according to your words, i'm dying too n______n
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LOVE IT!!!!! <(^0^)>
Misrav's avatar
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Ur Welcome!!! It's amazing!!!
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Soooo cuuute ^______^
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oooohh~! So it DOES come with a stand! That's it, I'm going to buy one the second I have the chance to go to the mall. There is this shop that sells Nendoroids...and I was surprised to see Sebastian there!

Love the shot you made by the way. (sorry for the ramble ;D)
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Yeah! He needs a stand, even if you can pose him by his own once you get the balance! XD

Thank you! ~
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Nendoroids are way too cute. Sebastian is way too cute.
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They really are *___*!
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;_________; CUUUUUUTE.
Damn I want so many nendoroids...
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I love them all! *____*
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