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Borders are here to keep us in


Borders are not meant to keep people out, they're here to keep us in.

Borders are geographic boundaries of political entities or legal jurisdictions, such as governments, sovereign states, federated states, and other subnational entities.

In other words: they are lines on a map. We are born between those lines, and we are taught to believe that we differ from those who are born on the other side of those lines.

However as soon as we grow up and have to find a job, we are confronted with the fact that people all over the world end up working for the same companies. Companies that are not restricted by any borders.

We, the people, are being indoctrinated and are kept imprisoned, making it almost impossible for us to unite. We all firmly believe the fictitious notions of nationalism, cultural identity, money, religion etc. We're all deeply caught up in irrelevant details and this keeps us very busy, and far away from seeing the global picture.

Meanwhile, multinational corporations do unite, with free trade agreements (TAFTA/TTIP, TPP, TISA...), making themselves more powerful than ever...

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And every now and then we get funneled into Sharm el Sheikh or Turkey, to make us feel we've been "abroad"..
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Haha yes, exactly. And after two weeks of 'tourist apartment by swimming pool full of yelling kids' they're 'happy' to be home again - "this isn't so bad after all".
Excellent observations.
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Despite everything, I do thank you for the fave ;-)
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Evocative and timely piece, liking this and your statement.
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Thank you, I appreciate your taking the time to read it :-)
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Down with all those agreements :fear: If I'm not wrong some of those will be signed now on Wednesday 10 June, in the gap between the G/ and the Bilderberg meeting in Tyrol, 11 - 14 of June .
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The busy agenda of the elite!  If it wasn't for the terrible consequences of their actions, I would laugh with the fact that they still have to work so much, even when they already own billions $$$..
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Normally the Bilderberg meetings are held before the other great meetings and decisions. But this year :confused:

They never get satisfied until they own the whole of universe, and even if so .. :hmm:
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Divide and conquer. To say it is not even original what they are doing...
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That's exactly my point,yes. Nod 
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Only in Obama's America on the world's dictatorships.
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