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Hello there, nice to meet you.

Our names are Michael Silverleaf and Simon Stardust. Together we are the MiSi Productions team.
Several years ago we started building a small fictional world full of funny, loveable characters, who actually should be featured in our visual novels. But we never made it very far beyond planning stage. It just wasn't for us.
Our fictional world though continued to grow, we added even more characters, the already existing one's gained more depth and finally we came to realize that we simply couldn't let all our ideas go to waste.
That's why we decided to reboot everything as webcomics. Our goal is to bring stories to you which amuse and excite you and which are simply worth your time. That said we don't have a fixed genre in mind... there are parts of comedy, fantasy, mystery, romance and even more in all of our stories.

Currently we are working on "School Fortune", which can be found on
And in German on

So take a look around and enjoy yourself - no matter if you're only here because you're bored or if you are a hardcore fan. Everyone is welcome.

You can also ask us any questions. We don't bite and always love to hear from you. ;)

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School Fortune
Roy Tyler by MichaelSilverleaf
Spring Fever by MichaelSilverleaf
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The Master's Call
Siro Spider Form by SimonStardust666
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The Prince's Oath
Behind the Mask by MichaelSilverleaf
07.12.13 - Almond Blossom Snow by MichaelSilverleaf

Mature Content

The Curse of St. Valentine
When your wife is two metres tall... by SimonStardust666
Adventcalendar 2019 - Day 16 - Kaajon x Imp by SimonStardust666
The Curse of St. Valentine 2

Mature Content

Let's meet for a bloodshake and a kill, maybe? by SimonStardust666
Starry Magic by MichaelSilverleaf
Green Grotto by MichaelSilverleaf
Tiikeri x Romeo by MichaelSilverleaf
After the End
Blood by MichaelSilverleaf
06.12.13 - I knew you were St. Nicholas by MichaelSilverleaf
04.12.13 - Ice Skaters by MichaelSilverleaf
December 15th - early Christmas present by MichaelSilverleaf
Terrax Races Cheat SheetThis is a race guide for Artfight. I'll try to keep it as short as possible and will only include the VISIBLE characteristics of each race.If one of our characters doesn't meet their race's description to a hundred percent, it most certainly is on purpose. They could be mixed race, dye their hair, be cursed, etc.Archangels: short, pointy ears; white, feathery wingsArchdevils: short, pointy ears; black, feathery wings; horns or other grotesque marksDark elves: long, pointy ears; fair skin; dark hair; commonly red eyesDemons: triangular, pointy ears of which the upper rim describes a slight s-curve; may have one or more of the following features: small, leathery wings; horns; sharp teeth; claws; more or less typical demon tailDesert elves: long, pointy ears; dark skin; commonly blond hair; commonly red eyesFairies: long, pointy ears; wings and antennae from winged(!) insect speciesGnomes: short, pointy earsGoblins: short, pointy ears; don't tan; commonly freckles; hair only comes in shades of redHarpies: feathery ears; feathers instead of hair; bird wings and tail; females commonly bigger and stronger than malesHigh elves: long, pointy ears; fair skin; blond hairMerfolk: short, pointy ears; gills on both sides of the neck; webbed hands; fair skin; fish (or other water creature) body from waist down; dorsal fin starts on humanoid part of the back; tail fin is verticalMorme: animal ears, tail and teeth; reptilian morme have spiked ears and a split tongue (and animal teeth + tail of course)Nagas: spiked ears; split tongue; sharp teeth; snake body from waist down; tan or dark skinNightmasters: triangular ears with rounded tip and many downward stripes of cartilage; fair skin; black or (in rarer cases) blond hair; black eyes which turn red when agitated; fangs (upper jaw) are showing even with closed mouthNymphs: pointy ears which are longer than gnome ears, but shorter than elf ears; fair skin; white or silver eyesOrcs: short, pointy ears with high amount of cartilage; tusks (lower jaw) are showing even with closed mouth; green, brown or grey skin; several body parts (shoulders, back of hands and feet, chest, waist, elbows and knees) are protected by plates of cartilagePeerons: short, pointy ears of which the tip bends headwards; predatory set of teeth; huge, leathery wings; claws on hands and feet; don't tan; exclusively male appearance; multiple times longer lifespan than most other races(NOTE: Their whole race consists of one sex. They have male as well as kinda female parts. The latter however replace the anus. Their only digestive end product is slightly oily and yellowish urine, known as "peeron spray." To non-peerons it smells blackout- or vomit-inducing horrible, making it many a peeron's weapon of choice.)Turgels: tip of the ear is rounded and approx. 10cm long, thus hanging down; ridge of hair along the spine which turns into needles when scared; blue skinVampires: short, pointy ears; pale skin; fangs (upper jaw) are not visible when mouth is closedWerecreatures: animal ears and tail; will transform completely into an animal under full moon; can partly transform at willWood elves: long, pointy ears
George x Kenneth - 80s Style by MichaelSilverleaf
Dawning Forest by MichaelSilverleaf

Mature Content

Long Nights by MichaelSilverleaf





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