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Future Source (Commission)

By MisiekPL

Storm by MisiekPL :iconsays3plz: This is where all the future is built.

Commission for ::iconshadow24601:

Finally got the time to finish this.
It's a first time I make a picture in this cyber/futuristic/something theme, so it was an interesting experience for me.
Hope you like it!

Also, this is my last picture for this year. Now I'm off to celebrate.
Merry Christmas everyone!
OCs "Cyberstorm", "Samantha Faye" and "Lilly Cosmos" belong to Shadow24601
Comments and Critiques are welcome! :dummy:
If you liked this art, then go ahead and Added to my devWatch! watch me! Thanks! :heart:

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© 2016 - 2021 MisiekPL
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Good, lots of good use of light and shadow, especially on the face of the brown pegasus, also like the way he contrasts with the rest of the colors in the image to really focus us on him. Now the nitpick! Every character in the image should contribute to the story going on in it. Pink and blue pegasus is out of place, nothing about her ties her into the narrative. She is not engaged in the image, I cant tell how she fits in and I have no idea what she is staring at. Ceiling lights glow is weird.
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Sorry,  100 words snuck up on me really fast.  The glow for the over head light is weird. The wisps of light coming down for then felt off.  They feel like they are blowing in the wind. What I expect is for the light to be straight and unrelenting. Its not something that is immediately noticeable and does not take away from the image. It is something that I noticed after putting on my critic's hat.
I always feel really awkward critiquing for work of someone who is a million times more skilled than myself.  The thing I hear is that it is really hard to get any constructive criticism.  I hope I was able to help, if not ignore my ignorant ass and continue on doing what you do, because your ponies are awesome.
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Next time respond to my comment instead of making a new one, 'cause I only now noticed your responce. :)

You may have a bit of point with the lights. I was drawing everything by hand so I they could come off not straight. Like you said, it's something that could be ignored but I'm a detail whore. :lol:

Don't feel akward. It doesn't take a chief to say the food is bad. I prefer to be criticized as much as possible. Praise is nice but it doesn't help you improve. In a funny way the people that point out flaws in the art, care about the artist more then anyone.

Thanks for explaining that! I'll try to take notes off that.
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Thank you for your input!

Regarding the characters, I'd like to point out that this is a commission. They were supossed to walk around, being fascinated with everything around them. Which they are. (Samantha Faye is observing the robot behind the window being made)

Could you specify what do you mean about the lights? "weird doesn't tell me much. :(
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Wow! This is beautiful! You have such a unique style when it comes to your art! I can see really nothing for me to nit-pick at. This picture is just gorgeous! You say this was your first time doing futuristic things? It is very well done! Lots of shiny metal and smooth surfaces are the ideal thing when doing futuristic art. I cannot get over how beautiful the eyes, wings, and manes are! I think that the pony you commissioned this for will be very happy! And does that clock say 15:37? Lots of detail give the picture a nice real feeling. Keep up the good work!
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I can think of alot flaws I could point out here. Still, thank you for your input.

The clock says 16:37
It's actually just a time when I was drawing that clock. :lol:
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Haha its still creative and really? I can't see any
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For example shadows.
I'm used to having smaller, single light sources or big, natural ones. (like a sun).
But here I have bright light illuminating from almost all sides and because of that shadows turned out... average.
At least that's how I see it. :/
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well it looks great :) dont underestimate your talents
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*pats back*
We're all our own worst critics =P
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Maybe I have a bar set somewhere different. Half a year ago I wouldn't even think of nitpicking stuff like this.

But I have to. Otherwise I'll run out of stuff to improve on and get stuck. :noes:
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That is true, if you're not looking for your faults then you can never really improve. =)
Just try not to go too harsh on yourself ;P
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Heh, I'm a rather confused person when it comes to being optimist/pessimist/realist cause I'm just switching between these as I need. :lol:
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Another great drawing to be proud of. You did very well with futuristic style.
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Good to know that. :)

Btw. I'll be getting into your commission next year. I was hoping I could squeze it in this year, but no such luck. :saddummy:
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look like West World
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Does it?
Never actually saw it ^^
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saw the damn movie ! it's gud
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Wow! It looks amazing!!! : D
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No problem!!!! : D <3
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Fallout 4 Institute refrence?
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