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Hello fellow artists and friends!

I want to announce to you all that I have taken the decision to discontinue my dA account permanently as of 27.12.2017!

I will leave my dA profile open, so people can still see the art I had done.

Thank you for the awesome support, you guys were all awesome!
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Will be uploading new, clearer shots of my work on dA. For those of you who want to enjoy the fullest of my art, I will re-upload 83 new shots(that means 83 re-taken photos of my artwork) taken on 14.06.2016. Enjoy! ^_^
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I will be re-taking pictures of ALL my drawings and replacing the ones with bad quality with 4k resolution ones.
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With this last work I wrote, I put an end to my dA profile for now. Thank you everyone for supporting me. There is no ETA(time) when I will start posting on dA again. Thank you again for everything!

Title: I am the victim, not the world

I am not cool or handsome.
I don't have a real family.
I don't have someone to guide me.
I don't have lights to guide me.
I guide myself alone.
I don't have any reason to live.
I don't have someone to play with me.
I am just another person that no one cares about.
They bully me, lie to me and kill me inside.
Nobody has empathy to me, because they know.
They know I resist to take action, because I was hurt.
I know what it's like. What's it like to be hurt, humiliated.
Nobody want's me as a friend, why?
For them I am "defected".
But It's not my fault I am like this.
It's not my fault I have to survive the day, only to be able to live.
I always try to make other people happy.
Not because I sympathy them.
Because I know how terrible it is, how terrible it is to feel worthless. I would take a shot for my friends, for my true friends.
'Why?', they say.
"Because I want a second chance.", I said.
I want a second chance,
A second chance to start again.
I no longer need help.
I have already died.
You never imagined it?
Neither did I.
How did this happen, again?
One day I was living,
the next I was dying.
I was loved,
now I'm not.
I was respected,
now I'm not.
I was strong,
now I'm not.
Why? WHY is it so hard!
Why, when you feel so happy,
there is always something,
something to make you sad.
I feel cursed by fate.
I was given a special power,
a power to help people,
but this power destroyed me.
I was too ignorant to see.
Wait, what am I talking about?
Maybe I am tired again.
If I go to sleep, maybe I can recover.
Yes, go to sleep.
But not for a few hours.
I need more than a few hours.
Maybe for life will be enough.
This is the story of a person,
a random person suffering,
suffering because he was once good,
but fate needs him to change,
change to being evil.
Why change?
Because Evil spelled backwards is Live.
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Merry Christmas everyone!
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