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Decorative Q font by MishkynNightcore Decorative Q font :iconmishkynnightcore:MishkynNightcore 3 1 Questions ? by MishkynNightcore Questions ? :iconmishkynnightcore:MishkynNightcore 2 27 Ivan Braginski Sketch by MishkynNightcore Ivan Braginski Sketch :iconmishkynnightcore:MishkynNightcore 2 23
Missing you
I'll never know why I write you such a telegram,
Just a bunch of words all meaningless,
When deep down I feel an utter nothingness.
There are definitely no reasons to write a telegram.
However you never sent an answer
"I'll dwell aside you" you said, liar
Your universe is out of my reach,
Finding it again is what I wish.
And on this purpose I went on a trip
Only to read "bye" on your lip.
That's what I thought leaving the harbour
But that's some hope I wore.
Travelling, the world is for me a little archipelago,
From Montevideo to the red towers of Moscow,
Like Petőfi to Buda from Pest.
Why wasting time to rest ?
And I went as far as Greenland
Far from what the books unfold
This is my story untold
But I didn't do this on demand.
And I found you there, I accomplished my mission.
It was sunny and I saw your smile.
I won't talk to you, I just want to admire you for a while,
Staring at you happy was already some consolation.
I felt even more empty once back.
How am I suppose to handle
:iconmishkynnightcore:MishkynNightcore 0 5
Comrades by MishkynNightcore Comrades :iconmishkynnightcore:MishkynNightcore 5 11 JagdPanzer 38 (t) stamp by MishkynNightcore JagdPanzer 38 (t) stamp :iconmishkynnightcore:MishkynNightcore 5 2
Dreaming of the East
Looked at this world in smithereens
"See the betrayal of the plot
Won't you push the button, won't you start the riot ?"
Wondering what all of it means
Because ignorance is strength !
Says the blue bird across the Atlantic
After all, liberty is only the chain's length
I just would like to not think about a world that's sick
And I dream of my cold, beloved city that I never saw
Of a family that I would have, their feet in the snow
I'm bathed by the reddish light of dawn
And I realize something after the moon's gone
That as every morning, everything starts at the East
All my hopes as each dawn come from the East
We all know it's not yet perfect in our cold East
But only one thing matters: Motherland called us at least !
:iconmishkynnightcore:MishkynNightcore 0 14
Yesterday - Free verse
I found her
Telling myself I'd tell her
But I never asked her
Now she's gone for another
What's this knife into my heart ?
It has been here for so long now
That I didn't even notice it
I'd like to get rid of
All of this sadness, all of this pain
To throw the knife out
But I can't
It's bleeding so red, so red
And I need it
No remorses, no regrets for what I'll do
Yesterday another kind of pain knocked at my door
The heart still bleeding under the knife
Why does it feel so empty ?
I don't even want to be loved
I just would have liked to learn how to love
Before yesterday
:iconmishkynnightcore:MishkynNightcore 1 10
Russian handwritting practice by MishkynNightcore Russian handwritting practice :iconmishkynnightcore:MishkynNightcore 0 5 Only in death does duty end ! by MishkynNightcore Only in death does duty end ! :iconmishkynnightcore:MishkynNightcore 60 37 Panzer IV Anko SP - Armored and Kawaii by MishkynNightcore Panzer IV Anko SP - Armored and Kawaii :iconmishkynnightcore:MishkynNightcore 14 10
"Hope you'll remember..."
How could I forget that day ?
Tokyo is a beautiful city at night ! That's what a tourist told me one time. But for me it has never been... I'm one of those girls called Minashigo. I'm born without parents, that's the way I am. I've been, for a few years, in schools specialized for those kids. But, early, I've been thrown in the streets. Since I'm 10 I never smiled, weather could be shiny: clouds always blocked the sun for me.
It was a warm day of the end of japanese summer. During the afternoon, I was looking for something which would have fill my stomach. I tried some ways, but nothing... Finally I stole a tourist: 3000¥. Not too much, but I ate a bit. I walked straight, and looked at the sky.
Into the streets, with all those lights, those ads, those buildings, it was even more illuminated than in the afternoon. How would it feel to live with a family in one of those huge skycrapers, or simply in a house ? How would it feel to sleep in a soft
:iconmishkynnightcore:MishkynNightcore 0 35
Kantai Collection - Die Kriegsmarine by MishkynNightcore Kantai Collection - Die Kriegsmarine :iconmishkynnightcore:MishkynNightcore 71 53 Quick draw - Chocked by MishkynNightcore Quick draw - Chocked :iconmishkynnightcore:MishkynNightcore 6 8 Reich-Messerschmitt [Request] by MishkynNightcore Reich-Messerschmitt [Request] :iconmishkynnightcore:MishkynNightcore 15 14 Self-portrait ~ Anime style ! by MishkynNightcore Self-portrait ~ Anime style ! :iconmishkynnightcore:MishkynNightcore 8 63

Random Favourites

FallenCherryBlossom by Nekouki FallenCherryBlossom :iconnekouki:Nekouki 80 36
My dear friend,
You lie to me,
You speak of things,
That never could be.
Your words,
Once crisp, clear, and well meant,
Are now like dark honey,
And drip from your lips with ill intent.
Your words are sticky,
And far too sweet,
And trap poor fools,
Looking for a gossip treat.
Your sayings are hollow,
They have no meaning,
Therefore I believe you not,
Not your words,
Your tone,
Your sayings,
Or even your moan,
As you falsely weep over our friendship lost,
But to keep it would have been too great a cost.
I may lie once and a while,
But I always come 'round to the truth,
But you my friend,
Have lied since your bitter youth.
My dear friend,
You lie to me,
And now our friendship,
Can never be.
:iconfaithfulservant13:faithfulservant13 6 1
Angel by kaminary-san Angel :iconkaminary-san:kaminary-san 868 21 *poke poke* by KagamochiLen *poke poke* :iconkagamochilen:KagamochiLen 405 86 astronaut by hoshiineko astronaut :iconhoshiineko:hoshiineko 421 18 Miku by arpegius1997 Miku :iconarpegius1997:arpegius1997 1,130 90 rock! by arpegius1997 rock! :iconarpegius1997:arpegius1997 5,820 432 Miku Hatsune by lulu-vrn123 Miku Hatsune :iconlulu-vrn123:lulu-vrn123 146 27 'Murica-chan! (Wallpaper available in download!) by NillaPop 'Murica-chan! (Wallpaper available in download!) :iconnillapop:NillaPop 117 110
War Undefined
Some wars are pointless,
Some are critical to mankind,
Though many must confess,
That war can’t really be defined,
As completely right,
Or completely wrong,
Too much blood blurs the lines,
Too many tears are lifelong.
A war is as many people walking,
The razors edge of good and evil,
Dipping their hands in fear,
And uncertainty,
With behavior purely primeval.
Good men,
Bad men,
And the in-between,
Can all be found on the battle scene.
Fighting to live another day,
They fight for hope,
They hope and pray,
For the coming of a better day,
Where wars are all gone away,
And peace is the eternal way.
War can’t really be defined,
As completely right,
Or completely wrong,
Too much blood blurs the lines,
Too much fear controls the throng.
:iconfaithfulservant13:faithfulservant13 3 3
Matcha-chan by skyninjacid Matcha-chan :iconskyninjacid:skyninjacid 14 25 My first drawing for devianart by Rideneverends My first drawing for devianart :iconrideneverends:Rideneverends 10 3 07.01 by shnjr 07.01 :iconshnjr:shnjr 123 10
Can You See Me
You call me your friend,
You say we’re very close,
You claim to know my heart and soul,
As we laugh, and cry and boast.
But do you truly see me?
I am not the same person I outwardly show,
Though as friends we are very tight,
I hide a piece of me away,
In hopes that one fateful day,
You will find it.
I cannot reveal this side of me,
Even if you asked,
For I promised to seal it away,
In an iron caste.
Do you see me?
Truly see me?
For many have tried and can’t,
See that I am more than a timid shell,
More than a busy bee,
That I have passion and dreams,
And anger, fear and love, all inside me.
I am a special mix of emotions and thoughts,
That God made just because He knew,
That someone else might think I’m kinda special too,
Could that person just be you?
:iconfaithfulservant13:faithfulservant13 2 5
ID~! by NillaPop ID~! :iconnillapop:NillaPop 91 70 Meet The Artist meme by TheAwkwardSeal Meet The Artist meme :icontheawkwardseal:TheAwkwardSeal 6 35



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Simple pictured stamp
Simple stamp with a pic, a flag or any picture. You can give me the links to your pic or trust me to find a pic corresponding to what you'd like. Unanimated sorry.
Available in 99x107 or 207x156. Or another of your choice.
Simple unanimated stamp with a sentence
Simple stamp with a word, a short sentence, a short proverb or something like that.
Available in 99x57 or 207x156
My lack of activity recently has been mostly due to my mock exams about a week ago, and my entrance exams for a political studies institute in a week.

It's been and will still be a very busy year, as for the emotional side as for the requirements and expectations from school.

I'll get back on writing, and maybe on drawing, once the said entrance exams will have passed. As soon as my activity will start back and the content to be created, I'll not prevent myself from posting it here.

Wishing you the best~ Meow :3 
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Hi ! I'm Misha. I'm a teenager from France. I love anime, Nightcore, Nightstep, etc...
I'm here to add comments to anime stuff that I like, and to share my own creations. Let a comment if you have any request or like !
About me:
Germany Stamp -Hetalia by HidanKakuzuPsychoGal Japan is not a fashion label 2.0 by ditto9 APH: I'm a Russia lover stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWant RUSSIA by DeviantSith Pray For Japans Pets too stamp by Okitakehyate love sexy stamp by izka197 APH: I love Prussia Stamp by Chibikaede Sing Hatsune Miku Stamp by Mimisuzu Stamp 1 - Japan by satakigreendragon Nightcore by Mintaka-TK Opinions Stamp by Bandarai Vocaloid Stamp by arskuma Hungary Exclamations You by ixxheartxxyaoi Flag of Confederacy Stamp by xxstamps Sarcasm by bigfunkychiken Damaged but not broken by Clelius Racism Stamp by DarkNoctem I am shy by Krissi001

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I should have a look on those groups and I'm to tired to write a post-it :icontales-of-ernelzya::iconcloppers-anonymous::iconLoudsOpinions::iconmagical-icon:


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