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:star: for stock: please send me a link of the final work, and give me credit please in the description. thank you! (only images marked as "stock" are allowed to be used!)

I am a self-taught photographer utilizing the skills and fundamental elements from several photography classes I have attended. I also continue to study books and online sources, and gain knowledge from the ever-so-fun experimentation of my lovely little camera.

I'm a photographer for NE Ohio and enjoy taking photos of individuals, couples, families, and events. Taking pictures of kids being just kids, within their own imagination - I always find fascinating.

:boogie: If you are in NE Ohio and need a photographer anywhere from your pet – to a wedding – please message me!

You can also find me photographing animals, insects, and landscapes for fun.

The lenses I own are my 42mm, 58mm, and my newest lens being my 60mm macro lens for my Olympus PEN E-PL1 camera.

I have significant experience with various Adobe programs including Photoshop, LightRoom, and InDesign.

Before photography, I used to draw a lot and also loved graphic design on my computer; I used to work with photoshop a lot making layouts for my now, deceased website (miechelle.com) - back when domains where really big, as well as other random computer graphics. (you can see some of my drawings and graphics in my galleries as well!)

Extra Info:
My name is Miechelle (me-shell). My Dad, has always been a Beatles fan. So my name was adjusted to sound like Paul singing 'Michelle' - Miechelle..my belle.

"mishkuu" has been my nickname ever since i was in 7th grade (1997) by my friends. To this day, how they came up with it remains a mystery. I'm still called it to this day by different groups of friends. (see if you can find it in my "Miechelle Photography" logo!)

I have a BA in Cultural Anthropology and a certificate (an in-between a BA and a MA) in Asian Studies. I love learning about different cultures and meeting new people. Anything artsy is a loved hobby of mine (music, photography, drawing, digital art), and I love trying new things.

I studied abroad in 2006 in Japan through Temple University Japan - was there for 4 months. I traveled a lot while attending school for Cultural Anthropology, Asian Studies, and Japanese. I also went on vacation there in 2009 - 8 days in Tokyo, and 8 days in Okinawa. I traveled to Mexico in 2013, and was there for a week with my husband. You can find photos from my trips within the various galleries on this site.

I have always liked taking photos, but never truly thought of it as a full-time hobby. While in Japan in 2006, I first started to experiment with different angles and lighting for the first time. Even though I had a regular hand-held digital camera (Panasonic DMC-LZ7) at the time - I stretched what I could do with it, and became very pleased with the outcome. Some of the older photos on here were taken with my hand-held camera! (ex: The New River Bridge photo) I started to enjoy taking photos as a hobby, but I still had a long way to go... A few years later I received my Olympus PEN E-PL1 for Christmas as a surprise gift, and began studying.

Other hobbies of mine: movies, tattoos, videogames, history, comparative studies, swimming, traveling, and being random. Dinosaurs (and pre-dinosaur creatures) I find to be neato as well. DUNKLEOSTEUS FTW.

I'm also obsessed with grasshoppers, mantids, frogs, birds, and other random critters. METROID!! :iconsamusplz:

Favourite Visual Artist
takashi murakami is one of my favs
Favourite Movies
naked gun movies, nightmare before christmas, casshern, pre-code movies, marvel movies, etc.
Favourite TV Shows
scrubs, the colbert report, documentaries, family guy, new girl, brooklyn 9 9, etc.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
plastic tree, pink floyd, the beatles, schwarz stein, A.I., ne-yo, x-japan, david bowie, bruno mars, etc.
Favourite Books
timbuktu, spiral, hip-hop japan, train man, "the body project: an intimate history of american girls", "factory girls: from village to city in a changing china"
Favourite Writers
paul auster, koji suzuki
Favourite Games
super metroid, EVO search for eden, metroid prime 1-2, resident evil 4, super mario galaxy
Favourite Gaming Platform
playstation versions, and nintendo versions
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This really is a beautiful photo! Is the main flamingo that muted in color? If so, I don't think that I've ever seen one so white! Very beautiful!
I do notice the flamingo in the background more - it sort of distracts me from the main flamingo that we should be looking at; it has such a large area of color compared to the rest of the photo.

Maybe having a photo of the main bird but within the full frame? I think then that it wouldn't have to compete with the flamingo in the background as much. Plus I'd love to see what the rest of this pale flamingo looks like.
I do love the angle of the main flamingo and the action that it is doing; the twisting of it's neck is gorgeous and I love that I can see the details within it's mouth.
Beautiful work!
Can you see me?
cute thanks!
Easter stock 2
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thank you!