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Floyde ID#133

To my dearest Secret Santa,

Hoping to end a fabulous year on a cheery note, perhaps I could ask for a little something? Something small really, but it'd mean the world to me.

See, I want to have my sweet little son drawn, in either normal or zero form! I wouldn't mind if you'd chose one or the other, but I must admit his zero form is quite the challenge .
Floyde Xen Delane ||ZERO--00|| by Mishii-C ZERO: Floyde by amashimono

But possibly, juuust possibly, if my lovely santa had enough time on their hands and was feeling a little bit extra generous, would you draw my son with his pretty much owner new found partner Akira? Oh I'd be over the moon if you could! If any information needed, Akira would have to be the more dominating one but Floyde has his moments where he steps up. Being a relatively new partnership, the boys are still processing the fact there's someone around them that actually cares for them and are indulging in that feeling. A quaint or cute little scene would be appropriate for them. But Floyde is a little anxious in public, knowing if he were found out he'd have his head cut off or have his reputation destroyed which is a no thank you. That doesn't stop Akira occasionally though

:thumb332825888: Look at me ||ZERO--00|| by Mishii-C ZERO: Akira / Makoto by amashimono ZERO: [magnet] Akira + Floyde by amashimono ZERO: SHOUNEN BUBBLES by amashimono

Thank you my wonderful Santa!

This list applies for both Regular and Chibi!
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Submitted on
November 9, 2012