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Scribbling by Mishii-C Scribbling by Mishii-C
Scribbling in my planner during claass is fuun~ :3 (I love how none of my teachers care x3)

I added a speech bubble because my friend thought it was too emo... :D

I also drew another one of my friends... Then another friend of mine drew something inappropriate in front of his mouth so I made him fire his lazoooor at it. = w=

(My OC Rean's face missing an eye)
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ForrestMushroom Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2011
Lol, nice! Our teachers stopped caring about scribbling in our planners too xD Oh how they must be glad our year has left~!
Looking at this just gave me an idea though... Doing part of a drawing each day owo I shall have to try that sometime should I ever become any good at drawing~
Mishii-C Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wish you the best for your plan~ > < Good luck x3

I couldn't put what he drew on the internetz so I chucked in a meme instead. 8D
ForrestMushroom Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2011
Thankies =] Don't know when I'll do it though xD Since I've got a lot of time on my hands (like waaaay too much), I've decided I've decided to practice on my drawing, writing and dancing skills :3 Hopefully they'll all go well~!

Lmao, you did such a good job at doing so! :'D
Mishii-C Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I used to have spare time... My new mentor teacher expects too much from my class now... =_= Just cause we're the 'excel' class doesn't mean we can do more work... -crawls towards hole. Good luck on your end though. :3

I've been told I'm a pretty creative and special kid~ = w=
ForrestMushroom Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2011
Really? That must suck so much ~_~ I'm happy I've finished school for now... I've become waaay too lax recently, so I'm getting nothing done ^^"
Excel class? Like... For people who are smarter/more talented than other students? Awesome! =U But yeah... It doesn't mean you should be pushed that hard =/
Don't go into the hole! It has... Umm... Thingies in it! 0_0
Thanks~! ^_^

Well from what I've seen you definitely are creative and special too =] (Unless they mean that in the way I think it means owo)
Mishii-C Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Schools over after 3 weeks (including this week) I'm.... So.... Happy.... -cries tears of joy- I envy you greatly... D:
Apparently we're smarter... We don't act it though... :/ The majority of us are spazzes, then a bunch of people who just talk, talk, talk, the decent kids who actually desrve to be there and then theres me... The spazzy and creative artist of the bunch... We're a bunch or weirdos yet still manage to maintain a socail reputation... It confuses me greatly~ = w=

The fact that my friend said she was worried for my mental condition might clear things up for you... Shes worse though... :I
ForrestMushroom Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2011
Orly? Awesomes! ^_^ Lolol, I'm in my final year (though the year below us have to stay on for two extra years now due to the law changing... I wish I was in that year because then I wouldn't have to worry about getting into school next year because of my grades *prays he gets good results*) and we left for study leave... But it just so happens all of my exams were before study leave... So I got to finish school early and I've just had all of this spare time xD
Oh no, don't... If you were at my school, you'd have about a month left of school xD Besides... It's so boring these days having nothing to do ~_~ I keep offering to do my friend's homework I'm that bored xD
Well you don't have to act smart to be smart xD
It confuses you? o_0 Just because of that doesn't mean you can't maintain a social reputation! =U I mean... Most of the people in my school made up so many things about me and just basically slaughtered my name... But I still manage to keep an okay reputation. It's just mainly the really popular kids that don't like me for no reason now xD (Though everyone knew me as either gay or a pedo who went after little girls... Both aren't true, but I find it interesting that they both contradict each other xD Also gay wouldn't be that bad because I can easily just say, or prove, that I'm straight... But if you're gay and male in the town, everybody is discriminating towards you... Which is just wrong! >=/ Our town sucks so much for stuff like that .__.)
Worried?! If you don't mind me asking, what is your condition? (/is worrying himself now ;w;)
Mishii-C Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh gawd... getting good grades to get into another school... Daunting... D: I wish you the best! >.<
Ouch... =_= But spare time is always good. I hate having to juggle homework and studying -history test tomorrow ftw~ sob sob sob-
I manage to keep my self occupied with drawing... But I get tired of that... so I read... I have a boring lifestyle... D: I should hang out with my friends more often -headesks-
I guess I'm book smart yet I have no common sense... and no sense of direction... I suck at geography~
That's horrible! D:< I hate it when people make up random stuff about people tarnishing their names... ;___; In primary I was teased for being an anime nerd (I'm not even that bad... OTL) but to be called gay and a pedo after little girls... (Which does makes no sense xD)I am disappoint. D:
Discriminating gays is another thing I hate... Oh lawd. D: Over here it's like... Oh he's gay... Okay then... The guy would probably have like no guy friends but the girls would be all up for friendship~ It's still sad cause I' sure they'd want guy friends too... :/
Oh don't worry~ = w= My friends just like questioning the stability of my mental condition... I'm perfectly fine... Just a little... out of it if you get what I mean. xD
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