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Saitou Ai ||re--volution by Mishii-C Saitou Ai ||re--volution by Mishii-C

AjaPSASFF CRIES I GOT IT OUT AND I'M BARELY ON TIME LMAO ;; Hey hey a big welcome back to this loser
weep I'm sorry my art style is so messy atm tho I'm still trying to settle into something comfortable!!



Name -- Saitou Ai ( 斎藤 愛 ) ((Last, First))
Age -- 23
Gender -- Male
Height -- 175cm / 5’9”
Weight -- 65kg / 143lbs
Birthdate & Star Sign -- April 23rd/ Taurus 

District: Kyuujuuminku
Education/Job: After graduating from high school he began working on the inheritance of his father's dojo / Assistant teacher in the practice of Aikido


Team: momentu(M)ori

Tag Tattoo Location: Right side of his chest

AllMate: (Ring Necked Dove) Sagae (사개) (Korean for Dovetail, or otherwise known as ‘the dovetail joint’) ((Not the city in Japan!!)) Male

Personality --


Ai, true to his name, is a man of romance and adoration. Taking people he adores into consideration at all times, the young man holds a strong desire to protect and treasure those who mean a great deal of importance to him. Though due to his lack in experience and inability to properly present himself as society expects, Ai can come off as overbearing in a sense, his disposition adjusting to possessive unintentionally. Nonetheless, this nature of his is shrouded over by his ideal imagery for a mature and well held persona. Of course, that impression is immediately shattered on vocal representation of his inner thoughts. Incomprehensible at times, Ai has a tendency to express his unique ideals and humour without a second thought, so when mixed with an unusual combination of pride it tends to make it difficult for him to either properly associate with others or result in sticky situations and unfortunate circumstances. And with his natural instinct to continue driving forward, no matter what the surroundings, his competitive nature only assists in digging that hole deeper.

But all together, Ai is simply a youthful young man who has a lot of growing to do socially.

History –

Ai was the fruition of love between a couple who were told not to expect much when it came to having a child. So the sudden news of his mother's pregnancy was something that not only surprised the pair but also, had them instantly preparing in as many ways possible, leaving the young Ai to be coddled from the beginning of his life.

Being kept at home for the large majority of his free time, the young Ai learnt Korean with his mother and took regular classes at his father's Aikido dojo. His times of solitude had been dedicated to the artistic fields, painting on whatever his hands could grasp onto without being scolded by his dotting parents. The young boy grew into a well mannered young man who enjoyed the simplicities of life but an outstanding, prevalent nature began to present itself as Ai aged.

His competitive spirit was something his father did not expect, the young man's desire for not only the rush of the battle but also the overwhelming satisfaction of complete victory. This arose a few problems between father and son so Ai had done his best to with strain it but the moment he was gifted with an AllMate and blindly stumbled into Rhyme, he found the perfect outlet for these desires and feelings. Given he was raised in a household of overbearing love, Ai's patience had worn thin and left him running out during the day consistently to simply escape and enjoy himself.

With due time, he met an enthusiastic leader of a Rhyme team and they bonded over his father's martial arts. Ai then proceeded to agree to join his team early. Something to which he enjoyed immensely.

Even as he aged and his reluctant parents watched the boy spend hours of his life dedicated to almost everything but schooling, his father had decided Ai was to take over the family dojo. Of course, the young man did not mind but in between the merciless teachings and lectures, Ai took opportunity to stay true to his desires for the time being and continues with Rhyme alongside enjoying creative outputs to this day.

Relationships --

Sagae // These two uphold the external impression of a typical love hate relationship. This is solely due to Ai's superior ability to find trouble. But to Ai, Sagae has become a very important aspect of his life, adoring his AllMate dearly and spoiling him in every manner possible.

Likes/Dislikes --

+ Tea
+ Fruits
+ Painting
+ Drawing on people
- Losing
- Bitter things
- Restrictions
- Comparisons to femininity

Additional Information --

- Super flexible.
- Always seems to smell like a fruit blend tea.
- His mother is Korean, so he knows a great amount of the language.
- Carries a marker on him at all times to draw on people with.
- Has an additional tattoo behind his left ear that spans down his neck.

RP sample:

Adjusting his gloves, Ai turned to his AllMate, face brimming with a smile filled with youthful glee, 'Sagae-'
'Don't.' The dove had taken precaution before the young man could even begin to jump to a ridiculous request, which he already knew would impact the both of them negatively. The brunet furrowed his brows, pursing his lips in dissatisfaction before opening his mouth but the unnerved dove took chance to tug swiftly on a few strands of the other's hair. The man responded with a yelp of surprise and mild pain, clutching at the roots of his hair while shrugging the shoulder Sagae had perched on in a form of protest.
'I didn't even sa-'
'I know the results already, keep walking pretty boy.'
Ai's eyes narrowed before letting out a sigh of defeat. It seemed Sagae had had enough of his 'shenanigans' for the day and he'd be forced to retire for now. The bird gave a curt nod of his head before chirping, pleased. 'Domineering bird you are.' Sagae simply flapped his wings, as if satisfied as the young man continued along the path towards their home.

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