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Floyde Xen Delane ||ZERO--00|| by Mishii-C Floyde Xen Delane ||ZERO--00|| by Mishii-C

Hey guys, long time no see! Ineedtostopjoininggroups But this group was just too amazing and augh!

I'll probably post a journal really soon to explain my absense to everyone. I'd apologise here but it isn't really formal so in the next few days keep a heads up! I plan on returning to the internet during the upcoming holidays which start at the end of this week. ; v;

Now I hope this guy is okay and he lives up to the amazing of this group! -stares at the countdown and starts to sob-

Oh god how did he get in THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ACCEPTING ME. :icontearplz:

Thank you for reading this wall of craptext!

Name //- Floyde Xen Delane
D.O.B //- 9th of December
Age //- 24
Gender //- Male
Height //- 5’7
ID //- #133

Occupation //- College, majoring in a business course
Zone //- Zone 1
Demonic Weapon //-
P a r a s i t i c || In the form of a small dagger attached to Floyde, it’s securely sealed around his wrist with a bracelet. The bracelet mimics the design of the clasp at his neck, Floyde can morph the dagger, changing it to a long sword for fast paced close range combat.

Personality //-
K i n d a t f i r s t || When you first come in contact with Floyde, you’ll instantly assume he’s a boy of a good upbringing. He’s extremely soft spoken and sweet but holds confidence behind his words. His smooth flowing voice has been trained to capture people as he’s grown and has learnt to make a good first impression.

T e a s i n g || As soon as Floyde knows you can be trusted his good boy attitudes drops and he starts to treat you like a friend which involves dealing with his teasing. He’s known to have a sly tongue, spitting out witty comebacks and light hearted names with ease.

F i d g e t y || Floyde must always have something to do. Be that occupying himself with something in his hands or stalking someone down for conversation. He hates being by himself to the point at times it makes him feel sick so expect a chatty boy when he’s been left alone for a good amount of time. This trait also ties in with his little OCD organisation needs such as; straight picture frames at all times, books must always be stacked straight and perfectly, every door must be closed, every chair pushed it, ect-

E m o t i o n a l l y F r a g i l e || Floyde is easily swayed and upset. He listens to others and takes almost all things to heart but this only applies to those he trusts from the bottom of his heart. The boy can get thrown into a fit of tears due to the smallest things if you’re close enough to him and at times gets to the point where he refuses to eat and struggles to sleep. He really is easily manipulated, it just takes years of communication to get to such a level.

G r e e d y || Floyde’s greed is nothing related to materialistic greed, rather he loves attention, he craves praise like a drug. He wants to be at the top, the center of attention and becomes rather irritated when spotlight is taken from him. He believes the trait comes from his father, for Floyde also thirsts for power, to be in control as well.

C h a r i s m a t i c || This is directly related to his ability to make good first impressions, he knows how to talk. Floyde finds it easy to bring in people through sweet words and kind phrases, saying such without shame. When given the gift, why he’d be a fool not to use it.

History //-
Floyde was the son of a man high in the world, running a wealthy company and had a more than successful life. He was brought into a family of both happy mother and father along with a caring older brother. The family scene seemed perfect.

Floyde was brought to learn multiple talents as he grew along with his brother, both of them having a good attempt but Floyde excelled while his older brother dwindled behind attempting to keep up with the child stealing the spot light.

The boys’ father had taught them to always strive for power, for succession. So the brothers as they grew put their all behind what they were told to do. Floyde took lead in the more physical side of activities while his brother dominated in the more creative side of talents but their grades differed and it showed. Floyde was a year younger than his brother but had the same level in scores.

Nearing the end of highschool, the boys were informed that inheritance to the company would not go to the older brother, but the one who proves best in schooling. Floyde was naturally overjoyed to hear but his brother refused to let this go, powering on in attempt to overcome the hurdle that his younger sibling was.

At the age of 23 and 24, the brothers’ were at a tie, so evenly matched even their father was brought back. Though, the older of the two was frustrated, so agitated due to the fact he’d spent so many hours attempting to take over his younger brother while the younger one breezed through life, doing as he pleased. Even if it was for a moment, the older sibling wanted to watch his kid brother squirm.

So one night he’d snuck into his younger sibling’s room, creeping silently before taking the quick move to position himself on top of Floyde while securing both hands around his neck. Floyde, clearly brought back at the sudden attack, didn’t have time to process who was the assaulter, using his much more physically fit form to push his brother back. As the action proceeded, the older one let go, grasping at the now smaller hands clasping down at his own neck. Floyde’s eyes took time to adjust to the dimly lit room, struggling to make out the form of his attacker, the frame beneath him slowly losing consciousness. But then his vision kicked in, making it visible that it was his brother under him. A moment, it took a moment to register for Floyde that he should stop but he hesitated…

“What if I took him out now? It’d save so much trouble… He’s been stealing my spotlight recently anyway!”

Floyde likes to think he’d never thought the sentence, that it’d never crossed his mind for a second, but it did. Before he knew it, his brother’s body laid limp on the floor, lifeless.

As realization hit him, Floyde backed up, choking on the stinging sensation at the back of his throat, unable to make his voice audible. His instant reaction was to run down to his parents’ room, immediately waking them both. His father took him out, questioning the boy for his panic. All Floyde could respond with was, “I did it, he’s dead, I killed him!”

His father, after hearing the explanation made sure to drill the idea of it not being Floyde’s fault, that his brother was the one who attacked first, that it was only self-defense. It was not Floyde’s fault, if that’s what saved his father from losing both possible heirs to the company.

The death was covered up by the high standing father who knew a fair amount of people and Floyde continues on believing he wasn’t the one to blame, that none of this was his fault. That his father was right. Even after the odd message he received telling him he was to participate in some sort of ‘game’. The thought hasn’t dawned on him that he was the one in the wrong, that his thirst for attention drove him into this twisted scenario. That he is a killer that’d murdered his own blood.

Likes & Dislikes //-
+ Cold treats (Ice cream and such)
+ Berries
+ Sweets! (especially cakes, cheese cake is a killer)
+ Warm weather
+ Swimming
+ Formal attire
+ Dancing (Ballroom)
- Cold weather
- Dead quiet
- Being left alone for too long
- Being stood up
- Going anywhere without his mobile (Even before he entered the ‘game’)
- Being looked down on
- Vegetables
- Medication

Etc //-
- His Zero form appears angelic due to the fact he believes he’s innocent (Though he has horns and a tail)
-He despises the cold and is known to curl up into a ball on the ground while refusing to move in such circumstances
- Easiest bribery = Sweets.
- When in the midst of battle, his concentration is fully blown into his match. It’s hard to snap him out and grab his attention
- Used to be on the track team in highschool
- Also took fencing
- He can ballroom dance pretty well. It’s one of the many things he’d thankful his father forced on him.
- Can also play a small amount of piano but isn’t too good. He quit early due to frustration
- The wings on his back in Zero form serve only as an agility boost and can help him jump higher. He can’t use them to fly though.
- The thought of his brother disgusts him and makes him want to throw up. He refuses to go anywhere near his brother’s room and even had to have his own room changed due to the urge to bring up whatever he's eaten that day whenever he steps a foot inside. The images still haunt him.

Device //- [link]
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He's just awesome. And handsome ._.
I love the fact that he is stalking people for conversaion :D And that he appears kind for people who doesn't know him, but when they know him... Er, why am I saying this? You know your character so I'll just say it's damn good!
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