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       "Reneen, once a Cleansed, known and respected by all, you shall from now be known as 'One who had fallen from their pillar, A Fallen'. You are to be banished to the human realm, not to come back to this sacred land under any circumstances." The mighty king bellowed, a hush entering the room.
"W-what ..?" The brunette shocked to hear her sentence.
"F-Father!" The younger prince cried, "No! You can't!"
"Elucifer De Valence! Do not show sympathy for such a being, she's as bad as her mother." The king glared at his only son, "She has the blood of the demons who have come to take our lives running through her." The girl scowled as her mother was mentioned but hid her expression behind her bangs.
"This war... it's your fault!" The young man screeched, clearly irritated by his father.
Gasps entered the room at the young prince's accusation. The king's gaze shot daggers at his son, "I'm only sparing her life because of you, one wrong move Elucifer and she'll have to lose her head."
The young blonde's eyes widened at the last thing his father said, blue eyes tearing up slightly, "N-no..." He whispered... "No!" He screamed running towards the little brunette currently chained in front of the king, "I can't let you do this!"
"Elucifer!" She shouted, head facing down to her lap as she denied him access for that comforting hug that she needed so much. Tears brimming at the edge of her eyes, "Don't throw your future away you idiot!" The rejected blonde let a lone tear make its way down his face, is that all she cared about? Was his future all that mattered? He hated being the heir to the throne and she most definitely knew that! "R-Reneen!" he blurted, "I-I can't let yo-"
"Shut up and listen to your father..." She cut him off coldly.
"I'd listen to those words Elucifer, step"
He gulped holding back more tears moving backwards regaining his previous position, knees wobbling from the pain in his heart, did she know how he felt? He glanced down at the small silver ring around his finger then the matching one on the small frigid girl sitting in silence.
"Will you head to the queen of the Depths or would you rather head to the land were the humans dwell?" The king's gaze didn't soften.
She'd be eaten alive at the Depths... She took in a long large breath, "Where the humans dwell..." She clenched her chained hands closed, her own pulse racing.
"The final piece of your sentence," his voice booming, "You are to lose your wings-"
"What!" She shrieked, cutting off the king, "They're a part of me though, created from my soul strings!"
"And you are not to see Elucifer again." The king continued.
The young prince shuddered at his father's words. Not only will he not be able to see her but the woman he loved would have to lose her wings...
Something cracked inside the girl, her eyes wide open as she looked at the king in a daze. She bowed her head showing she had accepted her punishment. She didn't want to make a fuss.
"Father! I won't allow this!" The love struck boy retaliated coldly to his father.
"Come to me when you rule this kingdom," He then simply turned his head and motioned for the guards to take the sentenced girl away, "She has a day left here."


       "Reneen..." The blonde's blue eyes locked onto the girl he was currently talking to, sitting in a dark, cold and empty room closed off from the rest of the world.
"Elucifer," she sighed, "Stop looking at me like that..." she smiled gently.
"Y-you're only 20! How are you going to make it in a world you have such little knowledge about!?" he lectured, looked genuinely concerned.
She looked at the shackles around her wrists, letting out another long breath, "It's me remember..."  
The boy rose from his sitting position, "I don't care!" He growled.
"Elucifer, you're a prince, destined to rule the whole Plains... I... I am the daughter of a Cleansed who decided to fall in love with a low levelled demon from the Depths... It was never going to work..." It hurt her to talk lowly of her mother...
"Do I give a damn!? You're a Cleansed! You fit the category! What you did doesn't even deserve a punishment like this!" He spat, irritated that she could act so horribly to herself... She was... amazing in his eyes.
"Your father hated my mother! He hates me! T-there's no point..." pain in her expression.
"Why'd you take the ring then..?" His eyes cold this time.
"E-Elucifer... We were just kids..." Hers wide, shocked from the boy's tone.
"Why'd you take the other promise ring!?" He shouted.
"I-I don't know!" She yelled, turning herself so he couldn't see her tearing up.
He stood up turning his back on her and approached the exit. He stopped, "I'll take over the throne, I'll bring you back, I'll love you for as long as I live." He then knocked on the door signalling he was ready to leave the room. Tears stained her face as she saw him leaving... She wanted to call out but she stopped herself. "I'm sorry Elucifer..." she whispered softly watching his back as he left her alone in the little room of isolation.


       She stood, staring at the Gateway to Other Worlds, hand tracing the engraved images on the beautifully designed door. "Good bye Reneen, forever to be labelled as a Fallen. You shall keep your mark and ability but we shall strip you of your wings." The man holding this punishment called, "You may now open the door."
She looked at the ring wrapped around her finger, her face turning a shade paler. Her hands shook as she slowly started to push at the doors taking a final look at her homeland. "RENEEN!" called out a familiar voice. Him! He came! No don't get excited...
"Prince Elucifer wait!" the guards attempted to stop him but were taken by surprise as he rushed past them and under their weapons where a gap he could slide through lied.
"Reneen!" He panted grabbing her hands holding them to his face.
"Elucifer! What are you-" She was cut off by his words,
"I love you..." He whispered in her ear making her tear up.
She clenched her eyes shut pulling her hands from his grip, stripping herself of the ring she treasured. "H-here..."
The guards all looked at the conductor but he motioned them to wait... wanting to know how this would play out. "R-Reneen..?"
"I don't have a reason for keeping it anymore..." She laughed choking back tears. It hurt so, so much, "Give it to someone you really love..."
"N-no Reneen! I wan-" she shoved the ring in his hands and kicked the door behind her open, darkness slowly consuming her. "Reneen!" He grabbed her hands again, wide eyed tears pouring.
"I-I miss the days when we were still young and innocent," She smiled,
"We still are young! What are you on about!?" He cried.
"I miss those days were you used to lead me around the kingdom because I wasn't used to walking around in such a large city." She closed her eyes, tears appearing,
"We can still roam around that kingdom!" He pleaded.
"But most of all, I miss running around with you through the royal gardens. Remember how you used to sneak me in? We used to be covered in flowers by the end of the day." She grinned, tears flowing nonstop now,
"We can still do that Reneen! We can still do all this when you come back! Don't let go of these feelings!"  His eyes turning red.
"I really liked you Elucifer... No I still do... I really, really like you..." Her wings sprung out and then shattered causing her to cringe in pain,
"Reneen!" He tried to hug her only to be slowly dragged away by the guards this time. "I'll never stop loving you! I don't care if it's forbidden! These feelings mean too much to me!"
Her heart cracked when she heard that, pain worse than her wings shattering, "Please don't, you deserve better than me..." she whispered, only to be consumed by the gate hearing the desperate cries of the prince behind her. This time she broke down, clutching at her chest, leaving behind her heart and pitiful emotions with the memories she made with him.

                                                                   "I love you too..."


Oh well, this is why Reneen didn't want to take Lance to the Plains... She didn't want to see Elucifer... :iconhurrrplz:
(Stops making character story references)

I like to abuse commas whee~



Plains - Also known as The Plains of The Light, where Elucifer, Reneen and crew in this story live.

Depths - Also known as The Depths of The Dark, where the Tainted and 'Demons' live. They were only referred to as Demons while the war was taking place... My character story takes place 200 years after this... Yes that does mean Reneen is 220 years old... ಠ_ಠ She also hasn't seen Elucifer for 200 years either but has been sent a message saying that if she wants she can come back and reclaim her title as a Cleansed but she can never regain her wings... I'm horrible |D (Tainted mentioned later on)

Cleansed - The highest rated beings living in the Plains but due to a Great War, (not the same war as the one taking place in this time... The Great war took place over 1000 years ago) there's not many left and the fact that some evacuated to the human world means that they mixed with humans, meaning that the purity rates went down lalala... Which comes to the point of marks (mentioned last paragraph) The larger your mark, the more 'Cleansed', or pure you are.

Tainted - Same as Cleansed but they live in the Depths... = A=

Fallen - Applies to both Cleansed and Tainted, Someone who has been stripped of their title is referred to as a Fallen.

Soul strings - Pieces of Cleansed and Tainted souls used and manipulated to create their wings and powers... Each Cleansed, Tainted has a single power they specialize in unless their mark is too small, then manipulating their strings is out of the question. Some are gifted with two abilities but only one of them would be from the soul strings. The other they'd have to be born with an abnormality... (Superultraomgalmostmarysuerare)

Gateway to Other Worlds - This HUUGE door leads you to either the other side of the realm that the Plains and Depths people live in or it sends you to the human world. The Gate is surrounded by a military camp / village / thing on both sides of the door. (There's also a huge wall separating Plains and Depths blah blah )

I think that's it... Just ask if you don't get anything else... = A=

I'm pretty sure I should sleep now... (3:20am = A= )

So, much, writing... -dies-

Reneen and Elucifer belong to Meeee~! ; 3;
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