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Sighing I continued at the rapid pace, my little legs trailing behind his larger ones. Where were we going? How were we going to get there? What would the other world... be like? I guess I could only imagine. My pulse increasing, hand rising to my chest clenching tightly at the material I assumed where my heart would be roughly positioned. Following someone I had literally just met was stupid, I knew that... But my curiosity was overwhelming at this point. "H-hey, were are we heading exactly?" I managed to ask the man casually walking in front of me, his strides large... only because he was pretty tall. We were heading into the alleyways... something I didn't like the thought of. "Thinking your decision to follow me over now hm~? Haha, you're a funny kid Lance." I let out a small laugh, his words were somewhat comforting thanks to his casual tone... He seemed nice enough, that was for sure... Wait, pressure? Where was it... at my wrist, he'd grabbed my wrist! "W-what are y-" I coughed, sharp pains running all the way up my back. I'd met a wall... in a dark alley, with a guy I definitely didn't have the strength to take on... "I'm surprised this was so easy to do Lance... Luring you into a deserted alley... You sure are trusting." His tone was sly... damn it! I couldn't make out his facial expression! Where the hell was Dell when you needed him!? I struggled, my arms firmly pinned down on the wall, "What the hell are yo-" I fell, but I was pinned to a wall..? Landing flat on my back I coughed, looking up at the ass who'd caused this mess. He was grinning stupidly, waving my wallet in front of his face. "Man I could've beaten you up, taken your crap and left you for dead and you still followed me!" He taunted throwing the leather object at my face, reflexing acting as my hand instantly moved to catch it.

I stood up, dusting myself off, glaring at the guy, "So, get kicks from scaring the crap out of people?" My tone sarcastic, I was pretty upset... Wait... did I think of Dell for a second there? Shi-
"Ahaha~ not really... I was just teaching ya' a lesson to not trust everyone you meet." He chuckled, hitting my head with the edge of his hand as he grinned at me, other hand reaching out in the opposite direction... pointed at a peculiar door. "That, Mr Gullible, is the Gate to Other Worlds... or GOW as we supernatural's like to call it~"
"G-GOW..?" I stared at the huge door, eyes wide as if I'd forgotten everything about the idiot in front of me... Wait... didn't I just fall through a solid brick wall? Oh screw it... I should expect a bunch of random crap with these guys. I eyed the door, half a beautiful golden colour, blue and white inscriptions and patterns carved into the magnificent angelic themed door. The other half a rich violet, red and dark gray markings, elegant yet almost demonic... I preferred the golden side... that was personal preference though.
"Yessire, GOW. That's how we're headed to the Plains. Gold goes to Plains, Violet goes to Depths." He smiled at me as he reached for the silver encrusted handle of the violet side of the door,
"H-hey, aren't we headed to the Plains?" I pointed at the practically glowing side of the door, my eyes captured by the amazing attention to detail on the beautiful wood.
"Mm but I have to go see Raphsody first." He practically groaned and rolled his eyes,
"Raphsody..?" I blinked a couple of times... Who the hell was Raphsody?
"Haa? Reneen didn't tell you? Rapshody La Celle... Ruler of the Depths for over 300 years..?" He looked at me confused. I should be the one confused... They address their queen so casually!
"O-oh yeah... I didn't know her name..." I scratched my cheek with my index finger, smiling nervously.
"Well... whatever man, let's go!" He grabbed my wrist again, this time a lot gentler, I didn't resist and let him drag me along.

Walking through that door and ending up on the other side... my breath was taken. Purple grass... red flowering plants... but still the same old blue sky, thank god. I looked around. The people living here appeared to be heavily equipped... not usual townsfolk. They had quite a lot of armour on them, weapons scattered everywhere... did Rean seriously just lead me to a military camp or something!? A weak pathetic Cleansed being lead onto a Depths military camp... I felt death's glare on me and I shivered, cowering behind the much, much taller man. "Ahaha! Rean! What the hell you got there buddy?" A random gentleman... no not gentleman... some random halfwit approached us addressing the question as he stared at me. One of Rean's large hands rubbing the top of my head, screwing up my hair as I pouted, glaring up at him. "Aha, this is Lance, he knows Dell."
"W-woah Dell? Damn, step back... This kid's important then I'm guessing?" The unfamiliar man raised his hands into a defensive position, eyes instantly darting off of me, I quirked an eyebrow as the conversation continued,
"Hn... you could say that." He tussled my hair again, I moved my head from under his hand to make him stop. Wait... I don't remember telling him I knew Dell... What was Dell's position here anyway..? He seems respected... No feared.
"Well, where you headed Rean~?" The other wrapped his arms together, resting them in front of his chest... he decided to observe me again... He must've been checking how I was built or something like that. I decided not to look at him, worried our eyes might make contact.
"Raphsody's place." Rean grinned, hooking an arm around my neck making me cough, "He needs to get to the Plains." He poked at my chin, where my Cleansed mark was.
"Holy crap a Cleansed! Damn! What the hell is Dell doing?" The guy stared at me more intently making me shiver slightly, a faint smirk appearing on his face. I cursed under my breath.
"Well anyway, 'scuse us but we really must head off!" Rean continued to pull me along, arm still wrapped around my neck as I struggled, trying to release myself from his tight hold. Then that pressure again, I looked down at my wrist... who the hell was it this time!? My eyes trailed up the arm of a maroon dress shirt, My sea blue orbs meeting with a honey brown eye. Son of a bitc-
"Hello Lance~" His tone was mischievous, eyelids lowered giving a sinister look to his expression.
"Leave me alone." I grunted turning my head ignoring the pain in the ass who's decided to appear with horrible timing.
"D-Dell! You're back!" The man previously talking to us said with a large grin on his face, eyes wide... was he excited?
Dell waved his hand trying to hush the man, cheeks puffed out like a child, I mentally sighed at the pathetic image. "I'm trying to keep a low profile, Raphsody will eat me when she sees me."
"Ah, yeah... sorry." The other man rubbed the back of his head, smile still in place,
"Rean lets head off." I tugged at my wrist, still stuck in Dell's grip,
"Huh~? I have the authority to take you straight to the Plains you know." The black haired raven gave me a smirk, tugging at my arm again.
"I'd rather go the long way." My hand latching onto the sleeve of Rean's jacket.
"Oh don't be like that Lance~" His gaze locked with mine, making me feel sick.
"Dell, if he doesn't want to go with you leave him alone." A blue haired man appeared. Bangs covering his right eye, left one shining a bright orange, almost... entrancing.
"But Yves! I want to take him to Luci~" He glared at the new arrival pouting that disgusting pout of his.
The other man scoffed, "Luci? He seriously let's you call him that?"
"Yes! We're good friends you know~" His eyes returned to mine as he walked closer, I backed up walking into Rean.
"Dell you're scaring him..." The man behind me put his hand on my head again, a sign of comfort this time. His tone was serious... but Dell still towered over him and he seemed weaker than that creep too...
Dell placed a hand on his hip, raising an eyebrow, "He'll have to get used to me. I plan on spending a lot of time with him." I shivered again. Damn it, damn it, damn it! He started smirking at me... I couldn't look at him anymore... Why was I so shaken up by this guy!?
"I'll... go..." I whispered... almost hoping no one would notice what I'd said. To my displease Dell leaned in, free hand knocking Rean back as I let go of his arm.
"Good boy."
"I hate you."
"You're my best friend too~"
I laughed, turning my head, this time forcefully tearing my wrist from his hold. "So where do we go." My attitude cold... if he refused to take me cause of the way I acted now, that'd be a plus.
"Well to the door m'dear~" He spun on his heels, arm outstretched motioning for me to continue first.
"Hey, what do I tell Raphsody? That I came back without you? She'll eat me instead." The blue haired man glared at Dell, disagreeing with his actions.
"Tell her I'm going to see Luci dear and I'll be back in no time~" He flashed a grin at who I assumed was called Yves and started following me towards the door, easily matching my pace,
"Pain in the damn ass." Yves frowned, not a large one... a tiny one but you could still make it out.
"Bye sweetie~" Dell called, I tried my hardest not to laugh as the other man shot glares at the raven,
"I'm not your damned sweetie!" and with that we head off through the door to the plains. My heart racing again... this time stuck with a man I didn't trust.
Wait, when did I give Dell a nickname... And why Raven..?
kaushdfsdfg Not too happy with this one... I plan on writing the next chapter soon though~ The main point of this story was getting the main characters (Dell and Lance) together again...

Why does Lance act like a whiny little pain in the ass that totally has a thing for Dell but refuses to admit it?
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