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           The girl in front of me grunted, clearly finished with our argument as she turned her head to the side. "Hm..? Done already dear?" I smiled mischievously as she shot a glare at me from the corners of her eyes.
"Enough of this dear crap Dell." She groaned, taking another bite of cake with her spoon.
" Now, now... You're a single woman, what's wrong with me calling you dear m'dear~" I retaliated, my smile turning to a smirk.
"Damn it Dell... Do you know when to shut up?" Her eyelids lowering,
"No, I don't believe I do~" I chuckled, amused by her irritated expression, my tongue trailing off into another sentence, "Nn... Why are you so affected by the word dear..? Would a certain someone have called you so?"
She groaned, her eyes shooting daggers at me causing my smirk to widen, "No Dell... Just, no."
I stuck my tongue out her, my eyelid lowering to give me a darker look, "Hu~ someone's getting defensive~"
Her mouth twitched, hands clenched into balls as she lowered her head, still glaring at me, "I. Hate. You. And. I. Am. Not. Getting. Defensive..."
I pulled out a fake, over exaggerated sigh, "Mm~ you still really love him ne~? First love... I'm envious!"
She threw a fork at me, my head moving slightly to the side as the metal object dug into the headrest behind me, shaking a bit before coming to a halt, still in stuck in the leather cushioning. "Shut your fat mouth and let me finish my cake in peace you cow." The pace of her eating increased.
"Cow!? How rude Reneen!" I gasped, teasing her even more, "Elucifer would never accept such a woman!"
She cringed in her seat, gripping on her spoon tightly as she hid her eyes with her fringe, strands of string like hair sliding out of the clip which was secured at the side of her face. She murmured between grinding her teeth, "Well then I'll act as rude as I want... Then maybe you'll all get off my case..."
"Aren't you dying to see him though~?" I leaned on my hands, elbows supported by the table below me.
"No, and I don't plan on going back to the Plains any time soon." Her facial expression calmed, taking another bite from that delectably delicious cheese cake of hers.
"Stubborn girl," I chuckled as she shifted in her seat, crossing one leg over the other as she fixed her gaze on the treat in front of her, "You've got the king of the Plains head over heels for you and here you are sitting in a humble little coffee shop letting a 20 year old college student buy you cakes."
She grunted, giving me an amused smile, "Head over heels? He's bound to be over me by now. 200 whole years Dell... That amount of time changes a person."
"Yet he continues to turn down other requests with the same excuse over and over again, 'I'm waiting for her'~" I returned the smile, "Y'know... Lance sure as hell looks a lot like Elucifer..."
She coughed on the cake, eyes wide, "C-complete coincidence! And you're the one stalking him!"
This time my mouth twitched, smile still in place though, "Stalking..? I like to think it more so as, learning more about him."
"... Stalking,"
I groaned, pouting at her, "Stubborn." She scoffed finally finishing the last of her cake and stood up, brushing off the back of her dress.
"It's been a pleasure Dell," her sentence practically dripping with sarcasm, "But I need some rest." She shuffled her way out from behind the table and strode off to the door, those heels of hers made a loud tapping noise as she walked. They were way too big for her.

           I made my way through the streets, utterly bored now. I guess I could go search out Lance... But that would require looking... I groaned, noticing a lot of eyes on me. I was used to getting stared at being strangely tall with surprisingly long hair. I closed my eyes, leaning on a wall as I let the cool breeze hit my face. My eyes opening to be met with the beautiful sunset just like the one at home... Hn... home...
"Dell..." A cold voice hit my ears. I was personally confused... no one really knew me here. I pivoted on my heels, smiling innocently as I turned to the direction of the voice humming, "Yes~?"
"Oh god don't smile like that... you're making me sick." The voice growled, an orange eye glaring at my yellowish brown one.
"Yves! Oh how I missed you!" I pulled the smaller man into a light embrace, smiling with closed eyes now.
"AOSIDG DELL! GET OFF OF ME YOU ASS!" He blurted, kicking at my feet. I let go of him chuckling as he stared at me with his angered eye. "Seriously! First you disappear on us and then you go hugging me out of the blue. I hate that and you know it."
"Come on sweetie~ I'm just trying to get you used to my hugging!" I smirked, making him choke, hearing my words then shooting a death glare at me.
"Dell... enough of the freaking gay jokes. I'm going to shove your head up your a-"
"Not gay, bromance~!" I chuckled, patting his head.
He swiped my hand away, stepping on my foot harshly, "Says the womaniser..."
I couldn't help but laugh at this point, waving my hand in front of his face, "Okay, okay... say what are you doing here?"
He gave me a 'are you serious?' look and sighed, "You disappeared on us you idiot. Raphsody is kind of... irritated and is taking her rage out on me constantly ranting, 'Damn it Yves, he's your friend, go get him, that ass needs to pull his weight...' blah, blah, blah and the usual." The pressure from his foot increased on mine, "I've had to do all the crap you left behind and so help me if you don't go back soon I will personally tear off your-"
"But I'm busy~! I have an interest at the moment!" I pouted, poking Yves on the cheek.
"Your interest is heading off to the Plains with Rean." He rolled his eyes, crossing his arms, stomping his foot on mine now, twisting into the ground trying to add some pain.
"How do you kno-"
"Lance, he's a 20 year old college student. Art addict and enjoys coffee greatly. Recently broke up with his girlfriend after a month. Cleansed but, not very big one yet gives off promising vibes for some reason. He also likes the colour green and is constantly changing the colour of the bead in his hair. He also designed the image on the back of his jumper."
I stared at him, eye wide as I crossed my arms, folding them together., "Holy... you're better at this than me..."
He grunted... blunt faced like he usually was when I didn't tease him, "I'm just dedicated to my research Dell. You should know that by now."
My mind wandered back to what he'd said previously, "Wait... Rean..? Since when did he meet Rean..?" My smile turned wicked, eyelid lowering again, "Hn... Well he'll definitely have to go see Raphsody first for a pass to the Plains... Ah... this is good..."
"Raphsody's going to burn your hair when she sees you..." Yves murmured in between my random mumbling.
"Oh shut up, I don't need to be reminded of those things..." I groaned, imagining how I was going to get myself out of this situation... Well whatever... I'll avoid her till I'm done with Lance. I moved my foot from under the man in front of mines causing him to stumble lightly as he lost his footing but stood up again after a second, "So my sweet, to the Depths!" I grinned at the man poking his forehead this time.
"Go die in a hole." He huffed but followed anyway.

Hn... I can't seem to wait, Lance... Hahaha... I really can't seem to wait!
Finally got this out! = A=

Also sorry for all the replies and stuff I haven't replied too... I've been lazy/inactive and haven't been visiting devaint much.... only to upload.

Soon as stupid school calms down I swear I'll get back on track... orz = A=

(thats the same as my rp groups ; u; )b )
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