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"W-will you take me to The Plains of The Light?" I blurted it out as fast as I could. I was desperate to know where exactly my descendants had come from. She stared at me in shock with an 'are you serious?' look. I continued to look at her with the same expression as she realised I was and then began to choke on the piece of cake she had in her mouth. "N-No!" She panted regaining the ability to breathe.
"W-what!? Why not?" I pouted looking at her directly in the eyes. This wasn't fair!
"B-because I don't want to go there!" Her voice stammering more than mine,
"My, my who knew I'd meet both of you together~" A cold voice sending chills down my spine... Oh god not him... Why now? He brushed his fingertips on top of the table we were sitting in front of before placing it solidly down for support and began to lean looking directly at me.
"If you haven't noticed I'm here too..." Reneen spat at the man whose gaze didn't leave me for a second.
"I know you are little Reneen. I'm rather irritated about the fact to but I'll let that matter slide for the time being." His disturbing smirk didn't leave his face for a second.
"C-could you stop staring at me?" I was damn nervous now.
"Leave the poor kid alone." The girl said bluntly.
"You stop trying to steal my prey~" He retaliated.
I stood up both my hands firmly grasping the table, "Dell... What do you want?"
"Hn..? I came all the way here to see you Lance! Don't be so cruel"
"Don't be so creepy."
"I can't help it~ it's my personality."
"Damn it Dell flirt with the kid some other time. I'm trying to have a conversation with him." Thank god Reneen broke out quarrel.
His eyes finally left mine for the first time. "Flirting? The Pots calling the kettle black my dear."
"Don't call me 'dear' and this isn't flirting."
"Who's face was a lovely shade of crimson when Lance here grabbed that little delicate hand of yours hm?"
"Uh." She was silent. "I-I was remembering when Rean was, well when he was a decent brother okay."
"Ah reminiscing about the good old days I see~" he smirked, "Some ones getting old!"
"Shut up you perverted old pedophile." She grunted. Her statement made me laugh. Dell on the other hand was rather shocked.
"Okay, okay I'll continue this discussion with you later sweet pea but onto the real matter here." His gaze returning to me as he finished that sentence. "You wanted to go to The Plains of The light correct?"
My eyes shot up straight at his wide and hopeful. "Y-yes!"
"I'll take you..."
"For a price I presume?" I sighed remembering he was a sadist.
"Not at all Lance! I'll take you for free just this once~"
"S-seriously!?" My hopes hit a high peak.
"Lance... This is DELL. He wants to EAT you!" And then Reneen crushed my hopes...
"Devour, devour devouuur~!" He started to put on an upset and babyish tone.
I looked to the ground. I really wanted to go... really wanted to go.
"Lance, I'll take you... but only if you wait."
"For what?" I was confused and Dell contributed with a chuckle,
"Ah~ Reneen, Reneen. Getting feelings for a younger boy?"
"None of the sort Dell... And since when were you into guys?"
"Why are you constantly taunting each other about your romantic preferences?" I blurted out then covered my mouth as soon as both their heads turned in sync facing me with glares. I laughed nervously and then retook my seat at the table banging my head on it. Both of them looked at me concerned for my mental health.
"I'm too tired for this... Reneen I'll pay for the bill... Leave when you're ready." I got back up and made my way to the front desk paying Natalie the amount of money I owed and then proceeded to drag my feet through the door. Damn I was tired. I looked back behind me to see Dell and Reneen still bickering about something stupid. Reneen had an irritated look on her face while Dell couldn't stop smiling with that crooked smile of his. I sighed and slowly made my way home. I snuggled closer into my coat my hands tucked firmly into my pockets. I casually strolled down the street I walked down every day. I suddenly missed my peaceful life... "Woah little buddy!" A firm hand grasped at my shoulder as a car flew past my face. I stared for a second then turned to look at my saviour. Brown hair, right side much longer than the left, a blue coloured shirt under a black jacket sort of thing and deep blue skinny jeans. I looked up to his face and his mismatched eyes. One a greenish blue while the other a deep ocean blue. They were mismatched but suited him perfectly and was that... a pair of horns!? What... the... FU... "Hello? Are you okay~?"
"Haawaa?" I was still utterly shocked by the pointy objects peeping their way through his spiky and messy hair.
He laughed at my reaction and then bent down to my level his face far too close to mine, intruding my little personal space bubble. "Hey~ I'm Rean! What's the name of the guy I just saved now hm..?"
"L-Lance..." I muttered still utterly shocked at the fact he had HORNS. "Thanks..." I murmured unable to keep my eyes of them.
"Can ya see them?" A mischievous grin slid across his face.
He bent down to my level and placed his mouth at my ear... He was way too close now. Well the man who appeared to have no idea what personal space was lightly whispered in my ear, "The horns~"
I broke away from him stumbling slightly wide eyed. Then something hit me... "Yo-you're Rean... right?"
"Yesurie!" He shut his eyes tightly and allowed his grin to grow wider.
Reneen mentioned something while talking to Dell right...? Hn... "W-would you happen to know a Reneen?" I hope I didn't sound like a weirdo...
He rocked on his heels as he tapped his chin, "Reneen? My sister's name is Reneen..."
Bingo... "Reneen's told me everything about the other well erm..." I didn't know how to word it.
"Aha~" He smiled bending down his face once again at my level. "You're a Cleansed!"
"So I'm assuming Dell's found his way to you too then?"
"And you know about the Plains and the Depths?"
"You wanna go check it out~!?" his tone was extremely cheery.
"Y-! YOU'LL TAKE ME?" My tone joined his.
"Sure thing! But I'm from The Depths of The Dark... It'll be a little awkward for me..."
"That doesn't mean I aint taken ya..."
I looked up at him my eyes glistening. He had a genuine smile on. One I could trust. With his hand he motioned for me to follow him his pace was fast and I struggled to match it. He was from the Depths yet Reneen was from the Plains... They're related though. I'd ask but I only just met him... Sighing I continued at the rapid pace, my little legs trailing behind his larger ones. Where were we going? How were we going to get there? What would the other world... be like? I guess I could only imagine.
Rean is finally introduced~ = w=
I'm going to bed now... Stupid school. ;_____;
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Frosted-Monster Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Oh this is getting really interesting! Now the link betwean Reneen an Rean as got me all interested! How interesting! ( i used the word intrest 3 times, im so shit)
Mishii-C Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahh the advantages of having a large vocabulary... You need to experience it. = w= (kidding xP)
Huur huur I planned so much of my characters in my german class. xD I also designed the king and queen on the train~ I need to stop drawing everywhere... ._____.
Thaank you again~ >w<
Frosted-Monster Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
LOlololol.....awwww D':
Hahah oh god, youve really gotten involved havnt you? :P
Oh god! XD Nah but its fun to draw everywhere!
No problemo~!
Mishii-C Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm really working on this Backround story thing now~ 8D (having too much fun... =_=;;)

Yes it is 8D~
Frosted-Monster Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Lol oh god, well now i know it will come out amazing with all the effort you seem to be putting into it!

oh btw, my head exploded today during my maths exam....just sayin'
Mishii-C Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well more effort on the character designing side xD My writing skillz needs some tweeking > <

Oh god a maths exam... You poor poor soul. D:
Frosted-Monster Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
orly? Hah oh no you dont! You great :P

Yeah, ikr, im absolutly horrible at maths and the second part of the exam literly shorted out my brain X.X
You know what would make me feel better? Some due art of Vlad ;) ;) ;) ;)
Jks jks, i totes understand if your more focused on school and your story! :iconemoluigiplz:
Mishii-C Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Everyone can use improvement in anything... (I definitely need to work on my structure though > <)

Math's is probably my strongest subject... :iconemoluigiplz:

I'll get it done as soon as I stop obssessing over sai! Sorry ;___;
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