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Continuing down the somewhat crowded side walk I had to constantly tug at the boy's wrists... He was a slow walker. My hair was probably getting in his way though. "Hey... is my hair a bother?"
"H-hm..?" He muttered looking at my back with a confused gaze.
"O-OH I'M S-SORRY." He blurted out as we came to a standstill.
Sighing, a looked at him. "I'm thirsty..."
"I-I know this good cafe." A stammer in his voice.
"Well you should know how to get around from here on so lead the way."
He gazed around becoming familiar with his surroundings. Taking everything in he nodded, "Mm, gotcha'."
This time he grabbed my wrist, his hand larger than it appeared. It was... comforting, giving off a warm feeling. I clenched at his wrist not wanting to let go. If only my brother's grasp was like this.

The ringing of the bell as we entered the door hit my ears. A girl from behind the counter called out "LANCE! You sly boy! Already got another hey?"
"Natalie! Stop jumping to conclusions!"
"She's younger than you! That's adorable!"
"No Natalie!"
"Yes Lance!"
I glared at the boy making him shudder. I smiled at the girl and then proceeded to point at Lance. "He's not my type. I'm not willing to drop to his level."
She burst out into laughter making Lance pout.
"Oi, oi kids! Stop scarin' off my customers please" An older gentleman made his way around the counter to be standing in front of Lance, "Natalie, shut ya' trap. Lance, take the sweetie to a good spot and order her something nice 'kay?"
"Yes sir!" Lance stood straight and yelled out the words in a formal tone mocking the man. The older man pushed Lance away my wrist still in his welcoming hands resulting in me getting dragged along.

We sat down at a table that was at the back of the shop. The place smelt of coffee yet still, it smelt pleasant.
"So... Reneen? What would you like? Order up." He placed his head on his hands as he leaned on the table looking at me directly.
"Hm... Well I'll have a flat white and maybe would they happen to have chocolate mousse? Cheese cake?"
Lance broke out into laughter. "Wh-what?" I murmured.
"I never would've taken you as the sweet tooth type." He smiled at me, such a genuine and innocent smile.
"So... What would you like?" A less friendly character made his appearance.
"Ah Dean... Just a regular for me and a flat white with some chocolate mousse and hm... lemon cheese cake?"
L-lemon cheese cake? I contained the urge to let my mouth water. "That should do." I turned my head and nodded. The other male in front didn't seem to be too pleased in the way I acted. I sighed slumping on one hand as Lance gave a sympathetic look to the human who appeared to be named Dean. He had a pretty face though... Shaking my thoughts clear I looked at Lance. He's seemed to have been meaning to ask me something for awhile now. "Go for it. Ask, I'll answer to the best I can."
He coughed at my blunt remark and then looked me straight in the eyes. "A-are you from Earth?"
I laughed at his question bringing joy to my once dull expression again. "Ahh... Creatures like us... We're clearly not from Earth."
"A-a different planet then?"
"Hn... Let's say a completely different world."
"Sh..." I hushed him as the other boy came back with our orders.
"Have a nice day." He bowed his head in respect and walked off.
"Continuing, we supernatural folk have been blending with your 'world' for many, many years now."
He looked at me puzzled.
"We live like so, The Plains of the Light and The Depths of the Dark."
"So... evil and good?"
"No... Not all those from the Dark are evil and not all those from the Light have pure hearts."
"Are you from the Dark?"
"No. I'm from the Light."
"Are Dark and Light allowed to cross into each other's land?"
"When the terms are good yes."
"Are they good at the moment?"
"Yes." Damn this boy was full of questions... Just blurting them out non-stop. I haven't been able to touch my treats yet. Slowly pressing into the delicate cheesecake I slipped off the end onto the spoon and slid it into my mouth savouring the lemony taste. It was delectable. He clearly sensed my irritated aura and let me finish a large portion of my meal.
"Um..." He hummed quietly trying to see if he'd get a response out of me.
I sighed and looked at him, "Shoot."
"Do both areas have rulers or something?"
"Yes. The King of the Cleansed and The Queen of the Tainted."
"Tainted!? Cleansed!?"
"Yes. Of all supernatural beings the Cleansed and the Tainted are the strongest at their purest."
"They had a war and most of them were wiped out right..? Does that mean the King is one of the last Cleansed to be left completely... Cleansed?"
"No, even the Grand King himself has human in him somewhere. No pure Cleansed exist anymore. The King is the purest though."
"I assume the same for The Queen?"
"You're correct."
He let out and exhausted breath. This was clearly a lot for him to take in... "What's the King and Queen like..?"
"The King is still young due to his father's early passing."
"How young?"
"Well let's just say in human years he'd be early twenties."
"Wow... That is young."
"Yes but his heart is still large and his will unwavering. Born to be a great leader according to everyone."
"What about the Queen?"
"Quite possibly one of the oldest Tainted still alive, yet she's still kept her young looks. She's ruled for many years meaning if they were to strike the Light anytime soon they'd most likely prevail."

The boy gulped and stared down at the coffee table his mug shaking in his hands. He seemed to have been thinking something over desperately searching for an answer. He slowly raised his head with pleading eyes... Damn they were hard to look at. "R-Reneen..~"
"Yes..?" I had a bad feeling about this.
"W-will you take me to The Plains of The Light..?
Chapter 5 of my story~ This time it was through Reneen's eyes. :3
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Frosted-Monster Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Holy crap, this is getting really involved and more awesome! (i just realized there was no point me commenting on the last chapter, im a dumb ass)
This is such a refreshing and unique story! Cant wait to read more!
Mishii-C Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much~ :iconkawaiidesuplz:

Even if you're my only reader I'm having fun and maybe one day I'll turn this into a comic / manga thingy... :iconeyessparkleplz:
-is already working on the next chapter xD-
Frosted-Monster Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011  Professional Digital Artist

Hahaha i doubt im the only reader, and anyway, you really should have more watchers! You should have way more then me!

Oh wow that would be epic! You know what would be awesome!? If other characters pop up somewhere in the story line too! Like Lean, Alley and Vlad, coz ya know, not a single one of them are human and some of them would fit in with the whole "Tinted thing"
jks jks, your story. Your AMAZING story that im REALLY enjoy!
Keep it up biatch!
Mishii-C Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Naaw thankyou~ > w <

R-really? o wo I just need to get noticed. xD And you deserve every watcher you have. :U

Huu huu I wouldn't mind that. * A* I could actually fit them in with the way I'm going. 8D
I'm trying my best~ >A<
Frosted-Monster Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
No problemo!!!

Yup! Im really shocked at the amount of watchers you have! (Next time i make a new journal, im totes pimping you)

Hurrrrr really? Well thats pretty magestic! Well if you do put Vlad in there, just ask me about his personality and such ^^
BELIEVE IT! :iconbelieveitplz:
Good luck!
Mishii-C Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Huur Really? 8DDDDD Thank you again~ xD

I shall, I shall~ x3

Frosted-Monster Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Duuuurrr hell yeah! No problem again!

Awesome Awesome, thanks bro! <3

Mishii-C Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Dattebayo~ It's something Naruto used to say a lot. >o<
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