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"Looks like we'll be having a lovely conversation together." I glared at the boy. I could tell he was shivering causing a small and sly smile to make its way across my face. He slapped my hand off his cheek with a flick of his wrist. "Don't touch me! What the hell do you mean not human!?"
Tsh... I can't contain this smile. A toothy grin slid across my face scaring the poor boy even more. "Goodness child. You really are that clueless huh?" My devilish grin was still in place, "You are what my race calls a Cleansed."
"C-Cleansed? Wait... race!? What is this crap?!"
"Crap? Now, now don't get mouthy. Did I mention I'm somewhat of a sadist..? If you get on my nerves I may not be able to help myself and end up punishing you."
"P-punish... me?" He choked on his words.
"Don't go getting dirty thoughts... Now that's just disgusting."
"I'm no-"
"As I was saying, you, are what I call I Cleansed. I, refer to myself as a Tainted."
"Are you saying we're something like opposites?" He mumbled.
Unable to contain myself I let out a small chuckle, "Haha, not at all boy! Our races... well you could say we don't get along. We don't know where the nicknames came from but they've been there for as long as I've known."
"And I'm supposed to believe this load of bullsh-"
"Bad words, bad words! I may have to shove a bar of soap down your throat!" I might have sounded a little too happy there.
He took a gulp, cleared his throat and then muttered, "Well let me rephrase that then, and you'd expect me to take in all of this utter garbage at once?
"I'm not too fond of smart asses either boy."
"Why must you constantly refer to me as boy? You look about my age, maybe a couple years older at most."
"So many questions! You're quite the little inquisitor aren't you?"
"Yes, so please answer both of the ones I just asked you rather than avoiding them..."
He was gaining confidence... Good I was enjoying this now. I hadn't talked to an intellectual being in awhile now and it was rather refreshing. Sighing, I let out the words he was searching oh so very desperately for, "Well you see I'm much, much older than you. About 234-ish now? Yes, I think about there."
He scoffed and looked at me with doubtful eyes,
"Don't believe me huh? How about a demonstration for the boy instead?"
"Be my guest"
"Arrogant attitude I see. Well let's see how this works out for you." I got up from my kneeling position taking a light stretch. I towered over him, even if he was sitting on a couch. It made me smirk again which places a pout on his face that he couldn't help but let escape. I bent over slightly and with my back in the air I braced myself. With this the sound of my shirt ripping proceeded.  A few strands of black well what you could call black strands made their way out of my back. They didn't pierce my flesh though. They were a part of me, they wouldn't harm me. Slowly they gained a feathery texture and made themselves out as one large proud wing and another smaller one which you could tell had been damaged somehow. I had a large smile brimming from ear to ear across my face. As for the boy in front of me, his facial expression changed from serious to his mouth gaping open with a gasp. "Ahaha! Believe me now boy?"
"I-I don't know what to believe anymore..."
He was clearly in shock, "Well while the reality's kicked in I'll finish my explanation, That marking on your face, does anyone else in your family have it?"
"M-mark?" He let his fingertips slowly trace over his left cheek, "M-my Grandma had it... It was much larger than mine though..."
"Well then your Grandmother was a Cleansed too. Lucky girl mustn't have had a Tainted find her..."
"Wait you finding me is a bad thing!?"
"I shall explain in good time, just bare with me for a bit."
"Bare with yo-"
Cutting him off again I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, "Look, your Grandmother's mark was larger because she was more of a Cleansed than you were."
"Your parents were both human correct?"
"How am I supposed to know?"
This time I let out a large sigh and faced him directly, glaring into his eyes making him whimper a bit. I'm breaking him already huh? Ah disappointment, "Did. They. Have. The. Mark?"
"Uh no..?"
"So they were both human."
"But Dads Grandma's son! Shouldn't he be a Cleansed too then?"
"When the gene is weak it likes to skip a generation."
"Yes... You are barely anything compared to your ancestors."
"And what about you"
"My marking is fairly large but still, nothing compared to my ancestors."
"Did they, die off?"
"More on the roads of, they had a war."
"War? Our races were on such bad terms!?"
"Not necessarily, us Tainted are just greedy."  
"All I hear is one worded questions... Quite frankly I'm tired of them."
Did he just apologise? To a man he doesn't know? He's more polite than I imagined. Or he's just milking me for all my answers. I might as well play along... "Hm... Well I guess I'll explain this one for you, To the Tainted, Cleansed have amazingly delectable souls."
"You eat my kind?"
"That's rather accurate but not 'eat' more so devour, as in devour your soul"
"Does that mean...You're going to eat me?"
"Devour you..."
"I don't want to be eaten!"
"Correction! You don't want to be devoured!"
He let out a long and hearty laugh. In such a situation, I stared at him dumbfounded.
"What's wrong was it... Dell? Yeah that's it. What happened to all that 'up yourself confidence?'" The boy was smirking at me. He was enjoying this. Tch...
I regained my posture and shot a glare at him. "I'm a sadist. Don't screw with me."
He backed up against the couch, that's better. I'm the dominant one in this conversation.
"Pretty cheap aint you... Makes me think if you actually have the guts to pull off anything you actually say."
"Have I been 'messing' with you at all throughout this conversation?"
I made a tsh sound as I turned from him. He got me aggravated. Since when do I get annoyed like this? I let out a sigh and let my poker face cover my expressions again.
"W-what are you going to do with me?" He quivered.
He actually quivered. Maybe, just maybe... "Hmph, well if this was the normal procedure I'd DEVOUR you about now." I smirked.
"D-d-dev-" He was making himself feel sick. "S-Screw you! I'm not going to put up with this crap! As if I'd let you come anywhere close to me!" He jumped off the couch and snapped into a defensive position.
"Ahaha! Let me finish my sentence boy!" I laughed and then cleared my throat, "But, I'd find it more fun getting to know you more personally Lance."
"L-Lance..." He shuddered from hearing me call him by his actual name. It was more than amusing, he was more than amusing! I wanted to enter his life and then screw it up! I want him to grovel at my knees and practically pled for me to take his life! Something like, anything's better than this! Hmm yes... I'll do just that.
"Bo- Lance... Let's get to know each other." I smiled a fake smile.
"I have to leave now. Feel free to browse my humble apartment before you leave. I honestly don't have anything to hide... unlike yourself."
His eyes widened at my statement but then regained his ground.
"You just carry twenty year olds into your apartment for a nap and then let them rummage through your stuff while you have to 'leave' huh?"
"Witty remarks, oh how I hate them." I turned around and practically slid to the door turning the knob silently, "Lovely conversation we've had today Lance."
"Wait Dell!"
"Oh and, you play the piano magnificently and have the voice of what someone could say an angel. Very suited to a Cleansed I must say." And with that I was out the door. I heard rapid footsteps from the room behind me but ignored them leaving the innocent and confused boy to think about it by himself, and find his way home...
I changed Dell's eye's to Red yay! And he has an eyepatch omgaw. The eyepatch looks so funny but I don't know how to draw eyepatches. D: OHH WELL I might reveal Dell's left eye one day... (If I can be bothered continuing with this yay. ANYWAY CHAPTER 3 FROM DELL'S PERSPECTIVE. A lot happens in this chapter... o_o;;
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