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Yawning, the young man slowly opened my eyes while taking a small stretch. That lingering feeling hadn't left all night. He swore that there was someone else with him in his humble little apartment. The young man slowly crawled out of his bed sheets and out of the bed and plopped to the bathroom. Cold water hitting his face waking him up then proceeded to look at himself in the mirror. Fixing his bed hair and brushing his teeth he stumbled out of the bathroom he grabbed his bag that he carried everywhere he checked what was inside. "Wallet, keys, phone, sketch book, drawing crap and that manga I started... Looks like I'm all set." He yawned to himself. With a twist of his wrist and the clanging of keys he locked his apartment door and walked out into the street.

Taking in the fresh air he took in a large breath and then sighed. "To the usual place then I might go hang out in the park. Pray to god she won't be there... But what are the chances..?" He moaned lunging off towards a familiar coffee shop were all the staff knew his face. "The usual please." He mumbled dumping his bag on the ground next to him and his head on the bench front of him
"What's wrong with my little Lance-y aye?" the girl behind the counter smiled. Damn that smile was bright it almost hurt his eyes.
Groaning he replied, "Guess."
"Naw Lance! Not again! You suck with the ladies!"
"Would you be so kind to not verbalize your thoughts..."
"Don't be such a cry baby! Let me give you a hug~"
"No..." The girl groaned. She began to pour the hot milk into an average take away cup and started mixing a few other ingredients into it. Two sugars, like always she plopped the lid onto the cup and handed it to the boy.
"Thanks..." He murmured.
"Ah... You know where I am if you ever need ta' talk." She gleamed again once again blinding his vision.
"Yeah, yeah..." He managed to force a smile as he flipped his bag onto his right shoulder and made his way out of the shop. Looking around the quaint neighbourhood he saw couples hand in hand... The world hated him today didn't it? What was it now? Third girl this month..? All he wanted was a stable relationship but all he got was a few days of romance. Damn it... why was he so shy? It's hard enough asking the girl out... Oh god now he was ranting. No need to be a drama llama.

Making his way to the park a root he took often he sat down on a path of green grass. He reached for his bag opening it slowly until something caught his eye. It was what appeared to be a man in his mid twenties with the longest hair he'd ever seen. No joke. Did that actually reach the back of his knees!? That's insane! His bangs covered his left eye and his right eye... A honey brown colour staring... right... at... him..? He shook out of his daze as he realized he was glaring at the man. He looked down quickly as he heard footsteps approaching him. Shi-wait... why was he worried? It was just some guy right? Maybe they could strike up a friendly conversation. That's his afternoon set! He looked up sending a friendly smile in that direction. His back shivered... Wait, why..? The man standing next to him was smiling all the same what was up with that random shiver..? "Hey there." The obscenely tall man said in a cool calm tone.
"H-hey!" the younger well the one who appeared to be younger replied. He looked at the person standing next to him. He looked over 190cm tall... Intimidating. Not to mention he had a marking on his right cheek. Was it a tattoo? Sure it looked cool but was this guy apart of the "wrong crowd"?
"I happened to see you looking at me before... Was there something wrong? The other man asked politely.
A gentleman..? "Ah! Sorry! It's just... your hair is amazingly long and because I'm an artist I kind of got lost in the flow of your hair and well uh..."
"Ahaha! I see now," He pointed to the spot next to the smaller boy. "Is that spot free?"
"Hm..? Oh yeah! Sure! Hahaha..."
"Well I guess I'll start with formalities. I'm Dell. Yourself?"
"Ah! M-my names Lance."
"Lance huh? Haven't heard that one before..."
"I could say the same about you."
The other man chuckled. "True. An artist huh? How interesting."
"Eheh..." The boy felt out of his league... Was this man rich? Or did he just was this majestic aura about him?
"Well if you call music an art then I guess I could sort of be called an artist too."
"Do you make songs?"
"No, no... I play the violin as a hobby."
"Violin!? I love sound of a violin. It can be so beautiful and calming in one piece and then so striking and meaningful in another."
"Hmm...? A music enthusiast too? Would you happen to play anything?"
"A-ahh I can play piano."
A small grin spread across the other mans lips once again sending shivers down the other boy's spine. "What am I, gay!?" He cursed to himself silently.
"Is there something wrong?" That smirk still lingered around his mouth. He was starting at him with crimson eyes wait what? No, no his eyes are honey brown... Honey brown..? Th- the worlds spinning... What the hell is going on?

Sick... He felt sick. Where was he? A couch? This wasn't his apartment... rubbing the sleep out of his eyes he pushed the sheet covering him off and looked around. There was that man looking at him. Not in the eyes this time. He was glaring at his left cheek Out of instinct he cupped it with his hand making the other one smirk. "Lance, Lance... You're not human are you?" He stood up slowly making his way towards the cowering boy.
"W-what the hell do you mean not human? What else could I be!?"
The taller one crouched down to the others level next to him tapping the boy's cheek. "Where'd you get that mark?"
The boy could swear those eyes were a deep red now. He was petrified. "Mark? The thing on my cheek? I don't know! It's always been there!"
"Hu, You know nothing do you boy?" The man's smirk grew larger, "Looks like we'll be having a lovely conversation together."
I've decided to put the persons eyes as the picture for whosever point of view it is.
At the moment It's Lance' with his blue eyes~ = w=
Dell's will be honey yellow and Reneen's shall be green :D

Edit: This is not a BL comic just in case you're wondering.... o_o;;
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