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Buufed foobar2000 - dark style

1. All the settings are intended for the foobar2000 installation into "C:\Program Files\foobar2000" folder with the option "Enable per-user settings" DISABLED (or just delete "user_profiles_enabled" file in fb2k directory)
2. Required foobar2000 version is
3. You MUST have at least these plugins installed:

foo_playlist_tree.dll v2.2.4 ([link])
foo_ui_columns.dll v0.1.3 beta 1v7 ([link])
foo_uie_albumart.dll v0.2.6 ([link])
foo_uie_console.dll v0.2.1 ([link])
foo_uie_playlists_dropdown.dll v0.5.7.5 ([link])
foo_uie_quicksearch.dll v2.8g ([link])
foo_uie_trackinfo.dll v0.8 ([link])
foo_playcount.dll v1.3.2 ([link])

0. BACK UP YOUR foobar2000 installation folder and .cfg file
1. Unpack files into C:\Program Files\foobar2000
2. Start foobar2000
3. Change the path to your "Music Folders" into Preferences -> Media Library
4. Rescan your Media Library
5. Select proper "Output device" into Preferences -> Playback -> Output
5. Middle click on the root in the Playlist Tree Panel, called "My Music" and select "Refresh Queries" in the menu
6. If you want to change icons in the Playlist Tree Panel then use Middle click -> Edit for the required element

1. Coumns UI script used (.fcs) - Navigator 1.4.3 by Lyx ([link])
2. Icons - Buuf by Mattahan ([link])
3. TrackInfo script - I don't really remember the original author. I took it from HydrogenAudio forums so long ago. If you know its original author please let me know.

UPDATED on 01/21/07: Maintenance release to support fb2k and latest plugins
© 2006 - 2021 Mishail
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could u paste the track info script here or send me note with it

i would appreciate if u put it in text file and give me link with it :) thx alot very nice style ;)
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excellent.....i've been using this time for a loong time now:) i don't even know how to thank u...
maybe a buuf 2 foobar? :please:
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Супер! Давно искал для себя отличный конфиг, нашел! Big thanks!
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Кайфово! :) Best work!
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Crosssover's avatar
really nice buufbar
i think i'm gonna use it
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hey great style... I will try this out :P
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would you be so kind to .rar your entire foobar folder and release it? that would be wicked. this is killer.
I love this theme, many thanks for sharing :)
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Glad to serve you :)
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Thanks, my desktop is now 70% Buufed :D
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You're welcome :)
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