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Finn/Fionna Backpack Tutorial



This is my Finn/Fionna backpack tutorial. I honestly don't know how many ppl this will help cuz I honestly didn't know what I was doing when I made this. I apologize in advanced if this is a hard to understand tutorial. The construction and "pattern" where all me. I had no references other than the adventure time pictures of Fionna and Finn that I used. I chose to go for a more oval look than circle just cuz honestly I think the circle looks kinda funny when made into an actual backpack. It works for the show but not for me. Also! I know that my button color is technically wrong but I though adding some yellow would make the pack look a little more cute and fem. If you don't like the tutorial thats fine, I don't care. All I know is I had promised this some time ago and I finally got around to finishing it! xP

Items you will need to make your own Finn/Fionna back pack:

2 shades of green Fabric one light green one dark green about 1 yard of each for beginners and about 1/2 yard each if your more skilled.

1 big button in whatever color you choose.

1 zipper if you want the backpack to be fully functional. (optional)

Stuffing (optional)

Some type of other fabric color doesn't matter to make a lining. (optional)

Fabric Scissors (sp?)

Thread in whatever color you want.

Sewing Machine (this can be hand sewn if you chose to do it that way.)


(I also apologize if I misspelled anything in this tutorial! I made this in windows paint and they sadly don't have spell check. I also suck at spelling. xP )

If my tutorial doesn't have the right look for your back pack check out this tutorial! -->…
I think the back pack looks pretty cool myself and a bit more accurate to the show.

Awesome ppl who have used this tutorial: 
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This tutorial is really helpful. Now I´m left wondering what kinda fabric to use.... Any ideas?