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Orcinus Lurdu by Misha-Zhirov Orcinus Lurdu :iconmisha-zhirov:Misha-Zhirov 3 0 Lost Tyrannosaur by Misha-Zhirov Lost Tyrannosaur :iconmisha-zhirov:Misha-Zhirov 0 0 Speckled Tyrannosaurus by Misha-Zhirov Speckled Tyrannosaurus :iconmisha-zhirov:Misha-Zhirov 0 0 Planetary by Misha-Zhirov Planetary :iconmisha-zhirov:Misha-Zhirov 4 0 Fade Parasaurolophus by Misha-Zhirov Fade Parasaurolophus :iconmisha-zhirov:Misha-Zhirov 0 0 Mango Oryctodromeus by Misha-Zhirov Mango Oryctodromeus :iconmisha-zhirov:Misha-Zhirov 1 0 Stalker of the Shallows Mosasaurus by Misha-Zhirov Stalker of the Shallows Mosasaurus :iconmisha-zhirov:Misha-Zhirov 2 0 Reticulated Apatosaurus Skin by Misha-Zhirov Reticulated Apatosaurus Skin :iconmisha-zhirov:Misha-Zhirov 1 0 Leopard Seal Kronosaurus Skin by Misha-Zhirov Leopard Seal Kronosaurus Skin :iconmisha-zhirov:Misha-Zhirov 2 0 Leafy Parasaurolophus Skin by Misha-Zhirov Leafy Parasaurolophus Skin :iconmisha-zhirov:Misha-Zhirov 1 0 Auction: Bugdog OPEN by Misha-Zhirov Auction: Bugdog OPEN :iconmisha-zhirov:Misha-Zhirov 5 3 Commission: Vix by Misha-Zhirov Commission: Vix :iconmisha-zhirov:Misha-Zhirov 2 0 Auction: Wolf Creature CLOSED by Misha-Zhirov Auction: Wolf Creature CLOSED :iconmisha-zhirov:Misha-Zhirov 6 13 Collab: Jack by Misha-Zhirov Collab: Jack :iconmisha-zhirov:Misha-Zhirov 0 0 Jack. by Misha-Zhirov Jack. :iconmisha-zhirov:Misha-Zhirov 3 0 Closed: Creature Design Sale by Misha-Zhirov Closed: Creature Design Sale :iconmisha-zhirov:Misha-Zhirov 3 4


I'm open for any type of commission. Prices depend greatly on the commission itself. If you note me, I'll be able to give you a quote determining price! vuv

However, feel free to use this if you want one of my $20 realistic headshot pictures!
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Female from England, hobbyist artist. Learning how to art!

Lookit my boyfriend and his cute face.
PC: Misha Icon by MADZchickenFreak COMM: Thatcher Icon by MADZchickenFreak
Totally watch him here -> :iconatokitsune:

Icons above by :iconmadzchickenfreak: and Profile Picture by :iconhohtis:! <3

Please read. by SterlingKato

Warframe Simple Stamp by Raverick WoW Alliance Stamp by StampsByZelas Ark Survival Evolved - stamp by Zeven-Dust
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about 
4. Post their avatars and write the character names next to them.

:iconspunspoon: tagged me for this reeee (Thank tho!)


MishaFullbody by Misha-Zhirov

1. He's an alien, not an animal hybrid!

2. He's literally a walking faraday cage.

3. His face is partially paralyzed thanks to the scar on his face.

4. He can change to pretty much any color he wants, but he prefers blue with stripes.

5. His hair isn't hair, it's thousands of tiny tendrils. Yep, they move independently. B)

6. He can't see in sunlight well at all and has to go out wearing specialized goggles.

7. He is a hermaphrodite, so he has male and female sexual organs, but he prefers "he" as a pronoun.

8. If I could choose anyone to voiceact for Misha, it would be Mitch Grassi, the main singer of this song !

People I'm tagging:
Anyone who wants to do it? :'D
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  • Reading: This journal. ;v;
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  • Drinking: Tea



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you deserve nothing but the best!
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