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December 5, 2011
Other Side by ~Mish-A-Man
Featured by kuschelirmel
Suggested by MagicnaAnavi
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Other Side

Combination of photo-manipulation and digital drawing is what I used to create this artwork. The same style of editing I used on earlier work 'Indecision'.

About 10 hours of accumulated time in Photoshop.

Other Side, original art by Mish-A-Man
Used resources:
Model Sayashi:…
White Tiger:…
Mendenhall Glacier: equinestockimages.deviantart.c…

The rest of the resources are from my collection.

Large size of this artwork is here:… - Take a look at details ;)
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© 2011 - 2021 Mish-A-Man
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Citruspixelcat's avatar
Looks awesome! The small details in the hands and background are amazing! Keep it up!
Mish-A-Man's avatar
thanks! Heart Hug  
Chanteur-de-Vent's avatar
Wonderful contrast between the two, despite the whole picture being monochrome. Also love the small details that emerge, when you keep looking - the lightning, the tiger, the road up the hill, the panther. 
Mish-A-Man's avatar
Yeah, I like adding small details, eventually somebody will notice - like you did and that makes me satisfied with what I do :) thanks for pushing me forward by making these nice comments Hug 
Chanteur-de-Vent's avatar
And I like noticing small details in art. :)
Mish-A-Man's avatar
:) I see, that's really something good you have, especially in time when everything is on one click and people take two seconds to watch what you did. It's always nice to meet people like you ;)
great art, but dont know what side is better!
Mish-A-Man's avatar
Thanks! No matter what side is better, you need them both... oh wait, are we talking about image? :) Hug 
sweet-chocs-adopts's avatar
It's beautiful...Reminds me of Sirenia's song,"The other side".I love it!!!
Mish-A-Man's avatar
foreverjins's avatar
OMGosh! I'm not sure where to start. Honestly, I just want to scream "awesome" and "love it", but I figure you'd also appreciate a few more words than just those ones. :) You did an amazing job with this piece. I love grey scale art with just a touch of color. Plus, this piece is maybe just a little more special than others because of the bluish-green color you used. I love how it goes from a lighter grey to a dark grey/black. Again, you've done an amazing job and it is awesome, very awesome.
Mish-A-Man's avatar
Thank you very much for paying attention on details. That is what I like to do. Unfortunately, last year I didn't had a chance to do something for myself in this style and hope this year I will bring new pieces to my collection. I appreciate your comment. Cheers!
foreverjins's avatar
You're very welcome and I hope you can add more amazing art to your collection. :)
ByWarf's avatar
predatorian1777's avatar
Very emotional, like a dream. I really like it :)
Mish-A-Man's avatar
thank you very much :)
CZV91's avatar
Awesome man! Do you remember me? :D
Mish-A-Man's avatar
hvala, naravno... nego poslednjih meseci nemam vremena zbog posla, valjda ce u nekoj buducnosti biti bolje... poz
Noxfleur-Stock's avatar
Hey dear!
It is me again!
I am writing a Story and would like to use your manip as a characterpicture for One of the characters in the Book.
I don't think it will ever be Sold or something but in Case, i would contact you again because of commercial work~

Would it be okay for you or do you want me to Pay something for it Even if it won't be commercial?
I really Love your manip you did with my work so i ask ^^

If you won't allow it, i would totally understand, but it's Worth a try ^^
Of course, you will be always Credit and link!
Have a nice Day,
Mish-A-Man's avatar
Hi Rena,
don't worry you can use it freely in your book and if you need a picture without my name on it tell me. You don't need to pay me additionally, actually I never sell art. Don't really like when someone writes his name over my work but everything else is ok to me. So, even if you use it for commercial purposes don't worry, I believe that art needs to be seen and open if you make it for yourself ;)
Thanks for asking, don't spend your money or give me a points here, you're part of this art so use it freely ;)
Noxfleur-Stock's avatar
Wow, Thank you soo much!
If you could send me a Photo without the Name it would be really Great!
Of course i will give the credits to you and link to your Site ^^
Would you Maybe like to See it as the Cover of the Book?
Because it is really lovely and I'm still searching around, which Cover will be best ^^
I'm really happy!
A by the Way my e-Mail is:

Thank you for everything!
Mish-A-Man's avatar
Just saw your e-mail, I will send you image there.
Laviolenta's avatar
you're just !!
it's very very very cool ... i really love it
sure :+fav:
Mish-A-Man's avatar
thanks Laviolenta, last several months I really have little time to do anything for my soul :( but hopefully, next year I will try to make something good :)
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